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White Girls

Diamond Solitaire 3

The tight little ass pucker on Diamond Solitaire is the perfect sphincter for some hissing farts! However, when she pulls her butt cheeks apart, her gassers pack much more of a punch! And when she lies on her back to push out more poots, some incredi... 355 views

Carrie B 3

Carrie B’s awesome ass looks great in jeans, and when she was recently plagued with a terrible stomach ache, she really stunk up the inside of her sexy pants. Wow, was her ass on fire! She vowed to never eat the same foods again while she used the ... 806 views

Diamond Solitaire 2

Diamond Solitaire has a stinky booty! Share some time with her while she has her backside positioned on a chair, ready to launch her little toots toward your face! These farts may not be super loud, but they can deservedly be called cute and dainty w... 1601 views

Carrie B 2

Carrie B is a sexy girl, and she likes attention when she is feeling gassy. Check out her nice white ass while she delivers some deathly butt missiles. She is such a stinky girl, and with close-up views, the whole affair will feel like she is farting... 1962 views

Diamond Solitaire

Stinky Diamond Solitaire is new to the scene, but this perpetually gassy MILF has been stinking up rooms for years! Take a look at her sexy white booty while she blasts farts in awesome slow-motion. She leaves nothing to the imagination while she rel... 2040 views

Jasmine LeFleur 39

Jasmine LeFleur has a big booty, and the size of her sphincter seems to accentuate all of the MILF farts escaping her ass! She felt gassy on this day, and wearing only a dress, and no panties, she hiked up her frock and went to town, ridding her siza... 503 views

Paris Marie 36

Paris Marie is known far and wide for her awful farts, and when she released a slew of gassers during this fart event, there was no denying how disgusting it was! She made the room smell worse than a barn! Ms. Marie is a mom who is forever feeling pr... 661 views

Jasmine LeFleur 38

Jasmine LeFleur announced that she doubts she has ever been this gassy! Join this dirty bird as she passes so many disgusting gassers while doing her best to tolerate the awful stench. Her big white booty worked overtime while she launched her lewd t... 1078 views

Paris Marie 35

What is going on with Paris Marie?? She has an ass full of gas that seemed to have come out of nowhere. As a hot MILF who never disappoints her farts fans, she stripped down to nothing to proffer some excellent face farts that gas aficionados are cer... 1817 views

Jasmine LeFleur 37

Oh boy! Fun-loving MILF Jasmine LeFleur has some bad gas to contend with, and she’d love to share it! She is not a total fan of farts, but she loves enjoying men who enjoy loud ass rippers! She has some impressively long farts to put forth, so good... 1344 views

Jade Willow 6

Loud and lewd, Jade Willow’s farts really pack a punch! Watch out for the powerful blasts from this white ass! She is making no apologies for her gassy state as she shoots her tushy torpedoes in your direction for as long as it takes for her to mak... 1368 views

Jasmine LeFleur 36

Jasmine LeFleur looks awesome in soft pink lingerie, but things took a nasty turn when she pulled down her sexy lace bottoms and plopped her big white ass on the pot to do some work! She needed to drop a load, and this dirty deposit was accompanied b... 1343 views

Paris Marie 34

Fetching Paris Marie hiked up her orange dress, exposing her bare ass, before pushing out some outstanding farts. Her stink level is as high as ever as she remains silent, while her farts remain deadly! While there are no sexy words escaping her lips... 1237 views

Paris Marie 33

After rushing into the bathroom, tattooed MILF Paris Marie hiked up her cute jean skirt and plopped her white booty onto the pot to rid herself of all the waste plaguing her belly and making her uncomfortable. The stench was atrocious, but she was te... 770 views

Jade Willow 4

Jade Willow hiked up her white dress and exposed her bare ass while she got rid of some really awful gas. She slapped her butt cheek in a feeble attempt to get more farts to fly, but it seems as if only time was on her side as she worked hard to get ... 792 views

Jade Willow 5

Jade Willow’s big ass fails to disappoint, and she is seemingly perpetually gassy! Listen to these wet and wild gassers as she liberates them while sitting backwards on a pristine white chair. That chair will never be the same once she has sullied ... 1731 views

Paris Marie 32

Seems at least one time per week sexy Paris Marie is plagued with massive gas. Perhaps she should evaluate her diet! She has such a rough time when her belly is giving her trouble, and this time, she shed all of her clothing and perched on a chair to... 1767 views

Jasmine LeFleur 34

Overeating always leaves curvy MILF Jasmine LeFleur’s belly in knots, and this time, with her big ass uncovered, she releases so many unforgivable honks that were so powerful and stinky, you can even her her cat meow a protest to the stench! 1352 views

Jade Willow 3

Jade Willow couldn’t get her jean skirt up fast enough when she made her way to the toilet to make a healthy deposit. She wanted to get the waste out of her ass, and it was for sure a “mission accomplished” situation! She stunk up the place, bu... 1084 views

Sunny Chase 40

Anyone who has come to love scintillating Sunny Chase knows that she is quite the farter! She has never had so many loud, wet and stinky farts as she did on this day, though!! She was fully undressed, but for a pair of skimpy panties, and she really ... 1241 views

Jade Willow 2

Jade Willow’s farts were filmed up close and personal, and when she broke wind, there was quite a commanding sound captured! She is a gassy MILF farting her way into her fans’ hearts. There is no way this aged beauty disappoints ardent fans of st... 1497 views

Sunny Chase 39

Sunny Chase looks so hot when she is in the buff and farting up a storm! Check out this dreamy blonde as she liberates the gassers that are built up in her system. She is not shy, and even though she does not appreciate the stink, she loves when men ... 1770 views

Paris Marie 31

Paris Marie’s ass is on full display while she farts with her slutty black dress hiked up. There is no way she wears this outfit in public, but she has put it on to impress her kinky fans of stink! She commands one’s full attention as she keeps t... 1446 views

Jade Willow

Introducing gassy Jade Willow! She is rather dirty, but when she shakes her booty to liberate farts from her ass, the view is not too shabby! Her curvaceous body looks great in a slutty red fishnet ensemble, and her first time farting in front of the... 2787 views