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Latin Girls

Diamond 21

It’s exercise day at Diamond’s abode, and she ate Mexican food earlier, meaning she is going to give herself, and her yoga ball, quite a smelly workout! This tattooed MILF is naked, and her ass remains busy from start to finish! Watch out, this i... 1523 views

Diamond 20

Diamond looks rather sexy with her big Latina booty hanging out of her sexy black swimsuit, and since she is terribly gassy, she was pushing out tush torpedoes in rapid succession! She is a dirty fox who loves to be the center of attention when she n... 1056 views

Diamond 19

If you are at all familiar with Diamond, you know she is a gassy Latina MILF who loves nothing more than getting naked and farting in men’s faces! She is a kinky gal, and during this fart display, she is naked and extra stinky. Her big ass is not t... 1952 views

Diamond 18

Dirty Diamond looks great in black lingerie, and recently, she found herself with some of the most foul farts of her life! It was an uphill battle as she worked hard to get rid of those tenacious toots. She has a big Latin booty that just begs to be ... 1270 views

Diamond 16

Diamond looks stunning in a sexy, thin summer dress, but her booty is quite a mess! That large tattooed ass of hers was omitting some terribly foul odors as she squeaked out some seriously stinky gassers. There is no shame in her game as she lets it ... 1583 views

Diamond 15

Dressed in striped stockings and black panties, Diamond put on quite the fart display! She gave it her all as she pushed out the farts that were making her belly feel foul. She certainly was loud during her quest to find relief, but she made no excus... 1329 views

Diamond 14

Looking more virginal than normal in a simple white dress, resident Latina MILF, Diamond, is anything but pure! She is exceptionally gassy, so she lied on the couch, pulled her dress up and launched a lewd sum of stinkers into the air as if she has n... 1545 views

Diamond 13

Diamond, a bootylicious Latina MILF, found herself in a playful mood when she placed her naked bottom on a big yoga ball and passed gassers onto the rubber surface. There was some kink in her stink! Her hairy pucker was rendered quite smelly, but one... 2308 views

Diamond 12

Diamond’s fuzzy and filthy ass pucker is front and center as she passes some severely stinky blasts from her tattooed MILF ass. She is such a filthy fox who loves the attention when her ass is being admired as she farts. These wet gassers leave her... 2925 views

Diamond 11

That is not mustard on Diamond’s tush! Looking great in a pink fishnet dress, this filthy MILF caused quite a disturbance when she released some very productive farts! Her filthy ass continually honked while she worked hard to make herself feel muc... 3660 views

Diamond 10

Curly haired Latina Diamond sped into the bathroom with a pressing job to do! She had to drop a load, and of course, this big dump was embellished with some major toilet farts! Diamond certainly stunk up the place, making such a nasty mess of things!... 1663 views

Diamond 9

Bootylicious Diamond looked stunning in a slutty black getup, and she let her ass erupt with a series of stinky and juicy farts. The odor was foul, and so was the sight as she pushed out several wet honks during her quest to make her aching tummy fee... 3102 views

Diamond 8

Check in on sexy Latina MILF Diamond, as she is not feeling too well today! Her belly is afflicted with a surplus of gas, and she needs to push it out if she stands a chance to feel better. Join this tattooed tart as she lets you watch her methane fi... 2658 views

Diamond 7

Diamond’s barely there jean shorts do zero to save her from the stench of her ass blasts! Check out how these shorts do very little to conceal her lady bits as she spreads her legs while farting! This tattooed hottie is a vision of loveliness and s... 2203 views

Diamond 6

Diamond looks dynamic in a pair of Egyptian-print Spandex pants, but she did a number on those tight bottoms as she farted over and over again while the fabric hugged her body. She has a praise-worthy booty, and when she is gassy as can be, she is a ... 2662 views

Diamond 4

With her divine ass in a holster, sexy Latina MILF Diamond is going to give you as many gassers as your fart-loving heart desires. She is such a dirty girl, and her entire undercarriage is up close as she pushes out her poots while she produces throa... 2837 views

Diamond 3

Diamond’s big booty is front and center as she spreads her ass cheeks apart and treats you to some extreme close-ups of her gassy ass! With a sexy pink fishnet top hugging her upper body, she sits on a chair backwards so you do not miss a single bu... 5156 views

Diamond 2

Tattooed vixen Diamond might just be a diamond in the rough! Her ass certainly is behaving roughly! She has a tummy ache, and she has so many loud and putrid gassers to let out of her ass. As if she is launching torpedoes, she sets these nasty grumbl... 3832 views


Hot Diamond is new to farting on film, and when she shared her honks in slow-motion, her performance was spectacular! She was so gassy when she geared up to be filmed, and she did not disappoint as she gave up some great gassers for whom she hopes wi... 5437 views

Kitty Catherine 4

Talk about wet and juicy! Saucy Latina Kitty Catherine sat in the fart chair, and she allowed some messy and productive farts to fly out of her ass, making quite a mess in the process. This dirty girl’s dark ass pucker was tinged with yellow, meani... 10897 views

Kitty Catherine 6

Kitty Catherine consumed spicy tacos, and this left her so gassy that her sexy jean shorts felt snug, thanks to her bloated belly. Wow, she sure was suffering miserably, and the poor dear had so many farts to get out as she winced and wined about the... 3290 views

Kitty Catherine 5

In a super sexy bra and high heels, lovely Kitty Catherine rushed into the potty and proceeded to present a putrid production! This gassy girl made a total mess of her toilet bowl. Dressed like that, she likely had sexier plans for her evening, but t... 3325 views

Kitty Catherine 3

Lovely Latina Kitty Catherine is such a dirty girl! She has a plethora of farts escaping her ass, and she does not mind a bit if you join her as she works hard to make her tummy feel better. She is stinky, but her ass is so divine, so fans of hot and... 4341 views

Kitty Catherine 2

Kitty Catherine has a hairy pussy and an ass full of gas! Watch as she farts her way into your heart with some slow burners and loud honks! Her ass acoustics are varied, making her a very fun vixen to watch as she works hard to make herself feel bett... 4683 views