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White Girls

Aliza Lauren 10

Awesome Aliza Lauren always looks fantastic, but when she’s naked and gassy, she looks outstanding and smells atrocious! Wow! This was one sexy fart session and should be considered a must-see for those who lust after outgoing, pretty ladies with d... 648 views

Zayda 3

Have you ever checked out Zayda on the toilet? If not, the time is now! She is a sexy white chick who has an ass as filthy as her mind is dirty! During this daunting bathroom trip, she had a lot to do to get rid of the gassers swirling around her ins... 588 views

Zayda 2

Being woken up with a terrible case of gas is the worst, and poor Zayda recently fell victim to this condition. All she wanted was a peaceful nap, but the rippers rumbling out of her ass were something else! She was so stinky and gross, but she had t... 1189 views

Aliza Lauren 8

Aliza Lauren is a hot piece of ass, and as it just so happens, her ass is hot with terrible farts that really pack a punch! She was naked and looking as alluring as ever while she let those gassers escape, farting right into your face! Are you ready ... 1845 views


We are thrilled to introduce Zayda, a sexy woman with super-sized farts! You will literally be blown away by this curly haired babe who loves attention and is not afraid to flip up her skirt and show men her dirty bootie! Get to know this angel as sh... 2221 views

Aliza Lauren 6

Miss Aliza Lauren knows that her ass is awesome, so even when she is gassy, she goes all out for her fans of stink! Watch her here while she shares some daunting farts that are more than capable of making you stand at attention! 1226 views

Aliza Lauren 5

Tattooed tart Aliza Lauren was at her loudest and smelliest during this torrid trip to the potty! She was fully nude for this endeavor, which totally adds to the allure as she frees bombs from her booty over and over! These stinkers are no joke, and ... 1585 views

Aliza Lauren 4

Join smelly Aliza Lauren already plopped on the pot as she works to discard the dastardly waste collected in her belly. She is such a gassy specimen on the daily, and this trip to the bathroom proves just how nasty that round white ass of hers really... 1851 views

Aliza Lauren 3

Aliza Lauren is an inviting woman, and she would love to welcome you into her place to sniff up the stench emanating from her thong-covered ass. This dirty girl has no shame about her gassy condition, and she has more fun finding relief when she know... 1783 views

Gia Love 36

Gia Love’s pucker opened very wide while she sat perched in the fart chair to get herself feeling back to normal. This positioning is perfect for fart fans because she proffered some hot and stinky facesitting POV. Get ready to see the red insides ... 2758 views

Aliza Lauren 2

Now that’s one dirty booty! Look closely because inked up MILF Aliza Lauren failed to do a decent job of cleaning herself up, and now she’s feeling gassy, and we shall see how productive this series of farts proves to be! She is a sexy lady, but ... 2056 views

Gia Love 35

Panda Express strikes again! Seems an order of Kung Pao chicken left sexy Gia Love gassier than ever! With a visit to her boyfriend’s house looming, she must get rid of the plaguing farts that were created by her lunch. For this reason, she strippe... 1828 views

Aliza Lauren

We would love for you to meet sexy Aliza Lauren as she is one of the fabulous new Fart Fantasy additions! Her cute white bootie patootie is a smelly one for sure, but that is why we love her so much. Go along for the ride as this foxy minx farts on f... 2532 views

Maddi Vines 3

Looking like a total cutie in just a sports bra, sweet Maddi Vines had quite a belly ache, and she desperately wanted to find relief. She finally did, but not until she had pushed out so many farts while her bare ass was on full display. Miss Vines i... 1369 views

Gia Love 34

Gia Love’s great ass is as sexy as it is stinky! She seems to be plagued with gas on a regular basis, and she certainly adores sharing her toots with her admirers. Check out this naked vixen as she liberates a slew of farts from her hot white booty... 1968 views

Sunny Chase 36

The yellow fishnet ensemble Sunny Chase put on her hot body was amazingly sexy! She had an abundance of gas, and she wanted to share every stinky offering! She really put on quite a show as she strived to fart her way into her fans' hearts! 2052 views

Gia Love 33

Naughty schoolgirl Gia Love was booted from her school for improper dress. She wore a slutty top with her uniform skirt and neglected to don a pair of panties! What a sassy girl! Gia was given the boot after lunch hour, and her last cafeteria meal ma... 2803 views

Gia Love 31

Burger King did a number on Gia Love! The greasy food left her so gassy, and as she farted while in the buff, she admitted that the room began to smell like French fries! Perhaps that’s why they call them the devil’s starchy fingers! This sexy gi... 1643 views

Gia Love 32

Stinky stunner Gia Love made a trip to the little girl’s room, and a hidden bathroom cam captured her doing her business while distracting herself with her cellphone. She was on a mission to rid herself of all the waste in her body before she put h... 1947 views

Gia Love 30

She’s back and hotter than ever!! Knockout Gia Love has amassed a lot of fans of her stinky ass, and here she is complaining that the tacos you made her for your date last night have left her too gassy. Since you are not there to sniff up what her ... 3049 views

Kelly Leigh 9

Kelly Leigh is such a silly flirt! This older lady with a thick physique donned designer jeans and totally let loose with a surplus of nasty farts plowing out of her pucker. She teased by giving peeks of her big booty when she pulled those stinky jea... 1455 views

Diamond Solitaire 15

Sultry Diamond Solitaire is always one to put on a great show, and this fart spectacular is no exception! Take a look at this seasoned lady while her white booty stays busy with a surplus of stinkers making their way into the world! Ms. Solitaire loo... 1848 views

Kelly Leigh 8

A topless Kelly Leigh had jeans on when she was cursed with some extremely juicy farts! Beware of the big ass of this blonde broad! She is the epitome of stink, and she seems rather proud when she is able to give fart devotees what they crave! Age is... 1689 views

Diamond Solitaire 14

Wearing nothing more than a pair of slutty high heels, stinky MILF Diamond Solitaire liberated so many gassers while striking poses on her sofa. She utters an “excuse me” here and there, but she is not sorry! She knows her most devoted fans love ... 1537 views