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Kiki Daire 29

Kiki Daire is up to her old tricks! She garners so much sexual satisfaction from sharing her fart-spewing sphincter! When she is gassy and being watched, she blossoms into a liberated lady who wants nothing more than intimate attention from fans of h... 103 views

Cece LaRue 30

Outgoing babe Cece LaRue’s bubble butt is a sight to behold. It’s a meaty backside, and her inked ass pucker is the source of the most outrageous stench when she is gassy! Join Cece as she shares her nasty farts with you while pointing them all i... 312 views

Kenzie Starr 4

Fresh-faced hottie Kenzie Starr celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating all the gas-inducing foods she could get her hands on. This slender babe went heavy on the beans, and doing so rendered her far more gassy than ever before. For such a hot chick, Kenz... 406 views

Miss Poison 40

Miss Poison has a rancid ass, and she has that big butt on display while farting up a storm! Her sultry voice and curvaceous body are simply two of her many attributes. Miss Poison’s stinky booty is what fart fans favor about her the most, as she s... 229 views

Kenzie Starr 3

Kenzie Starr celebrated the holidays at a big party with a bountiful buffet of fun foods that filled her belly big time. She woke up the next morning with a plaguing belly ache and had to push farts out in order to finally feel better. Beautiful Kenz... 372 views

Kiki Daire 28

Gassy Kiki Daire spent some hard-earned cash on a sexy panty and bra set, and they look fantastic on her voluptuous physique. The garments hug her curves in all the right ways. One would think she would want to keep those designer panties in good sha... 354 views

Miss Poison 39

Once buxom Miss Poison hikes up her sexy black dress, you are in for quite a treat! She is super gassy and needs to feel the pleasure from gas release. She will keep no secrets as she shows off her nasty ass while repeatedly farting in your face! 358 views

Kenzie Starr 2

Unclothed Kenzie Starr is a perfect ten, with a slender physique, gorgeous face, perky tits and a stinky pucker to rouse the sum of your senses while she treats you to her farts. Most blonde babes are not bold enough to get this nasty, but sweet Kenz... 659 views

Cece LaRue 28

When her tummy rumbles, Cece LaRue knows good things are coming for you! Check out this naked babe as she spreads her thick ass cheeks and treats you to unfettered views of her fetid ass pucker. There is no way this gal is not a guiding light for tho... 662 views

Kenzie Starr

Flawless new model Kenzie Starr has found that she loves farting for the camera, and for her very first time passing gas for fans, she donned a sexy plaid lingerie set, adding to the allure. Once she flips up her short plaid skirt, Kenzie is geared u... 1200 views

Miss Poison 38

Sultry dame Miss Poison is back, and she is hotter than ever before! Seems this oversexed MILF missed farting for the camera and had to get her shapely ass back to being the stinky center of attention! She is a dynamic diva who constantly craves atte... 721 views

Gypsy Bee

During a bout of burrito-induced gas, new model Gypsy Bee’s sexy ass pucker has a lot to say! Her girl-next-door look might fool you at first, but this tattooed kinkster is not about to let you down when you are in the mood to sniff up female farts... 1133 views

Kiki Daire 25

An expensive black bra and panty set makes Kiki Daire look sexier than ever. This stinky siren has some serious gas bubbling in her belly, and she is bold enough to belt out butt blasts as if her life depends on it! It’s a great sight to see thong-... 542 views

Cece LaRue 27

Have you missed Cece LaRue and her distinctive ass pucker tattoo? She has been a naughty girl and needs to get out some nasty anal sex farts! Her ace white booty begs attention, and Cece is eager to have you up close and personal with her stink dispe... 946 views

Kiki Daire 24

Kiki Daire’s bodacious tushy is on full display as she hoovers above you face, her bare ass passing gas straight up your nose. This smelly adventure is going to get your motor running, as Kiki’s backside fails to disappoint! Those who love stinky... 644 views

Tasia Lockran 6

Pretty girl Tasia Lockran donned a sexy blue thong to launch a spirited POV face farting session. You do not want to miss out on this gorgeous babe’s hot, stinky ass. Tasia lives for kinky fun, making her the number one lady to unleash fart-filled ... 677 views

Kiki Daire 23

Looking like a snack in sexy black underthings, bodacious MILF Kiki Daire is gassy and farting right in front of your nose as she is situated on two chairs to make sure you get a great dose of that big ass! She ate spaghetti, and this has not settled... 833 views

Taylor Nicole 46

If you have yet to check out young, perky Taylor Nicole’s ace fart sessions, the time has come to treat yourself to some stinky fun. She is quite a fun-loving little lady, and feeding farts to her fans is something Ms. Nicole enjoys more than any o... 479 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 8

Amerika the Beautyfull is ready for a great time. Dressed in barely there jean shorts, she is going to shed some sharts on the denim as she pushes wet farts out of her little ass pucker. Most ladies born in her decade are far too reserved for such fi... 287 views

Kiki Daire 22

Fans of female farts fully appreciate fun-loving Kiki Daire! She is such a bold broad, and she is in no way shy about farting in front of others. In fact, she loves to get the camera rolling and capture all the smelly fun while she farts enough times... 554 views

Taylor Nicole 45

Never a dull moment with young and feistyTaylor Nicole! When she is feeling gassy, she never wants to be alone. Instead, she loves sharing her ungodly gassers, and this time, Taylor has a POV facesitting session on the agenda. You are certain to have... 576 views

Sana Says 18

Charming BBW Sana Says donned her sexiest lingerie, and she did this after eating a super-sized serving of ice cream. All of this led to her being extremely gassy and geared up for a great time with a fart-loving fella. These farts are anything but d... 414 views

Kiki Daire 21

Fetching Kiki Daire is a delightful woman of distinction, but she harbors some sexy secrets! She loves showing off her sexy underthings while dishing out the nastiest farts imaginable! Kiki sure has a fantastic time when she is afforded the opportuni... 597 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 7

“Wanna join me for some sexy farts?” This is what Amerika the Beautyfull says as she invites you into her intimate space to share a sexy good time. She admits it feels so nice to get those obnoxious gassers out of her ass as she belts ‘em out, ... 761 views