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Jasmine LeFleur 49

Wanting to just relax in bed, a naked Jasmine LeFleur’s plans were thwarted by a bout of belly gas. She realized that before she could unwind, she would need to liberate some farts. Her ass honks proved to be rather raunchy, some short and stinky, ... 286 views

Eliza Rae 45

Long-haired lovely Eliza Rae shows off her amazing ass and horrid stench while farting naked in bed. Her belly was rumbly, so she worked out those gassers to give you the eye candy you crave. A smelly MILF this sexy is hard to come by, so give yourse... 243 views

Eliza Rae 44

Sexy black lingerie hugs alluring Eliza Rae in all the right places! After donning the designer underthings, she found herself hit suddenly with a bout of gas, and she was quick to hop on the bed to show off her hot ass while passing the butt rumbles... 335 views

Jasmine LeFleur 47

Captivating cutie Jasmine LeFleur proves that farting in a sexual context is the hottest thing a woman can do! During this raunchy fart session, Jasmine has on the sexiest red lingerie and pulls her thong to the side to provide full access to her sme... 483 views

Carmen Valentina 8

Poor Carmen Valentina! The hot MILF slid into sexy white shorts for a date, but suddenly, she had the worst stomach ache and did her best to fix the situation by pushing farts out of her smelly asshole. The pain she felt was evident as she moaned and... 471 views

Eliza Rae 41

There is just something about beautiful Eliza Rae! She is motherly in her own way, but her kinky nature is always ready to come out to play! Indulging fart fanatics is one of her favorite ways to spend an afternoon, and this gassy session is one for ... 524 views

Bella Rossi 8

Mongolian mall food strikes again! Garlic farts that sting and stink on the way out are what sexy MILF Bella Rossi is dealing with at the moment! Prepare to get a nose-full of her extended gassy rippers that make her cute ass pucker a bit sore with j... 778 views

Jasmine LeFleur 46

Hot MILF fart model Jasmine LeFleur makes a great first impression with her big ass, and her sultry voice and man-like farts seal the deal! She is an auditory delight in the flesh! Ms. LeFleur set up a camera to capture her most recent gassy state, a... 582 views

Eliza Rae 40

“Don’t tell anybody,” requests Eliza Rae when she shares her nasty farts with you due to a seriously rumbly tummy. If you have had the pleasure of seeing this sizzling MILF pornstar in action in the past, you know she is all about stink and kin... 452 views

Bella Rossi 7

Lactose-intolerant Bella Rossi’s swollen belly and gassy state were due to her overdoing it on ice cream, chocolate cake and a delectable serving of tiramisu. Bella was hell bent on expressing all the nasty gas doing battle with her insides, as she... 687 views

Jasmine LeFleur 45

When Jasmine LeFleur admits she is feeling bloated and gassy, you know you are in store for an excellent adventure with this well-loved lady. She makes the experience even hotter by proffering a POV facesitting session that sees you under her ass, sn... 1014 views

Eliza Rae 39

Looking like a goddess in a skimpy green bra and thong set, acclaimed MILF starlet Eliza Rae was struggling with gas and had to rip some nasty farts to get herself in better shape. These bold booty honks are loud and obnoxious, but that’s what make... 537 views

Carmen Valentina 7

Stinky POV facesitting is a hell of a lot sexier when big-assed MILF Carmen Valentina is breaking wind. Get your face directly under her tush and take all those filthy gassers straight up your nose. Weak stomachs need not apply! This is going to be o... 981 views

Jasmine LeFleur 44

Shapely siren Jasmine LeFleur’s sexy breasts pop out of her leopard print lingerie while she pulls the matching bottoms to the side to expose her big butt while farting. This gassy minx is a hottie on all levels, and when she bestows face farts, Ja... 787 views

Eliza Rae 38

Eliza Rae must assume a slew of sexy positions to work out the gas collected in her stomach. Passing these shy farts is no easy feat. She must push with all of her might as she empties the tank of methane making her belly bloat. Eliza is super attrac... 582 views

Carmen Valentina 6

Face farts dished out from Carmen Valentina are the hottest! Check her out as she releases a slew of stinkers while her ass is in your face. Her long honks are outstanding! After she belts out some really powerful gassers from that big ass, Carmen fe... 897 views

Eliza Rae 37

Sometimes the worst farts feel the best coming out. Bright-eyed Eliza Rae experienced this when she let her butt do the talking while striving to get her insides gas-free. This endeavor was disgusting, but the smile on her face once she is emptied ou... 469 views

Bella Rossi 6

Hanging with friends for the big game led Bella Rossi to munch on stuff all day. The sausages and cheese did not settle well in her belly, and her gassy state is your gain. Bella kept belting out farts, filling her room with awful stench. Her white a... 954 views

Eliza Rae 35

Just wait until you allow hottie Eliza Rae to lower her perfect ass closer to your nose! You are going to revel in all the best sensations as this sensational MILF rouses the sum of your senses with her stinky tooter. There is a lot to unpack with th... 781 views

Jasmine LeFleur 43

After a long day of holding her butt blasts at bay, beautiful Jasmine LeFleur rushed home to get fully naked and let her farts fly far and wide! Gassy Ms. LeFleur drenched the room in stench, which made her feel a little queasy. The smell factor was ... 786 views

Eliza Rae 33

Extreme anal closeups while Eliza Rae farts will get your motor running! She is beyond hot and is at her sexiest when she is gassy and letting her cute rosebud clatter with the most clamorous ass blasts she can muster! Eliza’s alluring physique and... 700 views

Bella Rossi 4

After hitting up her favorite BBQ joint, sweet and sexy MILF Bella Rossi had some meat-smelling farts that just had to come out. This honey noshed on brisket, pulled pork, fried okra and beans galore! She admitted that the room started to smell like ... 722 views

Jasmine LeFleur 42

Stacked siren Jasmine LeFleur is a vision of perfection as she presents herself in sizzling hot pink lingerie while farting over and over. Jasmine’s big ass makes quite an impression when she is gassy and exposing her stinky starfish while creating... 828 views

Carmen Valentina 3

Lactose intolerant Carmen Valentina couldn’t pass up a super-sized serving of ice cream! She loved tasting the frozen goodness, but the outcome was not a good one! Her belly was in fits as she pushed out stink bombs while her insides were growling ... 844 views