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Stacey and Kitty 2

Stacey and Kitty are back and have decided to have a toilet-farting contest! They take turns farting on the stool to see who can cut the biggest, longest, loudest farts! They get into all kinds of fun positions above the toilet trying to push all the... 15065 views

Chrissy Cruz 13

Chrissy is back with some disgusting farts, just for you! She's had some food that isn't agreeing with your stomach and she's got a case of booty gas! She's in a black tank top with a pair of tight red running pants that display her ass nicely and ma... 7091 views

Lux Play 9

Lux is on the phone on the bed, wearing a dress and no panties. She's playing with her pussy, laying back with her legs spread. She puts the phone by her bare ass and farts into it - OH YEAH! Then she plays with her pussy some more. Lux strips that d... 5368 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 3

Madison and Janie are just kickin' it on the couch and both of them have got a bit of belly gas after having some pizza earlier in the evening. They are both wearing tshirts and shorts, farting as loud and long as they can! About half way through the... 6702 views

Stacey and Kitty

Stacey and Kitty have decided to get together and see who can fart louder and stinkier! Stacey is in a tank top and a tight pair of jeans that makes her farts sound nice and tight as they vibrate against her pants. Kitty is wearing a bra and thong pa... 8430 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 4

Madison and Janie are back for another dual farting clip! This time they are on the couch and both are wearing tight jeans over their stinky, gassy asses. They've both got some long, loud, stinky farts that they release on each other to gross each ot... 8144 views

Kitty, Tracey & Stacey

Kitty vs. Tracey vs. Stacey. Wow, talk about fart-o-rama! This is our first 3 girl fart contest, and man was it stinky! Kitty is wearing a thong, so is Tracy and Stacey has got on some spandex pants. There is so much farting going on in this clip tha... 11606 views

Kim Chi 8

Kim Chi’s ass is always an amazing sight, but when she shares sexy views of her tush tooting, it serves as outstanding fodder for the spank bank. She’s in possession of an ass that does not quit, and she’s quite talented at opening up her Asian... 9165 views

Osa Lovely 29

Playful Osa Lovely has some sexy plans in mind, and she has never looked so sexy! She is in adorable pink panties, which she pulls down to share her farts with you. Miss Lovely wants you to stroke your length while she treats you to sexy and stinky j... 8139 views

Osa Lovely 22

Hey there, Daddy. Osa Lovely knows what you like to take to the face while you are stroking every inch of your rock-hard endowment. She is going to give you the ebony gassers you crave, and she wants you to listen to her instructions while you rub yo... 10137 views

Ashley Heart 4

Ashley has been catching you watching her farting because you like to smell and hear her gas. Since you like it so much, she's going to put you in the fart box! She's wearing a tight tank top and black miniskirt with no panties, she's got a bad belly... 6844 views

Madison Leigh 3

Madison is on the couch getting the gas out and sharing the details! This time she's in a tight sports shirt with a thin white thong accenting her plump round gaseous booty! You get to see her farting into the couch as well as pulling over that thin ... 7683 views

Amber Rayne 6

Flexible little Amber returns today, totally nude on the couch, and she's got a helluva case of gas! She sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blows a little fart! She bounces some more gas down and the camera zooms in for some close-up shots o... 14284 views

Chrissy vs. Priscilla 3

Chrissy and Priscilla are both ready to go to bed but they are too gassy. They are both in their nighties with gstring panties but no bras. Since they both have gas they think it'd be funny to have a fart contest. You're going to love this one, Chris... 4536 views

Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon Love stars in her very first fart-fetish clip! She was so interested in doing this clip, you can tell. She farts like a pro and give you all the dirty talk fart huffers love. Check out her tight jeans adding to the sound of her stinky farts ... 7979 views

Royalty 65

Vivacious sweetie Royalty was so embarrassed by her gassy state, but she is no stranger to farting for the camera. This time, the curvy Asian’s gassers were so awful smelling that she was essentially self-conscious for the first time! Adorable Roya... 3749 views

Stacey Fields

Stacey Fields is our freshest farter here at FartFantasy. She is a sexy brunette who's wearing a pair of extra tight jeans and she's got some brewing belly burps ready and waiting! She just had some sushi before she came over and sushi really gives S... 7773 views

Tracey and Kitty

Tracey and Kitty got together to have a fart contest. They are both in tank tops and thong panties. They are both pretty close competitors and they both blast a quite a few good butt-bubbles but you'll have to decide who wins because for us, it was j... 4262 views

Eva Ellington and Zoey Holloway

Eva Ellington brought her friend Zoey with her, and the girls are gonna sit on each others' faces and fart - WOO-HOO! Eva and Zoey get into a 69 shape but it's hard to work up any farts because they're laughing. Eva is sitting on Zoey's face, wearing... 7955 views


Ava is first time farter, but she gives you a bonus-length, nearly eight-minute performance! This dark-haired goddess has eaten something that is filling her with gas. She is wearing a black top with little cherries printed all over with some booty s... 4808 views

Sinnamon Love 10

innamon knows you like to see her fart, so why not let you watch as she eats a burrito? So this clip has her eating a nice chicken, bean and chease burrito. You get to see her as she chews it up and swallows it close up. Then after a little waiting p... 8140 views

Serena Marcus 41

With real time and slow-motion farts part of the mix, Serena Marcus' boisterous blasts sound like a war zone! Imagine slow-motion farts sounding like a machine gun going off, and that is what you can expect to encounter when you check out this blonde... 7575 views

Eva Ellington and Zoey Holloway 4

Eva and Zoey are together again - to lick each others' farting asses! Zoey starts out licking Eva's ass, and guess what she does? Right! Farts right into Zoey's mouth - WOWIE KAZOWIE! Zoey really loves the taste of Eva's ass - that much is obvious! N... 10837 views

Daisy and LaRin 2

Back by popular demand, girlfriends Daisy and La'Rin return for another fart-sniffing, ass-licking blast-fest! Daisy is wearing a transparent pink mesh minidress, and La'Rin is wearing a pink-and-white matching bra and booty shorts - but not for long... 6372 views