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Latin Girls

Miss Poison 46

Love to look at dirty MILFs having a seat on the throne? You will love oversexed Miss Poison as she saunters into the loo to take her place on the potty to rid herself of gas and waste before she goes about her busy day. She causes quite a stir where... 1082 views

Miss Poison 45

Miss Poison’s round booty is on display as she lets a slew of lewd gassers out into her bedroom while she is lying in bed, feeling awfully gassy. Here is a Latina MILF with no shame! She does not mind sharing her foul farts with fellas who feel tur... 602 views

Miss Poison 44

Miss Poison’s big Latina booty is extra atrocious today! She ate all the wrong things, leaving her broad backside in the worst state possible. Miss Poison’s ass goes right to waste dump status as soon as she starts to let the stinkers fly! Enjoy ... 845 views

Miss Poison 43

Buxom MILF Miss Poison toots her own horn, showing off her big, bare ass as she stinks up the room with a series of rancid farts. You know it is a dire situation when she can barely stand her own stench. This degree of rectal turbulence sure is a tur... 707 views

Miss Poison 42

Bootylicious MILF Miss Poison wants to gas you out of the room with a POV facesitting setup that will have your facial region sullied with obnoxious stench. Her super large ass fails to disappoint as she lets her backside do some talking while she in... 1143 views

Miss Poison 41

Crafty maven Miss Poison presents to you her bloated belly before she pulls her immodest black thong to the side and feeds you a slew of disgusting farts. She knows you love her dirty farts, and she is not holding back while she hopes you are smellin... 720 views

Miss Poison 40

Miss Poison has a rancid ass, and she has that big butt on display while farting up a storm! Her sultry voice and curvaceous body are simply two of her many attributes. Miss Poison’s stinky booty is what fart fans favor about her the most, as she s... 652 views

Miss Poison 39

Once buxom Miss Poison hikes up her sexy black dress, you are in for quite a treat! She is super gassy and needs to feel the pleasure from gas release. She will keep no secrets as she shows off her nasty ass while repeatedly farting in your face! 751 views

Miss Poison 38

Sultry dame Miss Poison is back, and she is hotter than ever before! Seems this oversexed MILF missed farting for the camera and had to get her shapely ass back to being the stinky center of attention! She is a dynamic diva who constantly craves atte... 1017 views

Miss Poison 37

With fishnet keeping her sizable tits at bay, Miss Poison took a seat on the throne and got down to business! She had a lot to dump in her big rump, and the whole ordeal proved to be quite a spectacle. Saddle up for a stinky ride with this plus-sized... 3455 views

Miss Poison 36

Dirty delight Miss Poison is perpetually horny, and what turns her on most of all is farting for her fans! When she is turned on, fired up and fully naked, she is at her best. Enjoy the sensations and stink that over-sexed Miss Poison has to offer as... 2197 views

Miss Poison 35

Miss Poison is looking fantastic today in striking red lingerie up top and a bare bottom down below! Her gassers boast an extra special sort of stench, and once you delve into what she is dishing out, you are really in store for a wild time! 2207 views

Miss Poison 34

Slide under heavy-bottomed MILF Miss Poison’s ass for your daily ration of stink, and you will find yourself rather impressed! Her large ass is smelly, and her insides are saturated with the worst-smelling gas imaginable. There is no stopping her o... 2841 views

Miss Poison 33

Dirty diva Miss Poison wants to sit on your face and serve you a mega dose of her dirty farts as she liberates them from her filthy ass pucker. This endeavor is not for a bloke with a weak constitution, as this MILF’s putrid poots purely pack a pun... 2232 views

Miss Poison 32

With perfectly coiffed hair and a sexy ensemble that fails to hide her undercarriage, Miss Poison is equipped to make your day with her hot look and stinky farts! Here is a Latina who takes spicy gassers to another level! Her sultry voice serves to e... 2205 views

Miss Poison 31

“I’ve been eating everything I’m not supposed to be eating,” says sassy Miss Poison right before she sets out to stink up the room with her raunchy farts. This nude MILF has some seriously intense farts, especially the last one that lasts so ... 2221 views

Miss Poison 30

Heavy-bottomed harlot Miss Poison is geared up for another good time! So much gas has collected in her doughy belly and is spilling out of her big Latina booty. She shows off her large backside as stinkers smelling like cheese make their way into the... 2273 views

Miss Poison 29

Miss Poison is back, and she is armed with a big belly full of gas. She has been loading up on milk and cheese, making her ready to bombard you with her boisterous ass honks. Here is a lady with a load of passion and more stink than one man can handl... 2199 views

Miss Poison 28

Those with an affinity for extra-large, stinky asses will be all over this sexy display from iconic gassy lady Miss Poison! Her tremendous tush proffers the grossest gassers, and she does not harbor an ounce of shame when it comes to stinking up a ro... 2545 views

Miss Poison 27

Large-assed Miss Poison is back and more bodacious than ever before! Her nasty MILF booty was teeming with smelly, hot gas as she launched one butt bomb after another. The stench was off-the-charts, and all the pushing left this sexy Latina woman nea... 2205 views

Miss Poison 26

Miss Poison is naked as a jaybird as she saunters into the bathroom to rid her large ass of nasty waste! Take a look at this darling Latina MILF as she works to get her belly feeling its best. She certainly had her work cut out for her, creating some... 3065 views

Miss Poison 25

Hot, heavy-bottomed Miss Poison made a trip to the bathroom, and instead of sitting on the bowl, she pointed her big ass toward the bathroom cam and put on one hell of a fart show! She is going to blow your mind with her butt trumpet that just does n... 2474 views

Miss Poison 24

Curvaceous siren Miss Poison is widely celebrated for her ability to bust out some extended stinkers, and during this naked fart session, the Latina MILF goes overboard with her ridiculously raunchy fartability! She is going to blow your mind with he... 2240 views

Miss Poison 23

The spews and splatters escaping Miss Poison’s big ass are fucking fantastic! Ass stench aficionados are going to love what this MILF is serving as she has dolled herself up in sexy blue lingerie to share all of her rancid butt burps. She brings so... 2860 views