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White Girls

Diamond Solitaire 14

Wearing nothing more than a pair of slutty high heels, stinky MILF Diamond Solitaire liberated so many gassers while striking poses on her sofa. She utters an “excuse me” here and there, but she is not sorry! She knows her most devoted fans love ... 331 views

Kelly Leigh 7

Kelly Leigh armchair quarterbacked a visit to the john, and wow, it’s as stinky as it is comical! She strutted into the bathroom in the buff, her dimpled white ass on full display before she situated herself on the seat and got rid of the mess swir... 517 views

Kelly Leigh 6

“Ok, boys here we go!” That is the declaration made by mature maven Kelly Leigh before she gets down to the business of emptying her belly and ass of dastardly methane! Wow, she is quite a dirty bird!! Enjoy the kinky show while she liberates the... 976 views

Diamond Solitaire 13

Without a doubt, Diamond Solitaire will need to clean the toilet after this disgusting trip! A bathroom cam captured her trotting into the bathroom in slutty high heels and hiking up her dress before pulling her panties down and plopping on the pot t... 1240 views

Kelly Leigh 5

The filthy ass of mature maven Kelly Leigh is on display once again! Get used to seeing this big butt up close if you like a stinky older woman who is plagued with chronic gas! Ms. Leigh is a lewd lady who is fast to fart for her fans whenever her ga... 1352 views

Diamond Solitaire 12

Diamond Solitaire’s farts sounded like a machine gun, and her pucker was quite productive in creating a mess. Her dirty ass needed a wipe after these juicy gassers! To add to the heat factor of this fart fest, seasoned Ms. Solitaire eagerly rubbed ... 1199 views

Kelly Leigh 4

Breakfast of champions?!? This is something uttered by Kelly Leigh about her toots while she was farting up a storm! Though something so putrid is not a reason to celebrate at all, she sat herself down to perform some POV facesitting while launching ... 1020 views

Diamond Solitaire 11

Sultry Diamond Solitaire looked a bit provocative in a suggestive dress, and she quickly removed her thong when she felt some seriously rough gas coming on. This lady threw propriety to the wind as she broke wind with her discarded panties off to the... 1495 views

Carrie B

Introducing sexy starlet Carrie B! She is a stinky girl, and her first time farting in front of the camera was fabulous! Her sweet ass produced some noxious odors, and she looked so sexy while she spewed the stink bombs! The slow-motion allows fans o... 2214 views

Kelly Leigh 3

Nasty maven Kelly Leigh is up to her old tricks! She has a stinky booty, and she is not afraid to show it off! Look in on her as she makes her white leather couch her smelly playground while she pushes an array of gross farts of of her aged backside.... 1696 views

Diamond Solitaire 10

Diamond Solitaire is a dirty woman! Without a stitch of clothing on her body, she was farting up a storm, truly making a mess of herself! Few smells are this putrid, and she had no shame in her game as she showed off her busy ass pucker. At least she... 1508 views

Kelly Leigh 2

Kelly Leigh is a dirty woman who becomes rather gassy on certain days! Check her out! Her big white ass was full of methane that she had to push out. There is nothing pleasant about her rumbling stomach or her putrid ass pucker! 2426 views

Diamond Solitaire 7

Diamond Solitaire is a dirty woman! She is often gassy, and when the bubbles are overtaking her tummy, she likes to push farts out in rapid succession, with each one sounding more disgusting than the last. Share time time with this filthy MILF if you... 1495 views

Diamond Solitaire 8

Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination when hot MILF Diamond Solitaire shares uncensored views of her spewing ass pucker while she is feeling extremely gassy. Shots of her whole bod are hot as well, given her selection of a slutty black ensemb... 1849 views

Scarlett Johnson 8

Sex kitten Scarlett Johnson is not all sugar and spice…she has a stinky side as well! Check her out as she passes far too many stinky farts while looking awesome in a cute pair of white panties. She is definitely a gal who is fun to watch, and she ... 1424 views

Carrie B 7

It is Carrie B’s time of the month, and perhaps that is what has made her so terribly gassy! She is in the mood for some kinky play, and she would love to sit on your face and feed you the filthy farts you crave from her! She will not stop doling o... 1287 views

Diamond Solitaire 6

Diamond Solitaire hiked up her sexy black dress when the pressing need to alleviate the gas buildup in her belly took precedence over whatever else she had going on that night. She looked as if she was about to spend a night out on the town, but with... 1345 views

Carrie B 6

Why does it hurt so bad? This is what Carrie B ponders while she battles a menacing eruption of stinky ass explosions. She speculates it was the street tacos that are taking her down, but regardless of the source, she needs to push out the methane in... 1694 views

Diamond Solitaire 5

Dressed in a designer bra and panty set, sexy MILF Diamond Solitaire sped into the bathroom to release some awful gassers, urine and whatever else needed to escape her undercarriage! She is a dignified woman of means, but that does not mean that she ... 1111 views

Carrie B 5

After a meal out with friends, captivating Carrie B was hit with a formidable bout of gas, and she was certainly in the mood to complain about it while she was ridding herself of nasty gassers. Swearing off hot sauce was one proclamation she made whi... 2421 views

Diamond Solitaire 4

Diamond Solitaire’s ass is quite a sight, and when she nestled her booty into the infamous fart chair, she proffered quite the facesitting POV performance! She is exceptionally worthwhile for fans of stinky tushes, as she was gassy and blasting ass... 2556 views

Diamond Solitaire 3

The tight little ass pucker on Diamond Solitaire is the perfect sphincter for some hissing farts! However, when she pulls her butt cheeks apart, her gassers pack much more of a punch! And when she lies on her back to push out more poots, some incredi... 2484 views

Diamond Solitaire 2

Diamond Solitaire has a stinky booty! Share some time with her while she has her backside positioned on a chair, ready to launch her little toots toward your face! These farts may not be super loud, but they can deservedly be called cute and dainty w... 3031 views

Diamond Solitaire

Stinky Diamond Solitaire is new to the scene, but this perpetually gassy MILF has been stinking up rooms for years! Take a look at her sexy white booty while she blasts farts in awesome slow-motion. She leaves nothing to the imagination while she rel... 3199 views