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Munro Blaxxx

What a way to meet sexy ebony newbie, Munro Blaxxx! She is offering up a fart fest via slow-motion action, providing excellent views of her hot ass breaking wind. The view of this extremely sexy lady’s backside is going to impress! Munro is a babe ... 5832 views

Santana Red 11

When large-bottomed sexpot Santana Red is filmed while farting in slow motion, the sounds of her putrid lady gassers rival that of a Cessna 172! Fart fanatics will love her fabulous fanny as she liberates so many obnoxious gassers into the air! Do no... 6926 views

Fawna Fuller 11

In a hot mix of real-live action and sexy slow-motion, big-bottomed Fawna Fuller settled in for a naked fart session that is certain to leave a lasting impression. Her large ass was working overtime as Ms. Fuller did everything in her power to finall... 4967 views

Aria Carson

Let’s give red-haired stunner Aria Carson the warmest of welcomes! She certainly is a girl who is easy on the eyes, and for her inaugural fart performance, she really raised some heck! Her girl farts are displayed close-up and in slow-motion! It do... 8538 views

Diamond Banks

You might have never seen Diamond Banks in the buff, but if you are a hardcore fan of sexy black backsides, I highly recommend checking out this gorgeous gassy girl! She had never farted for the camera before this excursion, and she certainly knew wh... 12108 views

Gia Gelato

Gia Gelato is a red-hot Latina babe who has decided to try her hand at farting on film. You will not be disappointed by this babe’s ability to toot in front of a lens! She is a stunner you will want to see all of, and with this introductory fart fe... 12811 views

Krystal Kash

Slow-motion and close-up is the ideal way to warm up to fart-filled newbie Krystal Kash! Consider her money in your spank bank! She was feeling exceptionally gassy, and the farts she expelled were as shocking as they were stinky! There is no denying ... 6549 views


Sassy rhymes with gassy, and ass rhymes with class! Methane-laden and sophisticated might just be the premier identifiers for heavy-bottomed Latina MILF Sassy! This is her first time being filmed while tooting up a storm, and she does so in slow-moti... 8373 views

Moca Angel

What a way to become familiar with sexy, stinky starlet Moca Angel! Her booty is dirty, and she shows off a hot fart session in slow-motion! Her stinkers really pack a punch, and she is such a lovable gal as she pulls her designer thong to the side a... 5722 views

Carrie B

Introducing sexy starlet Carrie B! She is a stinky girl, and her first time farting in front of the camera was fabulous! Her sweet ass produced some noxious odors, and she looked so sexy while she spewed the stink bombs! The slow-motion allows fans o... 9062 views

Temple Love

There is a lot to love about sexy new ebony starlet Temple Love! During her first ever fart porn shoot, she was filmed as naked as the day is long, with her farts featured in beautiful slow-motion. Get to know this black hottie, as she is certain to ... 5898 views

Maddi Vines

Welcome to a wonderfully sexy starlet, Maddie Vines! She is a delight, and her first time farting on film was shot in slow-motion, with plenty of close-up shots to allow anyone to get a full, uncensored view of her ass spewing methane. She is a stink... 7058 views

Paris Marie 24

Stinky MILF Paris Marie is a superstar among fans of lewd farts, and her slow-motion face farting is outstanding! Her white ass is in full view as she liberates toots from her tight pucker. They smell so awful, as is Ms. Marie’s trademark, making t... 5811 views

Michelle Malone 8

Tantalizing Michelle Malone is back, and she has some massive gassers! This was something else! She shared her huge whoppers in slow-motion! This was one stinky adventure. Her divine black ass never looked better, although it’s not exactly a breath... 7193 views

Naomi Quinn

If this inaugural fart-filled video is any indication of Naomi Quinn’s allure, she has a stinky and sensational future in dedicating her butt blasts to film! She’s a playful girl who decided to acquaint herself with future fans by featuring her f... 6986 views

Sunny Chase

Sexy Sunny Chase is a little dear and is slated to fast become a fart fanatic favorite! She has a great ass and perfect pink pucker, but that does not mean her farts are not raunchy and revolting! She fails to disappoint as she shows off that beautif... 8058 views

Marilyn Moore 15

Sensuous Marilyn Moore’s ass will be so close to your nose, you will be able to count the hairs sprinkled around her stinky butt pucker! She was feeling gassy and proffered her poots in amazing slow-motion! Check out this white booty as she produce... 5826 views

Kodi Gamble

Introducing awesome Kodi Gamble, a hot red-haired vixen who does not have a shy bone in her body! There is no better way to become acquainted with her beautiful backside than to watch her fart in slow-motion! Her booty is overrun with stinky gassers,... 6059 views


Hot Diamond is new to farting on film, and when she shared her honks in slow-motion, her performance was spectacular! She was so gassy when she geared up to be filmed, and she did not disappoint as she gave up some great gassers for whom she hopes wi... 15483 views

Cali Confidential

Introducing Cali Confidential! She is a hot piece of black ass, and she loves showing off that stellar booty. Join her as she gives a gassy display in slow-motion. Her name might be Confidential, but she is keeping no secrets as she shares all of her... 10481 views

Gia Love 16

Gia Love’s divine ass is back, and it could not be any more exciting! She is sharing her latest gassy bout in slow-motion, and it’s hot as can be. She has a fantastic ass, and the fact she makes her gassers so public is outstanding! Enjoy the vie... 8218 views

Ruby Valentino

Ruby Valentino is a sexy and stinky black lady who loves showing off her booty, and we would love to provide a fantastic introduction to her by showing you her farts in fabulous slow-motion! She will not disappoint if you like a black ass and a face ... 7700 views

Qutie Quinn

Qutie Quinn is a sizzling ebony goddess who would love for you to peer in on her as she farts for you! Her inaugural fart-on-film session is featured in slow-motion, and so close you can smell every one! She has a nice booty to boot, so she is one ga... 5741 views

Kitty Catherine

Get intimately acquainted with Latina hottie Kitty Catherine as she farts in front of your face! She is a hot girl with foul gas, and her first fart film includes her divine ass being shown up close! Nothing can beat that! You will want to stroke it ... 14134 views