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Royalty 13

The sounds of Royalty's juicy farts are fantastic, and the closeup views of her methane-spewing pucker are perfection! She has so much gas to rid herself of, and she nestled her sweet ass into the fart chair to make this happen a bit more readily. Ge... 299 views

Royalty 12

Young and innocent Royalty's ass looks outstanding up close! She has a plethora of poots to liberate from her tight pucker, and she is showing off her penchant for pooting closeup! Watch as these nasty farts fly out of her backside while she pushes w... 540 views

Jazzy Jamison 2

Naughty Jazzy Jamison blamed it on the beans! When she was exceptionally gassy, she had nothing much to say about the source other than blaming beans, then spicy chicken, for her stomach bloat and busy butt. She felt better with every toot that she s... 1346 views

Jazzy Jamison

We would like to give a warm welcome to kinky and stinky minx Jazzy Jamison! This super starlet has an ass that will not quit! Her inaugural fart spectacle included her spewing smelly stinkers in slow-motion, and the camera closeups captured each out... 1707 views

Royalty 25

Most young women are shy and embarrassed about their ass honks and attempt to keep bouts of gas as private as possible. This is definitely not the case for Royalty. She loves others looking at her ass when she is gassy! In fact, she has positioned he... 1094 views

Amber Star 23

Amber Star is back, and her black ass is stinkier than ever! To reintroduce you to her torrid tush, she is showcasing her gassers in glorious slow-motion. Her full booty produces some of the worst gas imaginable, and with these outstanding closeups o... 878 views

Royalty 9

Royalty is such a sweet young lady, but her secret fetish is farting on film! And she's so great at it, making a fart fan's heart full as she keeps shucking stinkers with her full ass on full display! She's so stinky and sexy, making her worth a watc... 1193 views

Amber Cream 53

Oh, sweet Amber with the ass that will not quit! Amber Cream is up to her old tricks, and you know that means showing off her beautiful black ass as she passes the most atrocious gassers! With her sexy thong pulled to the side, she shares her farts u... 1277 views

Royalty 8

Royalty's ass is a divine sight, and if you have seen it in action before, you know this to be true. Check out her terrific tush as she pushes out her poots while she is recorded in slow-motion so that no pucker flex is missed during this dynamic met... 1788 views

Michele Marks 7

Wow, Michele Marks' ass looks fantastic when it's oiled up, and she is pushing out some major gassers for your enjoyment. Her butt just will not quit in this smelly installment that might just be her sexiest yet! Her pucker is up close, leaving no se... 1338 views

Katrina Kox 40

Fart fans and ass men, take note...check out the awesome oiled ass of Katrina Kox! When her farts hit the oil, the visual is outstanding! She is such a stunning girl, but when her ass pucker takes center stage, there is nothing sweeter! 1447 views

Michele Marks 4

The fart chair has cradled many great asses, but perhaps none as stinky as the magnificent ass of Michele Marks! This goddess is extra gassy, and she is letting it all hang out as she pushes her poots out in rapid succession. She is plagued with quit... 881 views

Katrina Kox 37

Nestled in the fart chair, hottie Katrina Kox keeps no secrets as she shares the sight of her spewing gas! Her fantastic ass looks amazing from any angle, but those with an affinity for exceptionally stinky ass holes will love the sight of her pretty... 1750 views

Michele Marks 3

Michele Marks is a dirty girl with a lot of gas to get rid of! When this dame's derrière is overrun with methane, she does not handle the situation like a lady! Instead, she plops on a chair, naked as the day is long, and shares her pucker passing g... 1567 views

Michele Marks 2

Engaging MILF Michele Marks wonders aloud if the farting will ever end! Oh man, she's so gassy, and her perky ass is framed with some sexy panties, so enjoy the view! She is one gassy minx, and she has so many of the farts you love, just waiting to b... 2289 views

Katrina Kox 35

Katrina Kox loves to fart for her adoring fans! Go ahead and give this siren a gander, as her ass is simply divine! She looks so hot while seated on a white chair, with her beautifully textured starfish producing the most putrid farts imaginable! 1531 views

Michele Marks

There is no better way to get to know raunchy MILF Michele Marks than to experience her gassers up close and in slow-motion! Just look at her inaugural attempt at farting for her new fans! She fails to disappoint in every area, especially the power a... 1941 views

Cree Morena

Sexy Cree Morena is back, and her nasty gassers are bolder than ever! Enjoy the view of her spewing pucker as she produces some of the nastiest farts imaginable! She carefully pulled her purple thong to the side to release her poots with the ultimate... 1779 views

Katrina Kox

Brunette bombshell Katrina Kox has returned to show off that fantastic fanny of hers! She is broadcasting her nasty toots in slow-motion, and she wants your full attention as she releases one bold blast after another! She has a lot of methane to libe... 1896 views

Bella Star 28

Heavenly hottie Bella Star's outstanding body is on full display as she lies back on a lounger, spreads her ass cheeks and shows off her pucker as it produces some intense gassers. How can such a slender sweetie produce such stench? She sure has a di... 1091 views

Serena Marcus 41

With real time and slow-motion farts part of the mix, Serena Marcus' boisterous blasts sound like a war zone! Imagine slow-motion farts sounding like a machine gun going off, and that is what you can expect to encounter when you check out this blonde... 1394 views

Jasmine LeFleur 32

Playful Jasmine LeFleur's impeccable pucker shines, both figuratively and literally, when oiled is poured on her butthole while she passes the most powerful poots! Fans of farts in their face will appreciate the closeup views of her brown bud hard at... 1124 views

Bella Star 27

Have you ever checked out Bella Star's amazing smile? She is such a pretty girl, and her kink factor is off the charts! She adores sharing her awful gas with admirers, and in her most recent recording, she pulled her skimpy black thong to the side, i... 1593 views

Serena Marcus 40

You've possibly heard loud and long farts before, but wait until you get a gander at some of the doozies Serena Marcus creates! There are some loud and long gassers coming out of her ass, and you will be shocked at how she can really let 'em rip! 1231 views