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Jazzy Jamison 16

Playful Jazzy Jamison is a fun gal! She spells out her first name while giving you a fart for each letter! What a goof! She even waxes poetic about being in bed with you as she farts on your dick! She admits her farts are so nasty, and she can barely... 433 views

Remi Darling 5

Remi Darling’s sweet ass looks sensational when she sits backwards on a chair with the intent to blow farts in your face! She seems to have a special skill for releasing toots that sound like a loud zipper. Watch as her pucker stays busy, with some... 535 views

Jazzy Jamison 14

Jazzy Jamison says that it feels like there are a ton of balloons in her butt when she is giving you fart after fart to jerk off to! She knows you love her nasty ass hole, and she highly encourages you to jerk that cock off as she delivers the gasser... 692 views

Jazzy Jamison 13

Jazzy Jamison admits she needs to lay off the dairy products! Her lactose intolerance is off the chain! She wonders what she’s going to do if this doesn’t stop. She has so many gassers escaping her black ass, and she is not feeling great about th... 1105 views

Remi Darling

What a way to become acquainted with sexy ebony, Remi Darling! This decadent black beauty needed to hit the potty, but before she did, she shared her girl gassers in sexy slow-motion! And what a view!! She has a fantastic ass, and watching her pucker... 1217 views

Jazzy Jamison 11

It is early in the morning, and sexy ebony Jazzy Jamison wonders aloud what she had to eat last night that left her so gassy. She is cursed with a plethora of poots that need to escape her hot ass, and she certainly knows how to stink up a room. This... 1106 views

Sophia Grace 7

Sophia Grace wants you to imagine her juicy farts hitting your tongue! How does that sound? Do not miss a sassy play session with this sexy minx, as she knows how to work a guy up with her putrid pucker blasts! Her body is delectable, and her backsid... 978 views

Sophia Grace 4

Watch Sophia Grace’s pierced pussy get all wet as she farts in your face! She has a lot to say about what a dirty boy you are for wanting to watch her farts escape and reveling in the stench! This babe is not a bit shy, and she would appreciate the... 1561 views

Sophia Grace 2

Oh Sophia Grace is a sexy piece of ass, and her biggest allure is her nasty gas! Perched on a white chair, this young lady puts her booty to the test to give you the whoppers you like best! Expect to revel in her stink, as Miss Grace is one amazing m... 1840 views

Sophia Grace

Introducing Sophia Grace, a great-looking blonde starlet who is sexy, stinking and sensual! She opted for some slow-motion action to acquaint you with her gassy booty. For her inaugural fart session caught on film, she does a fantastic job. Feel conf... 2363 views

Liv Revamped 7

Liv Revamped is so sexy, and she has never shared views of her gassy ass this up-close and personal! The sight of her stinky backside is outstanding, and she is such a giver! Let Liv give you the nasty gassers you crave, as she chuckles when the ass ... 1188 views

Liv Revamped 6

Liv Revamped is up to her old tricks, and we like it! Check out her tremendously sexy backside as her cute pucker passes methane in your direction. Her gassers come in a variety of scents and sounds…some are powerful, and some are dainty, just like... 1596 views

Kat Monroe 14

Kat Monroe has let her admirers gets up close and personal with her ass in the past, but she has never taken things quite this far! Just when we thought she had pushed limits during her stinky poot performances, she kicked it up a notch by offering a... 1337 views

Kat Monroe 13

You could not get any closer to sexy Kat Monroe’s ass if you tried! She is seated on a white chair, with her ass pucker front and center as she shoots her toots your way! Do prepare to be pleased with her stinky spectacle, as she is not going to ev... 1786 views

Liv Revamped 2

Liv Revamped has a tush that is round and kissable, so long as you can get past the stench! This stinky backside produces so many farts when her belly is rumbly! She is such a darling, but her disastrous farts are a lot to take in! Check in on cute L... 1971 views

Liv Revamped

What a way to become acquainted with sexy Liv Revamped! This curly haired hottie is farting on film for the first time, and she is sharing these tremendous toots in slow-motion! Just look at that beautiful tush! Liv’s backside is tremendously sexy... 2166 views

Kat Monroe 9

Captivating Kat Monroe has an unforgettable ass, and when eating a surplus of yummy pizza rendered her extremely gassy, she gave a great show! Dressed in a black sports bra and skimpy blue thong, the sight of her spectacularly gassy ass was was fanta... 2579 views

Kat Monroe 8

Welcome back to sexy-assed Kat Monroe! She has the most fantastic backside, and she would love to reintroduce you to her stinky maneuvers by sharing her farts with you in slow-motion! Her butt never looked better! If you can handle the stench, pay he... 2075 views

Jazzy Jamison 9

Bootylicious Jazzy Jamison seated herself on a pristine white chair and did her best to sully the surface of the seat! Her black booty was in overdrive as she rid herself of the worst gassers imaginable! Expect her to be the perfect mix of playful an... 1963 views

Royalty 21

Royalty’s ass is never a letdown, but when she farts, and it is filmed in slow-motion, it looks simply fantastic! The loud and lewd sounds are better than ever when every pucker burp is extended and so close to your face! This crevice is captivatin... 1067 views

Royalty 20

Wow! Royalty’s ass looks amazing covered in oil as she releases nasty lady gassers! Check out her ample backside as she spews the most awful offerings in your direction! She sure has a beautiful booty, but it’s a stinky one, without a doubt! 790 views

Royalty 19

Royalty’s ass is quite commanding, and when she’s gassy, she is not shy about letting her toots escape in rapid succession. Her belly was hurting, and this young girl gave it her all as she pushed hard to get the relief she so desperately craved.... 761 views

Royalty 22

Uh oh! Adorable Royalty ate Thai food that did not agree with her! Needless to say, the gassy fare smelled better going in than it does going out! Her belly hurt her so much, so she had to push out a series of embarrassing farts to make her tummy fee... 1057 views

Jazzy Jamison 6

Ebony stunner Jazzy Jamison knows how to swing and hit when it comes to catering to a fart fanatic's fondnesses! Her bodacious black ass stayed busy during this gassy display, and her chocolate pucker was front and center as she blasted big ones out ... 1729 views