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Most Recent

Kenzie Starr 16

Esteemed starlet Kenzie Starr classes up her fart antics by slipping into sexy red lingerie before heading to bed to work out the gas collected in her belly. Ms. Starr knows discerning men revel in her gastric misery, and she does not mind sharing th... 96 views

Gypsy Bee 9

Sweet little Gypsy Bee slipped into the bathroom to get herself in fighting shape! Seems her belly was struck with a bout of terrible gas, so she opted to go to the toilet to get her insides emptied out while creating a crazy degree of stench. It bog... 258 views

Kenzie Starr 15

Fresh from a girls’ outing at the bowling alley, breathtaking Kenzie Starr found her food choices to leave her in a painfully gassy state. Cheesy fries were one of the offenders, rendering her so full of methane that she had to fart repeatedly to a... 530 views

Miss Poison 46

Love to look at dirty MILFs having a seat on the throne? You will love oversexed Miss Poison as she saunters into the loo to take her place on the potty to rid herself of gas and waste before she goes about her busy day. She causes quite a stir where... 431 views

Kenzie Starr 14

Mouthwatering starlet Kenzie Starr looks awesome in animal print lingerie as she takes a seat on a fart chair so she can properly pass gas in your face. The stench escaping this bombshell’s booty will knock any man’s socks off, especially if he l... 469 views

Kiki Daire 35

Big-boned Kiki Daire does not feel so hot today! She is overcome with gas, and getting her belly in better shape is no easy task. She settles into bed, bare-ass naked, and pushes out tush toots as fast as she can so she can finally put forth some sor... 275 views

Gypsy Bee 8

Enjoy the look of an uninhibited Gypsy Bee lying naked on her bed, begging for attention as she farts to her hearts content. She is a wild one who loves being a fixation while farting and showing off that glorious body and putrid butthole! 372 views

Kenzie Starr 13

Sexy starlet Kenzie Starr is a gal who loves to have a good time, and indulging in a fart fetish is one way she makes the most out of an undesirable situation. She felt gas building in her belly, so she got fully naked to show off her cute little fan... 556 views

Miss Poison 45

Miss Poison’s round booty is on display as she lets a slew of lewd gassers out into her bedroom while she is lying in bed, feeling awfully gassy. Here is a Latina MILF with no shame! She does not mind sharing her foul farts with fellas who feel tur... 355 views

Kenzie Starr 12

Kenzie Starr was stoked to go see a ball game, but when she opted to eat a chili cheese dog, the day did not end how she planned. She found herself at home too soon, working hard to get the awful gas out of her little tummy. She striped down to a sex... 510 views

Gypsy Bee 7

Enchanting Gypsy Bee looks amazing in vintage-inspired lace lingerie. Her outstanding inked physique was on full display as this gassy girl gave it her all to create a high-toned kink experience, fit for the most discerning fart fetishist! 709 views

Kiki Daire 34

Attractive lady of distinction, Kiki Daire, has donned some designer lingerie for this fart experience. She is looking hotter than ever as she exposes her shaved pussy and stinky ass pucker while breaking wind and creating a toxic environment! He lar... 488 views

Kenzie Starr 11

Spaghetti, steak and Brussels sprouts were Kenzie Starr’s downfall when she went to a buffet and consumed way more calories than she normally does. She topped off her culinary adventure with chocolate cake and ice cream, massively adding to the gas... 653 views

Cece LaRue 35

Join edgy lady Cece LaRue as she saunters into the loo with a straightforward job to do! This gassy girl desperately needed to dump a load and clear her insides out to escape the digestive discomfort she was feeling. Ms. LaRue certainly caused a stin... 627 views

Miss Poison 44

Miss Poison’s big Latina booty is extra atrocious today! She ate all the wrong things, leaving her broad backside in the worst state possible. Miss Poison’s ass goes right to waste dump status as soon as she starts to let the stinkers fly! Enjoy ... 597 views

Kenzie Starr 10

Burger, fries and a chocolate shake left poor Kenzie Starr’s belly in fits. While scantily clad, this babe contorts her body into various positions while pushing out as many farts as she can. Desperate to quell the stomach pains, she was pleased wi... 876 views

Kiki Daire 33

When Kiki Daire decides to use two chairs to balance on while farting, you know you are going to garner an unfettered view of her gas-spewing pucker! This uninhibited MILF is a fan favorite because she takes no shame in farting and loves sharing her ... 961 views

Cece LaRue 34

When sultry Cece LaRue proclaims she is, “very farty,” you know you’re in for a stinky party! Gear up for a great time with this gassy goddess as she presents herself fully naked for you, with her exploding ass on full display while she is spla... 472 views

Kenzie Starr 9

Check out perfect ten Kenzie Starr as she bolts into the bathroom and pulls down her fitted jeans to take her place on the throne to do some nasty business! This sexy lady’s shocking sounds and matter hitting the bowl will blow your mind. Girls thi... 1055 views

Gypsy Bee 6

Gypsy Bee’s perfect pucker and pretty pussy are on display during a rousing POV farting session that gives you all the glimpses into her stinky world you could ask for! With panties pulled to the side, alluring Gypsy shows herself off in all her ga... 1263 views

Miss Poison 43

Buxom MILF Miss Poison toots her own horn, showing off her big, bare ass as she stinks up the room with a series of rancid farts. You know it is a dire situation when she can barely stand her own stench. This degree of rectal turbulence sure is a tur... 569 views

Cece LaRue 33

With a rumble in her tummy, bewitching babe Cece LaRue presents to you her bare bottom while she releases some really wet farts that produce a bit of leakage. Weak stomachs need not apply! Cece is such an attractive woman, and the best part of her pe... 1473 views

Kenzie Starr 8

Surf and turf, and an abundance of butter, left beloved babe Kenzie Starr’s ass a hot mess. Her less-than-dainty farts filled the room as she let the dastardly hissers out in rapid succession. Kenzie is looking hotter than ever in expensive green l... 869 views

Kiki Daire 32

With sexy yellow lingerie clinging to her curvaceous physique, dazzling Kiki Daire has some sexy surprises for you. Her large ass was full of gas, and she unapologetically let her butt work overtime to give you the pucker stink you are pining for rig... 568 views