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Latin Girls

Tala Black 3

Tala Black is one sexy ass Latina, and those among us who love stinky girl farts have developed a permanent crush on this one! Check her out as a hidden camera in her bathroom captures all of her gassers escaping. There is no finer sight than to see ... 723 views

Tala Black 2

Spicy Chinese food was a bottomless Tala Black’s downfall when she writhed around in bed feeling tremendous tummy pain from all the gas bubbling in her belly. She did all she could to work out the farts collected in the tank, and the views were per... 1296 views

Tala Black

Sinfully sexy Tala Black would love to make your acquaintance! She is quite a looker, and her cute pooper really produces some raunchy farts! Do you think you can stand the stench while getting to know this lovely Latina lady? Step on inside for some... 1373 views

Diamond 17

Looking sexy in a tiny nighttime top, Diamond sped into the bathroom to do some serious work! She was full, and when she initially sat down, she had waste escaping both nether holes. She certainly caused quite a commotion with her loud farts as she w... 1607 views

Sassy 3

Talk about stinking up the house! Gassy Sassy sauntered around her place, letting her fart scents linger in more than one room! Wearing sexy lingerie and contrasting plain socks, she began farting on the couch, then offered up closeup views with her ... 2001 views

Sassy 2

The big ass of Ms. Sassy is quite a sight to see! She is a stinky minx who has a stockpile of stink to get rid of, and her sizable Latina booty is on full display as she launches horrific torpedoes into the air! Take a long whiff of what this dirty M... 2215 views


Sassy rhymes with gassy, and ass rhymes with class! Methane-laden and sophisticated might just be the premier identifiers for heavy-bottomed Latina MILF Sassy! This is her first time being filmed while tooting up a storm, and she does so in slow-moti... 2561 views

Kitty Catherine 7

Fetching Latina filly Kitty Catherine looks awesome in sexy lingerie, alas, she is feeling gassy and has to be careful not to soil her appealing ensemble. We would not want her to make a mess of such a stunning outfit, but she also has to find relief... 2638 views

Diamond 31

Diamond takes facesitting to another level when she plants her ass on the fart chair and lets herself go, blasting one wet gasser after another into your face! This is a lot of stink to handle, and the closeup views keep no secrets! It is safe to say... 4286 views

Diamond 30

Sultry Diamond is just back from the beach, and the barbecue fare she consumed wreaked havoc on her belly. Join her as she works hard to rid herself of all of that nasty gas. She had a lot of farts to liberate, and to add to the allure, she looks so ... 2313 views

Diamond 29

Diamond was blessed with a round Latina ass, and she adores showing it off! Check her out as she releases putrid gassers out of her tush while she is seated backwards on a white chair. She has a plethora of poots plaguing her, so go ahead and enjoy t... 3299 views

Diamond 28

Diamond in sexy denim is never a disappointment! When she is at her gassiest, she does whatever it takes to get those farts out, and here she is giving it her all to get those nasty gassers out of her awesome backside while wearing only jean shorts. ... 2318 views

Diamond 27

Diamond discarded her denim shorts to get herself settled onto the toilet, as she really had to go! Her farts were tenatious as she worked her best to get rid of waste and methane. She wonders out loud what gave her all that gas, and whatever it was,... 1816 views

Diamond 26

This is a fart video that must be watched from start to finish! When a very gassy Diamond plants her ass on the pot, the farts she pushes out are unbelievable. At the end, she really lets a huge fart rip, which created an awesome audio. She is a love... 2161 views

Diamond 25

Diamond is up to her old tricks! Check out this bottomless MILF vixen as she lets a ton of wet and loud honks escape from her tight ass pucker! Wait until the end…when she has one more, the result is her trying her best to get one last good one out... 2427 views

Diamond 24

Was it the beans or sour cream, or a combination of both? Diamond wasn’t sure, but what was confirmed was that she was hit with a massive amount of gas after her most recent meal. This meant that she really did a number on her pink panties! The sme... 2418 views

Diamond 23

The only thing covering Diamond’s body as she farts are her many colorful tattoos! She has spread a soft blanket on the floor and settled in for one dynamic fart session. Join this smelly Latina MILF as she pushes out the most disgusting farts imag... 3579 views

Diamond 22

Diamond, looking fantastic in a fitted pink dress and no panties, has quite a gassy ass! She ate a large ice cream sundae, and it left her so gassy. Her fart smells were foul and offensive, meaning this dastardly display will be a fart fan’s dream ... 3425 views

Diamond 21

It’s exercise day at Diamond’s abode, and she ate Mexican food earlier, meaning she is going to give herself, and her yoga ball, quite a smelly workout! This tattooed MILF is naked, and her ass remains busy from start to finish! Watch out, this i... 2655 views

Diamond 20

Diamond looks rather sexy with her big Latina booty hanging out of her sexy black swimsuit, and since she is terribly gassy, she was pushing out tush torpedoes in rapid succession! She is a dirty fox who loves to be the center of attention when she n... 2084 views

Diamond 19

If you are at all familiar with Diamond, you know she is a gassy Latina MILF who loves nothing more than getting naked and farting in men’s faces! She is a kinky gal, and during this fart display, she is naked and extra stinky. Her big ass is not t... 4348 views

Diamond 18

Dirty Diamond looks great in black lingerie, and recently, she found herself with some of the most foul farts of her life! It was an uphill battle as she worked hard to get rid of those tenacious toots. She has a big Latin booty that just begs to be ... 2284 views

Diamond 16

Diamond looks stunning in a sexy, thin summer dress, but her booty is quite a mess! That large tattooed ass of hers was omitting some terribly foul odors as she squeaked out some seriously stinky gassers. There is no shame in her game as she lets it ... 2714 views

Diamond 15

Dressed in striped stockings and black panties, Diamond put on quite the fart display! She gave it her all as she pushed out the farts that were making her belly feel foul. She certainly was loud during her quest to find relief, but she made no excus... 2377 views