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Jolie Shawen 10

You need hazardous waste protection to watch this Jolie Shawen fart session! To say her farts were productive is an understatement! The naked nympho stripped down to nothing to expel gas from her big, black ass, and more than methane escaped when she... 340 views

Moca Angel 12

You do not get much closer and more intimate than this! When heavy-bottomed Moca Angel felt some gassers coming on, she spread a pink blanket on the floor and let the farts fly while she shared awesome closeups of her ass. This chick’s poots pack a... 441 views

Michelle Malone 17

The beautiful black ass of Michelle Malone is something to see! Her cheeks are heaven, and her farts are terribly offensive! These two factors make her a fox worthy of some play time! Join her for some stinky fun if you think you can withstand the aw... 1215 views

Aliza Lauren 10

Awesome Aliza Lauren always looks fantastic, but when she’s naked and gassy, she looks outstanding and smells atrocious! Wow! This was one sexy fart session and should be considered a must-see for those who lust after outgoing, pretty ladies with d... 648 views

Jolie Shawen 9

Jolie Shawen was struggling with so much gas that she was almost out of breath as she pushed out her honks. These farts were not of the average degree of power! They were loud, lewd and exceedingly stinky. Ms. Shawen is a smelly siren who commands at... 1303 views

Mina Monet 8

Facesitting has never been this filthy! Take a ride on the Stink Express with the one and only Mina Monet, as she is in the mood to hoover over your face and fart directly up your waiting nose and into your open mouth. Her black bottom is ready to do... 882 views

Tala Black 2

Spicy Chinese food was a bottomless Tala Black’s downfall when she writhed around in bed feeling tremendous tummy pain from all the gas bubbling in her belly. She did all she could to work out the farts collected in the tank, and the views were per... 1296 views

Michelle Malone 16

Care to take a stinky journey with alluring Michelle Malone? She is in a naked and nasty state right now! Farts filled her belly, and she was not about to hold them in. She wanted to liberate the sum of the smelly waste causing her stomach to cramp, ... 1387 views

Jolie Shawen 8

Jolie Shawen’s farts are packing quite a punch, and when she shoves her big ass toward the camera, the mic sounds are so distinctive! There is a bit of humor accompanying her honks, and she has the best spirit as she shares the sum of her stinkers ... 1468 views

Tala Black

Sinfully sexy Tala Black would love to make your acquaintance! She is quite a looker, and her cute pooper really produces some raunchy farts! Do you think you can stand the stench while getting to know this lovely Latina lady? Step on inside for some... 1373 views

Michelle Malone 15

Top-shelf sharter Michelle Malone is back, and she hopes you are ready for more of her stinky black ass! Take a look at this lady…she seems to age like a fine wine. And during this face farting session, she leaves nothing to the imagination with cl... 1950 views

Aliza Lauren 8

Aliza Lauren is a hot piece of ass, and as it just so happens, her ass is hot with terrible farts that really pack a punch! She was naked and looking as alluring as ever while she let those gassers escape, farting right into your face! Are you ready ... 1845 views

Jolie Shawen 6

What a disgusting ass! Jolie Shawen’s big ass did more than produce gas when she was expelling some juicy farts. This sight is not for the faint of heart! Ms. Shawen’s booty could be called juicy for various reasons, and right here, it is literal... 1810 views

Mina Monet 7

A naked Mina Monet is something we all can enjoy, and fart smell enthusiasts will not be disenchanted by what she has to offer! She is so stinky with these farts, making her the ultimate playmate if you want to give your sniffer a real challenge! 1191 views

Jolie Shawen 7

A foul and disturbing scent filled the room when big-assed Jolie Shawen stripped down to nothing to liberate farts from her backside. She is a must for those who favor and savor big, black, meaty asses! She is a real treat, but her farts do not smell... 1502 views

Mina Monet 6

Mina Monet was feeling beyond gassy, and instead of stowing away in shame, she stripped down and filmed the filthy task of expelling farts galore! She is one of the dirtiest black dames around, but that is what makes her so endearing to those who har... 2191 views

Aliza Lauren 6

Miss Aliza Lauren knows that her ass is awesome, so even when she is gassy, she goes all out for her fans of stink! Watch her here while she shares some daunting farts that are more than capable of making you stand at attention! 1226 views

Moca Angel 9

Moca Angel is a dirty girl, and she looks quite striking with her vibrant, long red locks. However, what is not looking too super is the state of her stinky ass pucker! She has some seriously dirty work to do, so she is going to share the view while ... 1466 views

Jolie Shawen 5

Blonde black MILF Jolie Shawen shares her farts with whomever will give her some time! Since she holds nothing back while pushing poots out of her chocolate pucker, she is the type of gal guys love to see in action! Not all black asses are this stink... 1404 views

Mina Monet 5

Mina Monet’s black ass is a stinky sector that ebony booty fans love! She is not shy, so when she is gassy, Ms. Monet is fast to share her farts with her admirers. Check out this curvy methane-filled filly who just wants to feel better while pushin... 1488 views

Moca Angel 8

Hot and curvaceous Moca Angel is a hefty piece of dark chocolate that fart fans cannot get enough of! Her full booty produces some powerful blasts, and they certainly pack a punch! Even while wearing a thong, her face farts are the things that make e... 1221 views

Aliza Lauren 4

Join smelly Aliza Lauren already plopped on the pot as she works to discard the dastardly waste collected in her belly. She is such a gassy specimen on the daily, and this trip to the bathroom proves just how nasty that round white ass of hers really... 1851 views

Jolie Shawen 3

Jolie Shawen is a dirty lady, and she loves to fart on command! She was akin to a methane vessel when she let rapid torpedoes escape her ass over and over. There is no denying how filthy she is, but that is simply what makes her so darn fun! 2002 views

Aliza Lauren 3

Aliza Lauren is an inviting woman, and she would love to welcome you into her place to sniff up the stench emanating from her thong-covered ass. This dirty girl has no shame about her gassy condition, and she has more fun finding relief when she know... 1783 views