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Black Girls

Temple Love 2

Ebony Love has a lovely ass, and when she shows her dirty pucker up close, there is no telling what is going to come out! She says that she feels so much better when she lets loose, so a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, when she is plagu... 633 views

Temple Love

There is a lot to love about sexy new ebony starlet Temple Love! During her first ever fart porn shoot, she was filmed as naked as the day is long, with her farts featured in beautiful slow-motion. Get to know this black hottie, as she is certain to ... 1082 views

Cali Confidential 33

Wow! Cali Confidential has never been this gassy! She was overrun with farts, and at the conclusion of this fart spectacular, she pushes out a long stretch of repeated toots in rapid succession! It’s simply amazing, and Miss Confidential compares i... 1895 views

Scarlett Johnson 5

Too much cake?? That is what Scarlett Johnson blamed her nasty farts on, but that hardly seems fair! She is a dirty girl with a series of dastardly farts that she let escape from her tight ass pucker in one of the stinkiest POV performances ever!! 1523 views

Cali Confidential 32

Expect to see some dirtiness on that black ass of Cali Confidential when she takes a seat over your face! Her productive farts yielded some sort of mess. And of course the room smelled totally foul. With her perched above your nose, you will be able ... 1355 views

Cali Confidential 31

Cali Confidential had more gas to share with the world, and it was rather shocking that she was so overrun with lady honks that escaped her ass and filtered through her sexy panties. Once she pulled those bottoms off, her black ass was on full displa... 1500 views

Cali Confidential 30

Cali Confidential confesses that she wants you, “to get all up in this tiny little butthole.” This is after she has shaken her black booty to give you many farts. Listen to her giggles as she lets loose of an exceptionally hard rip! She is a dirt... 1848 views

Cali Confidential 29

You smell that smelly fart? You wanna taste it? This is what Cali Confidential asks out loud before she shakes her ass to, “air it out.” You don’t want to miss this stinky black ass while Cali works her way to fart her way into your good graces... 1688 views

Amber Star 51

Amber Star knows how much you love her farts, so go ahead and indulge! If this is you first time sharing stinky moments with Amber, you are in for a real treat! She holds nothing back as she has her big, black ass on full display while farting like m... 1110 views

Michelle Malone 14

How does a fart-filled black girl sitting on your face sound? If it sounds appealing, let sexy ebony Michelle Malone use the specially designed “fart chair” to allow her to sit on your face during one highly stinky POV adventure! Expect her to ho... 2061 views

Cali Confidential 27

Cali Confidential has been waiting to use the pot all day! She was so relived to finally place her tush on the throne while farting and spewing waste, and narrating the entire escapade! She is a very dirty girl with a filthy and stinky black tush! Th... 1263 views

Amber Star 50

Amber Star begins this fart session by admitting she has some tasty farts for you! She then proceeds to make her black ass pucker do some serious work! Watch that little pucker wink and spew gas while she holds her thunderous ass cheeks apart, in ord... 1338 views

Michelle Malone 13

Share some stinky moments with ebony babe Michelle Malone if you are in the mood for some hardcore stink! She is feeling so gassy, so she is fully prepared to cater to your penchant for stench! Her black ass will be front and center as she gives you ... 1255 views

Cali Confidential 26

Cali Confidential adores sharing her massive ass whoppers, and here she is, naked as the day is long, and presenting her ass pucker as she busies herself getting rid of her gas. She says she is getting it all out just for you, and making this declara... 1573 views

Amber Star 49

Amber Star’s panties were made quite stinky when she pushed out a plethora of farts from her big, black ass. She is so smelly! Check out Amber Star as she releases so many awful farts into the air, filtered only through the thin fabric of her sexy ... 876 views

Michelle Malone 12

Michelle Malone’s ass is capable of launching some highly stinky and lengthy booty bombs! Fans of black girls farting will not be disenchanted by this fart spectacular! As she sits backwards on a chair, her dimpled backside is on full display, as s... 1719 views

Cali Confidential 25

Hot Cali Confidential ends this fart session with a real whopper! The beauty of it all is watching her seductively fart huge honks before her stinky finale! She is such a hottie, and she loves attention from those who harbor a distinct appreciation f... 1429 views

Amber Star 48

Dirty MILF Amber Star made her way into the potty to do some dirty work! She had to get rid of the gas and waste plaguing her, and a carefully placed camera captured her doing the deed. Like a true lady, once she was finished, she took time to clean ... 952 views

Michelle Malone 11

Michelle Malone has a great ass, and she is one to see if you like beautiful and beautifully stinky black asses! She is a dirty girl with a surplus of loud honks that come from that tush of hers! Check out her nasty booty and revel in the thought of ... 1826 views

Cali Confidential 24

Cali Confidential’s sizable black ass looks amazing in lace leggings, and as she offers up a few lady toots, she promises there is more where that came from! She loves indulging fart fans with gassers, and this fart spectacular was no exception! Sh... 1587 views

Amber Star 47

Getting closeup and personal to Amber Star’s big black ass is never a disappointment for fans of foul-smelling lady gassers! This full booty is a hotbed of stench every day of the week, and kinky Ms. Star loves sharing her stinkers with the world. ... 1698 views

Michelle Malone 10

Even the sexiest of girls have to use the bathroom! Check out beauty Michelle Malone as she does her business while a hidden camera captures all the rumblers and waste escaping her booty! She is such a divinely sexy darling, but when she is on the po... 1392 views

Cali Confidential 23

Care to take a seat under sexy Cali Confidential’s ass? She is full of gross gassers and has positioned herself to fart in your face! Expect the stench to be nearly unbearable, as she has a slew of nastiness in that great booty of hers. Her pucker ... 1517 views

Amber Star 46

Amber Star’s sizable black booty is a beauty, and when she is gassy, she loves getting naked and displaying her farts in all of their glory! Look in on this dark-skinned dame as she pushes out some revolting ass rumblers while slyly grinning most o... 1198 views