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Tristina Millz 28

There are close-ups, then there is this! Prepare to be so close to Tristina Millz' ass pucker that you can see every pucker fold in glorious detail! Her oiled ass hole looks outstanding as it protrudes with every poot! She is keeping no secrets as sh... 366 views

Bella Star 23

Well hello there, Bella Star! This dark-skinned starlet is continually sexy in every scene, and she recently really blew things out of the water, so-to-speak, as she spewed a series of gassers in rapid succession! Her busy butt was front and center a... 530 views

Royalty 4

There is nothing wrong with a gassy girl if you're a fan of foul farts! Cute, young starlet Royalty has a perky pooter, and she loves showing it off! She would love the opportunity to show you up close how she shoots toots out of her sweet ass. With ... 779 views

Tristina MIllz 27

Wordsmith Tristina Millz created a new word! She wants to have a butt-fabulous time with you! She knows you are a fan of black asses, and she is going to give you a super-sized serving of her wonderful farts, as they come right at you, live! Her ass ... 742 views

Royalty 3

Want another dose of adorable Royalty faring up a storm? Well, here you go! Her round ass is garnering quite a following as she farts her way into fart fans' hearts! On the surface, she seems so demure, but her nasty ass sure has a way of going into ... 822 views

Serena Marcus 36

Sassy Serena Marcus has a surplus of nasty gas, and she just needs to get it all out! Watch her pucker as busy as it can be. She is sharing closeup views of the awful odors escaping her sexy tush. She takes hot girl farts to another level! 858 views

Royalty 2

Sultry Royalty has a great ass, and for fart fans, she is a dream come true when she shares her nasty blasts up close. She has so much stink bottled up between her cheeks, and she makes sure her pucker stays busy as she blasts her gassers in your dir... 1220 views

Bella Star 21

Bella Star's amazing backside being covered in oil as she farts is something to see! Her loud blasts leave quite the impression, and her nice tush is teeming with sexy gassers that make their way into the world with such gusto! There's no ashiness on... 1074 views

Serena Marcus 35

Edgy broad Serena Marcus is back, and she is stinkier than ever! She is a woman to see in action as she slides her black bottoms down but leaves her sluttish high heels still on! Her big, round ass worked overtime during this especially stinky sessio... 1099 views


Have you met innocent-looking Royalty? She is a super sweet starlet who took so well to sharing her toots with her admirers! Seems she's like a fish to water when it comes to farting up a storm and letting others in on her stinky secrets! She is a be... 1418 views

Amber Cream 52

You might want to turn the sound down on this one! Amber Cream has a lot of gas, and these farts might be the loudest she has ever recorded! Adding to the allure is that oil is poured on her pucker while she poots! The view is amazing, but the sound ... 1440 views

Olivia Wilder 22

Olivia Wilder's sweet ass up close and covered in oil is an awesome sight to behold! Her beautiful backside stayed busy as she pushed the most putrid farts out of her tush, making the oil dance around her smelly center. 1058 views

Olivia Wilder 21

J. Michael, this one's for you! Olivia Wilder knew you wanted something sexy, so she made certain she was especially gassy when she released her sensational gassers through adorable pink panties. The farts are loud, despite the fact they are filtered... 1347 views

Bella Star 17

Bodacious starlet Bella Star has an abundance of gas in her sexy belly, and she has positioned herself in the infamous fart chair for a scented session of liberating her lewd gassers. She is one good-looking lass, but her ass gas is almost to much to... 1135 views

Jasmine LeFleur 27

Jovial Jasmine LeFleur has a fantastic ass, and she loves showing it off! Check out her busy buttocks as she casts catastrophic farts in your direction! There is nobody who can do it like Jasmine! There is something so alluring about her bangable bod... 1400 views

Jasmine LeFleur 26

Jasmine LeFleur is back to her old tricks, and you know her tricks are stinky and kinky! During a period of hardcore gas, she showed off her bangable body in the buff and looked amazing as she filled the room with her signature scent. 1228 views

Bella Star 16

Eye-catching Bella Star's butt is beautiful, but if you concentrate on her stinky center, you will find it becomes quite messy when she is gassy. This dame dares to give unprecedented views of her pucker as she lets her whoppers pop out of her butt. ... 1237 views

Tristina Millz 22

Alluring Tristina Mills is back, and she is sexier than ever with her black ass looking divine and stinking to high heaven! She is sharing her bout with gas with a sexy mix of slow-motion farting and real-time gassers! And all of the views are up clo... 2274 views

Amber Cream 48

Outstanding Amber Cream has the best seat in the house! She has her hot little booty positioned on the fart chair, and she holds nothing back as she lets the loudest whoppers fly out of her backside. There is no shame in her game as she strives for r... 1108 views

Olivia Wilder 17

Olivia Wilder never looked so hot or smelled so horrible! She has a way about her that captivates an audience, even when she's feeling gassy and has a horrible tummy ache! Take a look at her textured pucker as it produces some of the most dastardly f... 1850 views

Tristina Millz 23

Talented Tristina MIllz has the best personal gas-release plan! She is a big believer in twerking out the toots, and her big ass sure looks amazing while it is in motion! She was feeling exceptionally gassy when she showed off her twerking technique,... 2857 views

Amber Cream 47

Amber Cream's ass fails to disappoint! She's a svelte sweetie who knows how to make a room stinky. Watch her as she's perched on a chair, letting her gassers fly free. The noises she produces are quite impressive! And her beautiful ass is something y... 1152 views

Olivia Wilder 16

Sensuous Olivia Wilder ate too much, and she is feeling so gassy. With her sexy thong pulled to the side, she just had to release some of the loudest, most obnoxious farts imaginable! She had a rough go of it, as she made the room smell like her ass'... 1617 views

Amber Cream 46

Never let it be said that Amber Cream keeps secrets! She presents her black ass front and center as she farts up a storm of nasty odors and atrocious sounds! Her pucker is so in-your-face that you will swear you smell it! Go ahead and give her a grea... 1825 views