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Black Girls

Remi Darling 6

Remi Darling is a slave to sales on wings at Buffalo Wild Wings! The spicy stuff, plus celery, makes her so gassy. She thinks out loud about maybe getting into eating more salad. She had eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner to boot, so her booty was extr... 250 views

Jazzy Jamison 16

Playful Jazzy Jamison is a fun gal! She spells out her first name while giving you a fart for each letter! What a goof! She even waxes poetic about being in bed with you as she farts on your dick! She admits her farts are so nasty, and she can barely... 433 views

Remi Darling 5

Remi Darling’s sweet ass looks sensational when she sits backwards on a chair with the intent to blow farts in your face! She seems to have a special skill for releasing toots that sound like a loud zipper. Watch as her pucker stays busy, with some... 535 views

Jazzy Jamison 15

You can’t touch, but you can smell though! That’s what gassy Jazzy Jamison has to say to you as she farts for your eyes and nose only. This was a great fart session, as she was perhaps gassier than she has ever been before. The sounds were varied... 743 views

Remi Darling 4

Silly Remi Darling initially blamed her awful bout of gas on the applesauce she ate, but she also said that she’d had Taco Bell, so of course it was making a run for the border that left her butt in such a putrid state! Her farts were foul, fierce ... 782 views

Jazzy Jamison 14

Jazzy Jamison says that it feels like there are a ton of balloons in her butt when she is giving you fart after fart to jerk off to! She knows you love her nasty ass hole, and she highly encourages you to jerk that cock off as she delivers the gasser... 692 views

Remi Darling 3

Remi Darling proudly announced that she is, “all backed up,” due to some fast-food chicken she ate. Her beautiful butt was busy producing the most putrid poots, and this ebony angel would think she got rid of all the gas only to have more surface... 1042 views

Jazzy Jamison 13

Jazzy Jamison admits she needs to lay off the dairy products! Her lactose intolerance is off the chain! She wonders what she’s going to do if this doesn’t stop. She has so many gassers escaping her black ass, and she is not feeling great about th... 1105 views

Remi Darling 2

When Remi Darling places her nice ass on the pot, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! It takes her a bit to get all the waste out of her body, but that is what makes watching her so fun. Her first farts fail to pack a punch, but after she tinkles in the... 545 views

Jazzy Jamison 12

Heavenly Jazzy Jamison looks great whenever she is in the buff, and during her most recent bathroom trip, we were able to spy on her, courtesy of a hidden camera. She entered the rest room without a stitch of clothing on her body, and as she took a p... 468 views

Remi Darling

What a way to become acquainted with sexy ebony, Remi Darling! This decadent black beauty needed to hit the potty, but before she did, she shared her girl gassers in sexy slow-motion! And what a view!! She has a fantastic ass, and watching her pucker... 1217 views

Jazzy Jamison 11

It is early in the morning, and sexy ebony Jazzy Jamison wonders aloud what she had to eat last night that left her so gassy. She is cursed with a plethora of poots that need to escape her hot ass, and she certainly knows how to stink up a room. This... 1106 views

Jazzy Jamison 10

Jazzy Jamison let a loud fart fly without knowing you were in the room! Since you were already there, with your interest piqued, she decided to give you many gassers in her quest to find relief. She’d eaten a lot of cheese, making her quite gassy! ... 1959 views

Jazzy Jamison 9

Bootylicious Jazzy Jamison seated herself on a pristine white chair and did her best to sully the surface of the seat! Her black booty was in overdrive as she rid herself of the worst gassers imaginable! Expect her to be the perfect mix of playful an... 1963 views

Jazzy Jamison 8

Get ready to cum all over Jazzy Jamison’s divine ass! She felt fiercely gassy and decided to give you the gassers you love so much! Not only will she hold her slutty thong to the side, she will also encourage you to beat your meat as she farts her ... 1881 views

Jazzy Jamison 7

A naked Jazzy Jamison lied on her side on the couch when she ate some food that wreaked havoc on her sexy belly. Pushing out boisterous ass blasts was the best way for her to make herself feel better, and man, they were stinky! It's a lot to take in,... 2283 views

Jazzy Jamison 6

Ebony stunner Jazzy Jamison knows how to swing and hit when it comes to catering to a fart fanatic's fondnesses! Her bodacious black ass stayed busy during this gassy display, and her chocolate pucker was front and center as she blasted big ones out ... 1729 views

Jazzy Jamison 5

A babe with a beautiful butt bestowing awesome jerk off instructions while she farts? Yes please! Black babes don't come any hotter than lovable Jazzy Jamison, and she is every fart fan's ultimate lady. She wanted you to cum to the sight and sounds o... 1878 views

Jazzy Jamison 4

Lean and lovely Jazzy Jamison popped into the potty, looking awesome in fitted workout gear. Seems all that exercise made things rumble around in her belly, and she really needed to use the pot! As she rid herself of nastiness, her tenacious farts we... 1290 views

Jazzy Jamison 3

Black sexpot Jazzy Jamison has a dirty tush, or at least she did after this disastrous bathroom trip! Watch, listen and smell her putrid offerings, as her time on the throne was recorded in full by a hidden bathroom camera. She was not thrilled to ha... 1142 views

Jazzy Jamison 2

Naughty Jazzy Jamison blamed it on the beans! When she was exceptionally gassy, she had nothing much to say about the source other than blaming beans, then spicy chicken, for her stomach bloat and busy butt. She felt better with every toot that she s... 2214 views

Jazzy Jamison

We would like to give a warm welcome to kinky and stinky minx Jazzy Jamison! This super starlet has an ass that will not quit! Her inaugural fart spectacle included her spewing smelly stinkers in slow-motion, and the camera closeups captured each out... 1021 views

Amber Star 24

Amber Star's black ass was back at it, and this time she was on the toilet as she released gassers from her awesome backside. A carefully placed camera captured all of the calamity as she let gross gassers out in rapid succession! 1161 views

Amber Star 23

Amber Star is back, and her black ass is stinkier than ever! To reintroduce you to her torrid tush, she is showcasing her gassers in glorious slow-motion. Her full booty produces some of the worst gas imaginable, and with these outstanding closeups o... 1570 views