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Most Popular

Brittany Lynn


Britney Blaze and Ariel X 4

Britney Blaze and Ariel X 4rnHot blondes Britney and Ariel are back to lick farts out of each other's asses! Ariel starts out sitting on Britney's face, and Britney spreads Ariel's butt-cheeks and Ariel blasts a big fat fart that you can actually see... 28677 views

Stacie Lane


Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets 3

Chyanne and Kendra pair up today to lick each other\'s farting asses - YOWZA! Kendra\'s got her face in Chyanne\'s big round booty, and Chyanne lets Kendra have it by blasting a fart into her face! Kendra can\'t get enough of that, and licks Chyanne\... 20920 views

Cassandra Cruz and Jennifer Anderson

Sexy Latina Cassandra Cruz dominates brunette Jennifer Anderson in her dungeon, making Jenifer her fart slave in this sexy girl-on-girl scene. Cassandra immediately forces Jennifer to put her face into her big butt and take her farts at point-blank r... 20585 views

Layla Price

Layla Price is a little shy to get started. She's never farted for anyone before, but this gassy blonde is giving it all she's got! Her ass is loaded with disastrous farts, she's been eating beans all day, and now Layla's finally ready to push out th... 19189 views

Micah James


Asia Zo 25

Damn Mexican food does not agree with this little Asian's tummy! Poor Asia Zo, having another stomach problem because of it! Mexican food always makes this petite little beauty gassy but you know what? She simply must be doing it on purpose. This sil... 18171 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai 2

Melody and Rebecca pair up again to fart on each other, and both girls are wearing sexy little outfits! Melody sits on Rebecca's face and farts through her panties into Rebecca's nose! Melody's panties really hold in the stench for Rebecca to relish,... 18031 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai

Well, here's something you don't see every day - a hot blonde and a sexy Blasian girl paired up for some hot, nasty, face-farting action - YOWZA! Rebecca starts off by pulling her pink thong to the side, and sitting on Melody's face to fart in her n... 16718 views

Rebecca Blue 2

Blonde hottie Rebecca returns with a bad case of gas, and she's wearing a pink top and short-short denim skirt with no panties. She lets you look up her skirt, and she even spreads her cheeks to give you a close-up look at her farting ass! Awesome! C... 15294 views

Evanni Solei

Today we introduce Evanni Solei, an ebony beauty who's full of gas today! She's wearing a denim skirt, and she stands up and pulls up her skirt, spreads her butt-cheeks, and treats you to a bare-asshole fart! Then she sits in the chair and pulls her ... 15155 views

Rebecca Blue 10

Rebecca Blue is curled up in a chair with bad gas pains, wearing a red bra and panties. She blasts a fart through her red panties, then pulls them to the side so you can see her asshole in action! Rebecca's asshole sure is active when she farts - you... 14634 views

Valerie Gibson 7

Hot ebony fartress Valerie is back to entertain you with her ass! Today she's wearing a bra and nothing else, so she sticks her bare asshole into the camera and farts into it! Watch her asshole - it sticks out when she's letting the gas fly! You know... 14566 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne 4

Miss Marie wants to get the ball rolling, Daisy Layne wants to get the party started, they are both ready and they both want it so bad. If you watch this right now then you\'re in for a special treat! Miss Marieís going to be digging deep this time, ... 14157 views

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne 3

Fart-buddies Allison and Amber return to lick each other's bare farting asses today! Allison starts out blowing a huge stinker right onto Amber's tongue - BOO-YAH! Then she laughs about it. Amber then sits on Allison's tongue and farts on it until Al... 14110 views

Crystal Lopez 3

Crystal Lopez is taking full advantage of the fart chair today. It helps her spread her ass open wide, so you can see every inch of her stink hole as she pushes out every last one of her nasty farts! She's smacking her ass, and spreading her cheeks -... 14042 views

Layla Price 7

Layla Price is no stranger to having bad gas, and after having a long day of holding in her gas, she's finally able to relieve her stress by letting all those nasty farts loose! Layla's shaking all her dirty farts out, and they're just as loud and di... 12902 views

Kitty Catherine 4

Talk about wet and juicy! Saucy Latina Kitty Catherine sat in the fart chair, and she allowed some messy and productive farts to fly out of her ass, making quite a mess in the process. This dirty girl’s dark ass pucker was tinged with yellow, meani... 12564 views

Brandy and Vanessa Naughty 4

Brandy and Vanessa are wearing bikinis and snuggling on the bed. Vanessa licks Brandy's ass and demands that Brandy fart, which she does! Vanessa then licks the farts right out of Brandy's ass while you watch. Brandy pulls her legs up and keeps farti... 12442 views

Alexa Bay 2

Remember the hot new girl from last week, Alexa Bay? Well, she came back to fart for you some more today! Alexa is tired, but she has to get ready for the club, and she has gas, so she's going to let it out in front of you! She lays back and blasts a... 12316 views

Savannah Fox 5

Savannah Fox is one gassy girl, and you know that means she’s been holding in her farts all day so she can let them all loose now. It’s a good thing Savannah saved her gas for the privacy of her own home, because this girl has some of the loudest... 12073 views

Nicky Ferrari 14

Nicki is all dressed up with no place to go... except to the toilet! This busty beauty is adorned in tantalizing black lingerie, but her stomach is so distraught she'll be spending tonight in the bathroom! Dolled up, yet doubled over, Nicky strains a... 11851 views

Savannah Fox 10

Savannah Fox has an upset stomach, and she knows exactly what she needs to do to relieve that familiar pain. As soon as Savannah lets her first rumbling fart loose, her pain starts to vanish, which only encourages this gassy girl to keep filling her ... 11575 views