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Search Results for: ff black

Tanya 16

Tanya ate something bad today! Her stomach doesn't seem to like asparagus and it is giving her some hot, nasty gas. She is wearing a black bra and purple panties. Very cute! She can't stop blasting farts that would burn the hair right out of your nos... 4099 views

Tanya 17

Tanya's back again to fart some more for you! She's wearing a black see-through top and matching thong. Incredible! This clip has some gnarly farts that will make you blow your load for sure! rn 4536 views

Tanya 18

Tanya is back again to fart just for you! She ate a pile of nachos with gobs of sour cream, and it's giving her the worst gas! She's wearing a black shirt with white full-bottom panties. Cute outfit! The farts in the clip are ultra-stinky! They keep ... 4371 views

Allison Pierce 12

Allison is wearing a black mini-skirt with a pink strapless bra, and today she wants to share her gas with you - oh boy! She is very bloated today from overeating. She lays back on the bed, loosens her skirt, and blasts a big fart right into the came... 7662 views

Amber Rayne 2

Amber is wearing all black today - mesh blouse, bra, thong panties, and high heel shoes - sexy! With a bellyful of nasty gas, she pulls her thong to the side and lets a few airy farts hiss through her bare asshole, then bounces around on the bed to l... 6523 views

Amber Star

Making her debut today is Amber Star, a hot ebony girl who wants to fart for you! She says she shouldn't have had that Mexican food, then she does a one-cheek sneak on through her shiny purple booty shorts on the sofa! The camera hangs under her like... 5107 views

Amber Star 2

Remember that hot ebony number from the other day? Well, today Amber is back to entertain you with her farting ass! She's curled up in a chair wearing a bikini, when she blows a stinky, airy fart through her bottoms! Then she pulls her legs up and he... 4062 views

Amber Star 3

Amber is back, and today she is going to fart on the hard surface of the coffee table! She sits down and pulls her buttcheeks apart and the camera is under there right when she farts! Then you get to watch her asshole struggle some more, and she blow... 4367 views

Amber Star 4

Amber is on the bed, wearing a bikini, She has a bellyache because she ate Chinese food today, so she pulls her panties down and her legs up and her buttcheeks apart and struggles to get her gas out! She rolls onto her side and throws one leg up into... 3838 views

Amber Star 5

Amber is on the bed, and she says she is gonna fart for you. Then she lays back spreads her legs, and you can see her bare asshole pooching out and in and out again as she struggles to release the gas - NICE! She blows some silent-but-deadlies, rolls... 4014 views

Amber Star 6

Sexy Amber walks into the bathroom and tells you she's going to blow some bubbles in the bath today, and you know what that means! She gets into the bathtub and blasts a big echoing fart onto the bottom of the tub and you can see the bubbles - NICE! ... 11717 views

Amber Star 7

Amber walks into the room and says she is gonna do some farting for you. She's wearing jeans and she crawls onto the bed and blasts a bubbly one! Then another, and another! She lays back and the camera is right there at her ass when she blasts more f... 6176 views

Amber Star 8

Hot sexy Amber is wearing a bikini, and she lays back and pulls her bikini bottoms to the side as the camera zooms in between her legs nice and tight. She spreads her butt-cheeks and blows a couple silent-but-deadly ass kisses into your face! Then sh... 3523 views

Asia Zo 18

Asia is on the bed wearing a cute sexy little black dress, and she ate a lot so she's gonna fart it all out for you! She sticks her ass in the camera and immediately blasts fart after fart after adorable little fart! The camera zooms in so close, you... 4929 views


Today we introduce a sexy ebony girl named Baby. She went to the Burrito Shack and it did a number on her belly. She's wearing a short-short dress and no panties, so she leans over and blasts some nasty burrito farts, then waves the stench right into... 6646 views

Baby 2

Remember Baby, the hot sexy ebony number from last week? Well, she came back today with another bellyful of gas for you! She's nude on the bed, and the camera zooms in on her asshole as she blows sexy ass-kisses into your face! Then she lays on her b... 5536 views

Baby 3

Sexy Baby says you're in for another fart marathon, then she drops her shorts and starts blasting farts ! You can see that cute round booty struggling to get the gas out! Baby lays back in a rimming position and blasts farts up into the air, then she... 5991 views

Baby 4

Little ebony Baby is going to continue her fart marathon today! She lays on her tummy and the camera zooms right in on her asshole as she starts blasting farts! They're not even big nasty farts either; but rather, cute little Baby farts! She gets up ... 5390 views

Baby 5

Little ebony Baby is nude on a chair. She sticks her ass in the camera and it looks like her asshole is blowing kisses at you when she blasts her farts - NICE! She's got her legs spread and you can really see up there good! Baby's got a lot of gas to... 4802 views

Baby 6

Ebony Baby is in the fart chair today! She's perched atop the coffee table and the camera is up underneath! You can see her asshole open and close and open and close as she farts - AWESOME! Everything is all spread out under there, and you get the po... 6478 views

Baby 7

Baby runs into the bathroom like she has to go, and sits quickly on the toilet. She lifts one cheek and blasts a big fart, then another, then another! The camera is zoomed in on her asshole and you can see it open as she blasts out that stinky gas - ... 8428 views

Brandy 2

New girl Brandy is back, and today she's on the bed wearing a red bra, black bikini bottoms, and black leggings. She pulls down her bikini bottoms and lets you watch her bare asshole struggle as she tries to blast a fart! Brandy sure does have some p... 6676 views

Brandy 10

Brandy is wearing a black bra and panties, and she's cleaning the room. She flits around the room with a duster, cleaning and farting on everything. Then she pulls her panties down, bends over, and treats you to some fantastic are-asshole farting ac... 4698 views

Cameron Lexus

Ooooh, you're in for a special treat today, as we introduce sexy Cameron Lexus, a sexy little ebony girl with a gorgeous ass and a bellyful of gas! She's nude on the bed, where she sticks her ass into the camera and farts, then giggles! Cameron can't... 4300 views