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Blonde Hair

Eliza Rae 24

Fetching MILF Eliza Rae is a sexy escape you will find yourself soon smitten with if you take the chance to see her in the buff as she busts farts, one right after the other! She is a classy lady on the streets, but when she is showing off her phat b... 1272 views

Sadie Loves 9

Sinfully sexy Sadie Loves seems to have a morning bout of gas on the daily, and on most occasions, she capitalizes on this and shares her farts with a strategically placed camera. Today, she has taken her antics into the restroom as she balances on t... 1593 views

Lucckii You 47

Dreamy MILF Lucckii You is a kinkster in every way! She loves indulging fetishes, and her favorite kink is face farting. Join her for a sexy, smelly adventure as she perches above your face and lets the farts fly in your direction. Ms. You is worth e... 2771 views

Lucckii You 46

Lovely lady Lucckii You has her bottom fired up for some serious work on the toilet. After she saunters into the potty in the buff, the job ahead of her was rather rough! She had methane and waste that had to exit her body in order for her to finally... 1712 views

Lucckii You 45

Yummy Lucckii You gets her ass dirty while farting in your face, and you know you cannot wait to be inches from the filth escaping her cute ass pucker. A solid stomach is required for this POV facesitting session, as Lucckii is not able to keep the l... 2933 views

Sadie Loves 8

Rancid-assed Sadie Loves has hit the bathroom, pulled down her thong and got herself in position to finally free farts filling up her fabulous fanny. The resulting stench in the loo was something else. Gear up for a gross adventure, as this lady’s ... 1148 views

Lucckii You 44

Sexy stink bomb Lucckii You is in the buff and proffering some seriously stinky fart rockets in your direction. This inked MILF is dynamic in every way, and when she is afforded the opportunity to share stench with admirers, she does not disappoint! ... 1103 views

Sadie Loves 7

Dirty-talking Sadie Loves has one amazing POV fart session planned out for the two of you. She knows you crave lady farts, and she is going to feed you as many as you can handle while she makes the room smell like a dump. Sadie is the ultimate playma... 1017 views

Lucckii You 43

Adorable exotic maven Lucckii You is a gassy lady, and as we know she loves to do, she shared her gassy state with the camera. Her perfect tush launching lewd gassers into the air is quite the sight, and Ms. You is a hot piece of ass no matter what i... 1626 views

Lucckii You 42

Celebrated MILF starlet Lucckii You is her sexiest when she is wearing nothing at all and farting for the camera! There is something so special about Lucckii, and she really gets a sexual thrill from sharing her gassy state with her massive amount of... 1610 views

Lucckii You 41

There are some calamities in the panties in Lucckii You’s apartment! She is extremely gassy and has to get rid of the swirling in her tummy as she farts in her sexy panties again and again, causing the room to stink like a dumpster. There was somet... 1018 views

Sadie Love 6

Heavy-bottomed Sadie Loves has the stinkiest ass and loves getting bent over to express gassers into the air as she fills the room with unthinkable stench! Her huge backside is a hot mess, and the stink Sadie produces is the worst! 1446 views

Lucckii You 39

Too much of Lucckii You is never enough! She is back again to reveal her stinky sphincter as she finds relief in the form of farting to rid her stomach of pain-inducing gas. Lucckii’s sexy panties add to the allure, and her outgoing nature proves t... 1081 views

Lucckii You 38

Beautiful MILF Lucckii You perched on the side of the tub and took some time to launch stink bombs. These are not your average lady farts, fellas! Lucckii is highly gassy, and the flammable farts she pushes out are enough to make your eyes water! 1562 views

Lucckii You 37

A strategically placed bathroom camera recently captured Lucckii You in the act as she rid her body of stench and waste. She looks rather hot situated on the bowl as she gives her bowels a workout. The bathroom smelled atrocious by the time sultry Lu... 1567 views

Sadie Loves 5

Stinky Sadie Loves’ big ass is front and center as she works hard to feel good and finally rid her doughy belly of terrible gas that is making her cringe. She finds spreading her ass cheeks to be the premier way of assisting the methane to make its... 1485 views

Lucckii You 36

Stinky sphincters for the win! Alluring MILF Lucckii You is the hottest lady around, and her most overwhelming kink is sharing her farts on the screen for those who appreciate rancid asses and sassy, seasoned sirens such as herself. Enjoy some time w... 2109 views

Sadie Loves 4

Fair-skinned BBW Sadie Loves is full of gas and eager to show off her large ass as she farts and fills the room with the most obnoxious stench. She is not for the faint-of-heart. Sadie’s middle name is stinky, or at least it should be. Ms. Loves ce... 1016 views

Lucckii You 35

Exotic dazzler Lucckii You is the dime piece you want in your realm! This MILF hottie is always looking to wow with her sexy ass and stinky nature. Shrouded in sexuality, Lucckii craves full attention and gets off on displaying her booty when she is ... 1344 views

Lucckii You 34

Lucckii You has found herself in an extremely gassy state once again, so she opted to share her stale wind with her friends! You’ll find being one of sexy Lucckii’s friends to be a highly beneficial situation, as she is always in top form and loo... 1017 views

Lucckii You 33

POV facesitting with a sexy, stinky spin is what crafty maven Lucckii You has orchestrated for your viewing pleasure. Let her perch her perfect MILF ass above your face as you breathe in the virtual stale air she is sending your way! Lucckii is the n... 1525 views

Sadie Loves 3

Heavy-bottomed harlot Sadie Loves invested in super hot black lingerie for her latest filmed fart session. She looked exactly like the elegant doll she is, but she is not all high class, as we well know. She loves showcasing her stinky butt while pus... 1042 views

Lucckii You 32

With Lucckii You’s perfect ass right above your face, you are bound to have the best time sniffing up her massive monster farts. She is outrageously sexy and commands a man’s attention. There is something remarkably unforgettable about Lucckii, a... 1441 views

Sadie Loves 2

Naked Sadie Loves is by far one of the nastiest ladies around! There is no shame in her game, and she delves into kinks like she has something to prove. Truth be told, Sadie adores being the center of attention, and farting for her fans is one way to... 1060 views