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Blonde Hair

Kenzie Starr 18

From the time she hiked up her fitted dress, to her final flush, Kenzie Starr did her part to change the climate in her bathroom! She walked in to a sweet floral scent, but by the time her job on the toilet was a wrap, she had created a stomach-turni... 1167 views

Kenzie Starr 17

Steak and Brussels sprouts served at a party did a number on Kenzie Starr’s tiny tummy, leaving her gassy as hell. She knows better than to challenge her belly by overeating, but she ignored her instincts and nibbled away. Check out Kenzie’s slen... 993 views

Kenzie Starr 16

Esteemed starlet Kenzie Starr classes up her fart antics by slipping into sexy red lingerie before heading to bed to work out the gas collected in her belly. Ms. Starr knows discerning men revel in her gastric misery, and she does not mind sharing th... 883 views

Kenzie Starr 15

Fresh from a girls’ outing at the bowling alley, breathtaking Kenzie Starr found her food choices to leave her in a painfully gassy state. Cheesy fries were one of the offenders, rendering her so full of methane that she had to fart repeatedly to a... 1801 views

Kenzie Starr 14

Mouthwatering starlet Kenzie Starr looks awesome in animal print lingerie as she takes a seat on a fart chair so she can properly pass gas in your face. The stench escaping this bombshell’s booty will knock any man’s socks off, especially if he l... 1170 views

Kenzie Starr 13

Sexy starlet Kenzie Starr is a gal who loves to have a good time, and indulging in a fart fetish is one way she makes the most out of an undesirable situation. She felt gas building in her belly, so she got fully naked to show off her cute little fan... 1007 views

Kenzie Starr 12

Kenzie Starr was stoked to go see a ball game, but when she opted to eat a chili cheese dog, the day did not end how she planned. She found herself at home too soon, working hard to get the awful gas out of her little tummy. She striped down to a sex... 853 views

Kenzie Starr 11

Spaghetti, steak and Brussels sprouts were Kenzie Starr’s downfall when she went to a buffet and consumed way more calories than she normally does. She topped off her culinary adventure with chocolate cake and ice cream, massively adding to the gas... 926 views

Kenzie Starr 10

Burger, fries and a chocolate shake left poor Kenzie Starr’s belly in fits. While scantily clad, this babe contorts her body into various positions while pushing out as many farts as she can. Desperate to quell the stomach pains, she was pleased wi... 1334 views

Kenzie Starr 9

Check out perfect ten Kenzie Starr as she bolts into the bathroom and pulls down her fitted jeans to take her place on the throne to do some nasty business! This sexy lady’s shocking sounds and matter hitting the bowl will blow your mind. Girls thi... 1337 views

Kenzie Starr 8

Surf and turf, and an abundance of butter, left beloved babe Kenzie Starr’s ass a hot mess. Her less-than-dainty farts filled the room as she let the dastardly hissers out in rapid succession. Kenzie is looking hotter than ever in expensive green l... 1046 views

Kenzie Starr 7

Remarkable beauty Kenzie Starr typically adheres to a strict diet, but when cheat day includes chili cheese fries and nachos, her insides revolt, resulting in the worst gas imaginable! For such a slightly built babe, she sure can churn out some stink... 1228 views

Gypsy Bee 4

Fart fans are flocking to flirtatious Gypsy Bee as she is proving to love indulging in stink kink. She is new to farting for the camera, but with every smelly session, she is doing much more to leave a favorable lasting impression. Check out the perf... 1042 views

Kenzie Starr 6

When a babe such as Kenzie Starr wants to sit on your face when she is feeling gassy, you do not decline the elite invitation! Slide under her awesome ass and let her proceed to pelt your face with her powerful farts. This is going to be a pungent pl... 1597 views

Kenzie Starr 5

Have fun with flawless Kenzie Starr as she unleashes her wild side! Looking gorgeous in a matching animal print bra and panty set, she unleashes fabulous farts that hit her hard after she ate too many egg rolls and other hefty fare at the restaurant.... 1036 views

Kenzie Starr 4

Fresh-faced hottie Kenzie Starr celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating all the gas-inducing foods she could get her hands on. This slender babe went heavy on the beans, and doing so rendered her far more gassy than ever before. For such a hot chick, Kenz... 1206 views

Kenzie Starr 3

Kenzie Starr celebrated the holidays at a big party with a bountiful buffet of fun foods that filled her belly big time. She woke up the next morning with a plaguing belly ache and had to push farts out in order to finally feel better. Beautiful Kenz... 951 views

Kenzie Starr 2

Unclothed Kenzie Starr is a perfect ten, with a slender physique, gorgeous face, perky tits and a stinky pucker to rouse the sum of your senses while she treats you to her farts. Most blonde babes are not bold enough to get this nasty, but sweet Kenz... 1120 views

Kenzie Starr

Flawless new model Kenzie Starr has found that she loves farting for the camera, and for her very first time passing gas for fans, she donned a sexy plaid lingerie set, adding to the allure. Once she flips up her short plaid skirt, Kenzie is geared u... 1904 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 8

Amerika the Beautyfull is ready for a great time. Dressed in barely there jean shorts, she is going to shed some sharts on the denim as she pushes wet farts out of her little ass pucker. Most ladies born in her decade are far too reserved for such fi... 687 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 7

“Wanna join me for some sexy farts?” This is what Amerika the Beautyfull says as she invites you into her intimate space to share a sexy good time. She admits it feels so nice to get those obnoxious gassers out of her ass as she belts ‘em out, ... 1041 views

Sana Says 17

When a BBW such as Sana Says wants to treat you to a POV facesitting session, you do not refuse! Her stinky scheme for this naughty dalliance has her perched over your face while you breathe in all the gross farts she has to offer. Sana’s large ass... 1221 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 6

Amerika the Beautyfull has some sexy plans for a hot POV facesitting session that will have your nose hairs standing on end! Her white tushy is full of gas, and she wants you up close and personal with her sphincter as she crop dusts your face while ... 1432 views

Tasia Lockran 4

Delightful doll Tasia Lockran has some smelly fun for you as she shares her farts sans shame for her stinky endeavors! Her beautiful white booty produces more flatulence than one would think, for someone as delightful as Tasia. She is a very gassy gi... 1322 views