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Black Girls

Munro Blaxxx 5

Sultry Munro Blaxxx slid into some sexy tight leggings to fart for you while topless, revealing her natural tits in their full glory! This gorgeous girl is a perfect ten and loves being the center of attention when she lets her kinky side out to play... 1174 views

Munro Blaxxx 4

Flawless babe Munro Blaxxx has a spicy plan that includes stinky farts, views of her cute pierced tits and sexy white panties. Who can pass up such a path to pleasure? Miss Blaxxx looks all innocent and sweet, but what she really is, is a walking sti... 1014 views

Munro Blaxxx 3

Munro Blaxxx was about to slip into bed in the buff, but her butt started to honk enough to let her know she better take a seat on the throne in case more than just awful gas escapes her ass. She is the sweetest gal, and a quintessential lady on the ... 961 views

Munro Blaxxx 2

Slender sweetheart Munro Blaxxx looks like a dream in her sexy pantyhose that keeps no secrets! Her body is in full view as she lowers herself onto the potty to rid her insides of obnoxious gas. The smell of this situation is ungodly, but that is exa... 921 views

Munro Blaxxx

What a way to meet sexy ebony newbie, Munro Blaxxx! She is offering up a fart fest via slow-motion action, providing excellent views of her hot ass breaking wind. The view of this extremely sexy lady’s backside is going to impress! Munro is a babe ... 2651 views

Nevada Max 18

After a long day, all Nevada Max needs to relax is to dump a load and free herself of plaguing gas in her big belly. She puts in some serious work on the bowl as she lets her farts rip in rapid succession. This naked hottie’s predicament is not a q... 798 views

Nevada Max 17

If a hot chick with thick thighs and a curvaceous, stinky ass is your thing, you are not going to want to pass on the chance to get in good with Nevada Max as she shares her awesome gassers with you. Take the time to sniff up all the gruesome stinky ... 982 views

Nevada Max 16

Lively lass Nevada Max is a whole bunch of fun when she is gassy and in an exceptionally playful mood! She has so much fun sharing her butt bombs with you while she has her short skirt flipped up, exposing her chubby backside. You are going to love t... 1043 views

Nevada Max 15

Kick-ass kinkster Nevada Max is back for more fun, and her gassy state and pain is your gain! She has to work hard to get her insides cleaned out or she will continue to suffer gas pains that make her want to wail in agony. Get up good and close to h... 1282 views

Nevada Max 14

Crafty babe Nevada Max has plans to gas you out of the room with a terrifically awesome POV facesitting session that takes place while she launches some really raunchy farts toward your face. This is going to be a rough encounter, as these are her mo... 1174 views

Nevada Max 13

Endearing doll Nevada Max looks great in designer panties, but the fact she spent good money on those skivvies means she probably should not be blasting farts into the high-end fabric! She doesn’t seem to mind and is hell-bent on giving good visual... 900 views

Nevada Max 12

Chili dogs and beans were not kind to cute and curvy Nevada Max! She found herself in a bad way as she worked hard to expel the acidic gas swirling around her belly. Without an ounce of shame, she shares these intimidating ass blasts with you, and ho... 851 views

Nevada Max 11

Playful minx Nevada Max is in a sexy thong bikini situation as she shakes her doughy belly and announces her intent to feed you more of the farts you crave! Her sturdy body is packing major gas, and as Nevada liberates her nasty gassers, she hopes yo... 909 views

Nevada Max 10

Nevada Max massages her pudgy belly a bit when her tummy is in fits. She hopes this will help her on her mission to make herself less bloated and rid her stomach of pain-inducing gas that has collected all day. Her curvaceous body is on full display ... 1323 views

Nevada Max 9

A strategically placed camera in Nevada Max’s bathroom recorded a plethora of putrid maneuvers as she worked to get all of the methane and waste out of her belly. This curvy babe rushed into the room, hiked up her tight camo dress and got to work. ... 855 views

Nevada Max 8

Get ready for a fart-filled Nevada Max as she slaps and spreads her pretty pussy while pointing her ass in your direction. This gas is bound to get you going since you are craving a dirty girl right about now. Nevada fits the bill when all a guy want... 813 views

Nevada Max 7

Curvy kinkster Nevada Max harbors no shyness when it comes to her awesome ass! She loves showing off her hot booty, and during this dirty debauchery, she is in bed in the evening and feeling quite gassy. That chocolate rosebud of hers gets drenched i... 1471 views

Nevada Max 6

Are you ready for a sizzling hot POV facesitting session from esteemed ebony starlet Nevada Max? This is quite a feast for the senses as she nestles her curvy booty above your face and lets you take in the view while you receive a lungful of Nevada... 1253 views

Nevada Max 5

Statuesque ebony Nevada Max has just finished dinner, and she is not digesting well. Her rancid ass is working overtime as she works hard to rid her belly of the wet gas needing an escape route. The stench is going to drive you wild while she fills y... 1694 views

Nevada Max 4

Nevada Max has beautiful, expressive eyes, but they are not what you are going to be looking at as she shows off her gassy ass and spreads her pink pussy for your viewing pleasure. She gets so excited by her exhibitionism that she slaps her pussy and... 1425 views

Nevada Max 3

Lovely lady Nevada Max has gotten herself some new sexy fishnet stockings and is treating you to the hot view as she exposes her gassy ass. She blueprinted a dynamic experience full of the stench and sex appeal you seek out from a dirty girl such as ... 889 views

Nevada Max 2

Naughty Nevada Max is keeping zero secrets as she shows off her curvaceous body in the buff and gives you the gross girl gassers you have a taste for! Enjoy the view and stink as she goes all the way when catering to your kink. Seems Nevada likes to ... 1351 views

Nevada Max

Sexy new model Nevada Max has so much to offer in the ways of a juicy ass, pretty smile and big naturals! She is proving to be an unforgettable stinker in her first smelly installment. Enjoy getting well-acquainted with her as she lifts her fitted ca... 1835 views

Benji 18

Poor Benji found herself overwhelmed with gas, and she had to fire some stink missiles into the potty to get her tiny belly feeling less bloated. A girl this slender cannot stay inflated on the inside! Join smelly Benji as she tackles the task at han... 1032 views