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Search Results for: ff black

Luxury Amore 3

Nothing but farting asshole - that's how this clip starts. Luxury has some bad gas today from eating at foreign restaurants, which only means one thing - STINKY! Luxury curls up in a chair nude, and spreads her legs and lets you have it right in the ... 3772 views

Luxury Amore 4

Big ebony beauty Luxury is back to blast some more farts into your face! Today she's in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and she's very gassy. She blasts a fart into the bowl, then another, then another! Her farts stink to high heaven, too. Luxur... 3631 views

Luxury Amore 5

You are in for some Luxury today! Luxury Amore returns, and today she's back on the toilet! She's wearing an ittybitty bikini, and she drops her bottoms and sits on the toilet just in time to blast a long, wet fart into the bowl! Luxury thought she h... 4868 views

Luxury Amore 6

Plush ebony fartress Luxury Amore has some big treats for you today - big, nasty, stinky, gassy treats! Her ass is on fire and she just can't quit farting! Luxury is nude in the kitchen, and she walks around drinking a soda as she invites you to come... 6152 views

Lynna Fox 9

Lynna has got some bad gas today that is making her belly ache. She's sitting on the couch, wearing a pair of tight denim jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt. She stands up, moves to the floor, pulls her jeans down and shows her big luscious booty ... 4753 views

Lynna Fox 10

Today Lynna has got some belly gas that she's got to work out, and she thinks maybe sitting on the toilet will help. She walks into the bathroom wearing only a bra and panties, pulls down her black thong panties, sits down and just unloads on the toi... 4027 views

Madison Leigh 7

Madison Leigh has returned to fart for you some more! In this clip she's on a couch with a pair of black tight polyester pants, tunic and a thong! She gives you some ass blasts with her pants on and also pulls them down to give you a couple farts in ... 3388 views

Madison Leigh 15

Madison is just hanging out on the couch and she's got some stinky farts built up in her belly that she'd like to share with you! She's wearing a pair of khaki pants and a little black hoodie. She starts out laying on her back and moves into a doggy ... 4884 views

Mahogany Bliss

Mahogany Bliss makes her debut after a huge lunch at Taco Bell. She pulls up her denim skirt and sticks her ass in the air, and lets an airy fart hiss through her thong - nice! Then she lays on her side and blasts a fart, then a little squeaker slips... 3776 views

Mahogany Bliss 2

Mahogany Bliss makes her debut after a huge lunch at Taco Bell. She pulls up her denim skirt and sticks her ass in the air, and lets an airy fart hiss through her thong - nice! Then she lays on her side and blasts a fart, then a little squeaker slips... 3632 views

Mahogany Bliss 3

Mahogany Bliss came by to fart for you today, and she's wearing a cute little black negligee with lace bottoms, which she promptly farts through. She bends over and the camera zooms in on her black-lace festooned ass as she blasts her farts - WOW! Ma... 4170 views

Mahogany Bliss 4

Mahogany knows you want to see her fart, and she's nude on the coffee table today! She blasts a big, loud, hard-surface fart for you, then she spreads her butt-cheeks and blows a squeaker. She keeps that nice round booty spread out and blasts some lo... 4736 views

Mahogany Bliss 5

Mahogany is wearing a tiny zebra-striped bikini today. She's sitting with her legs spread, and she immediately starts blasting farts! She gets on all fours on a chair, sticks her ass into the camera, and farts right into your face - SEXY! She pulls h... 4127 views

Mahogany Bliss 6

Mahogany is bent over the sofa today, wearing only a pair of see-through lace booty shorts! She blasts a fart through that lace, then another! Then she props that nice round ass of hers up on the arm of the sofa and lets a big, wet-sounding fart righ... 4659 views

Mahogany Bliss and Destiny Day

Remember the new girl from yesterday, Mahogany Bliss? Well, fart-girl Destiny Day showed up, and the two girls hit it off so well, they've paired up today to lick each others' farting asses and you get to watch - WOO-HOO! Mahogany gets on the sofa on... 10935 views

Mahogany Bliss and Rane Revere

Urban girlfriends Rane Revere and Mahogany Bliss are trying some new things today! The girls are on the bed, and Mahogany puts her thong-festooned ass right into Rane\'s face and lets an airy fart hiss into Rane\'s nose! Rane can\'t believe Mahogany ... 5136 views

Mari Munoz

Mari has never done any farting on video before, but she gives it a good old try and does a wonderful job! She's wearing a sexy black, see thru top with very thin, black thong panties. She pulls her panties to the side and just lets loose with the st... 5078 views

Mari Munoz 4

Mari is back and tonight before bed, she's got some bad belly cramps and tries to fart to feel better. She is on the couch in black thong panties and a night gown. She has some nice, stinky, squeaky farts! Very sexy! She bends over and lays on her ba... 4226 views

Melody Nakai

Debuting today is Blasian beauty Melody Nakai. Melody ate a lot of Mexican food, and it gave her the worst gas! She lays on her back and spreads her legs for the camera, struggles a little bit, then once that gas gets blasting, it just keeps right on... 4253 views

Melody Nakai 2

Blasian beauty Melody Nakai is here to fart for you! She's wearing nothing but a string bikini top and thigh-high fishnets with stilettos. Melody pulls her legs way up and spreads them, and farts while she plays with her pussy - WOW! The camera zooms... 4479 views

Melody Nakai 3

Blasian Melody is back, and today she's wearing a silver bra and panties with thigh-high fishnets! She sticks her ass into the air, and lets some long, airy farts hiss through her panties! Then she pull sher panties to the side and blasts some big, l... 4576 views

Melody Nakai 4

Blasian babe Melody Nakai is nude on a chair, wearing only fishnets today. She sticks her ass in the air, and lets some airy farts hiss! Her farts get louder and louder, and then she blasts some really loud, wet farts right into the camera - SEXY! Me... 4802 views

Melody Nakai 5

Melody is back, and she's nude on the sofa, wearing only a pair of fishnets! She lays on her side and sticks her ass into the camera and starts blasting farts! Melody sure does have a lot of gas today, and you can see it when she lets it fly. Melody ... 3291 views

Melody Nakai 6

Blasian honey Melody is in the bathroom, wearing a halter top and denim shorts. She removes her shorts and stis on the toilet lid, facing the tank, and blasts a fart! The camera gets up underneath Melody's ass, giving you the hound's-eye-view of Melo... 4752 views