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Black Girls

Temple Love 26

Temple Love had to call off work early due to the fact she was so gassy! You know belly bloat and stench are a serious consideration when a gal departs work to come home and work out her stinky situation! Perhaps farting in the office this much would... 861 views

Cali Confidential 39

Cali Confidential was recently in a bad way when she had to utilize the potty to rid herself of smelly waste. She was so gross as she let a lot of wet and messy splatters into the bowl. Her belly was in fits, and she stunk up that small space like yo... 465 views

Temple Love 24

Gorgeous Temple Love looked awesome in sexy thong bottoms that were a shiny metal type of material. Good thing she was not wearing cloth panties, as she became so gassy and just had to get it all out! While she looked hot as hell, she was stinking to... 970 views

Cali Confidential 38

The fact she was not wearing panties helped Cali Confidential out immensely, as she quickly hiked up her dress to get the job done on the throne. She blamed ice cream for her belly woes, and eventually, she had to take a break to wipe up before she h... 996 views

Temple Love 25

Temple Love looks marvelous in a metal bikini top that fails to cover much at all! But the best part of her most recent fart extravaganza is that her beautiful black ass is on full display from the POV facesitting standpoint! Those with a fondness fo... 1134 views

Cali Confidential 37

Fun-loving filly Cali Confidential opted to have some fun with her fierce farts when she sat on a bucket to create some unique and intriguing fart sounds! Check out her sweet ass while she goes all out and even teases that she might just cover the bu... 1298 views

Cali Confidential 36

Oh, lovely Cali Confidential, how we love you! This ebony cutie has tooting on camera down to an art form, and during this spectacle, she was exceptionally alluring and adorable when she made her pucker pop and proudly declared that it was saying, â€... 3402 views

Cali Confidential 28

While looking spectacular in a short and sexy dress, Cali Confidential found herself feeling very gassy. And you know her…she loves to fart for fellows with a kink for stink! If this is your first time meeting this stinky vixen, you are in for a tr... 1174 views

Cali Confidential 35

Sexy Cali Confidential is a hot piece off ass, and recently her ass was on fire! She was so gassy and stripped down to nothing to let gassers fly free from her awesome black booty! Few girls are as dirty as hot Ms. Confidential, and as she felt the g... 2379 views

Amber Star 65

Caution: LOUD Farts Ahead!! Ebony MILF Amber Star and her undisciplined ass pucker were at it again! Her big black ass and natural tits are divine assets, but it is her signature gassy scents that linger on the minds of fart aficionados! Spend some t... 1186 views

Temple Love 22

Temple Love looks rather fetching in a pink and black thong. Wow! She looked fantastic, but she was so gassy. That poor flimsy pair of underpants did not stand a chance! She really soiled those things with her wet, loud and lewd gassers! She says she... 1688 views

Temple Love 20

Fall in love with Temple Love’s sweet ass! Her booty is unbelievable, and when she is feeling gassy, the honks making their way out of her booty pack a lot of punch! Watch out for the loudest ones…they might not be fully dry, and they are by far ... 1830 views

Amber Star 64

Amber Star is known far and wide for her stinky MILF ass, and this black goddess loves sharing farts with her stable of devoted admirers! During this fart installment, her farts were loud and front-and-center, just how you like them! Saddle up for a ... 893 views

Temple Love 19

The hot bra and panty set Temple Love selected for her day were awesome to see her in, and for fans of the fart, they will not be disenchanted! She was beyond gassy, even releasing what she referred to as, “The Big Ones.” One can hardly fathom th... 1267 views

Temple Love 18

Talk about a girl in pain! Sexy purple-haired Temple Love needs the potty, and waiting for it is almost too much to take, as she has a massive stomach ache, and the farts escaping her ass continually border on being productive. She dose not want to m... 1121 views

Amber Star 63

That big ass of Amber Star’s remains a total fan favorite! It’s just so darn stinky! But that is how we like this ebony MILF the best. During this formidable bout with gas, she looked scrumptious in full-bottom black panties and a revealing top. ... 951 views

Temple Love 17

Wow, what spectacular sounds! When hot ebony darling Temple Love planted her ass on an orange five-gallon bucket and farted into the vessel, those honks echoed like mad! This is an auditory delight for fans of black girls farting in the nude! Ms. Lov... 1892 views

Tristina Millz 34

Looking rugged in a camouflage shorts and tank top set, Tristina Millz made her way into the bathroom to do a dirty job. She remained blissfully unaware that a hidden camera was capturing her doing the deed. And from the time she sat down, to the mom... 987 views

Amber Star 62

Amber Star certainly gets an abundance of seat time on the throne! Here she is yet again getting rid of the stinky farts and waste collected in her big, black tushy! Even her pee stream makes a ton of noise while it flows into the bowl. This dirty ex... 1292 views

Temple Love 16

Temple Love wants to get you into a highly vulnerable position! She seeks to get you in your slave cage that will serve as a makeshift gas chamber! While you are fully at her mercy, she will blast awful gassers into the cage to give you the farts you... 1292 views

Temple Love 21

Temple Love has an important message: She is SO gassy! Check her out as she looks so sexy in a pair of lace panties while farting up a storm! Likely, the inside of those underpants were soiled, or at least stinky, by the time she released all of the ... 1867 views

Temple Love 15

Temple Love has quite a swell booty, and now that she’s rocking vibrant purple hair, she is looking as fine as ever! Check out this stinky ebony while she spews the most nasty butt blasts imaginable! She begins by farting in a thong, but eventually... 1676 views

Amber Star 61

Amber Star is a fun-loving fox who thinks it’s rather funny to fart in an empty bucket! The sounds made are quite impressive, as they are loud and pack quite a punch when blasting into the barren plastic pail! She is a stinky MILF who loves to have... 1603 views

Amber Star 60

Menacing Amber Star plans to have you caged to sniff all of her farts that she blasts in your direction. There will be no escaping until she is ready to set you free. The food she has recently consumed was tough on her tummy, making the farts that mu... 1446 views