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Most Discussed

Kitty Catherine 4

Talk about wet and juicy! Saucy Latina Kitty Catherine sat in the fart chair, and she allowed some messy and productive farts to fly out of her ass, making quite a mess in the process. This dirty girl’s dark ass pucker was tinged with yellow, meani... 32663 views

Savanna White 13

After heavy-bottomed Savanna White finished farting on her leather desk chair, there was some serious disinfecting needed. Her wet farts went too far! She was lacking sphincter control because more that just stench was escaping her nasty hole! Savann... 4276 views

Jazzy Jamison 17

Talk about dropping bombs! Jazzy Jamison was so gassy, and her ass pucker was front and center as she dropped her tush torpedoes! She even had to burp during this, to which she stated it was coming out of both ends! She was afraid something wet was g... 9118 views

Zayda 9

Zayda and her dynamic white booty have a special surprise for you if you are up to the challenge of smelling all of her farts and viewing close-ups of her sexy butt pucker hard at work. She loves to fart for fellas with a kink for stink, and spending... 6259 views

Kanani 9

Enjoy the interesting, arousing perspective of Kanani’s sexy ass pucker right above your face, belching out one air biscuit after another! She is such a hot little number, and there is no shame in her game as she shares her dastardly gassers with m... 8553 views

Savanna White 16

Gear up for a rumbly ride with sultry starlet Savanna White as she gives you one hell of a POV facesitting session that sees her dropping ass right above your face. Savanna has cutting the cheese down to a sexy science, and she is not about to let yo... 2785 views

Destinee Jackson 7

Slender chicks should not sign up for eating contests, and Destinee Jackson is living proof of how a small girl is left rather gassy after competition. Normally, she comes out victorious, but her consumption renders her gassy, and she has a bad time ... 13346 views

Jazzy Jamison 2

Naughty Jazzy Jamison blamed it on the beans! When she was exceptionally gassy, she had nothing much to say about the source other than blaming beans, then spicy chicken, for her stomach bloat and busy butt. She felt better with every toot that she s... 8604 views

Jazzy Jamison 3

Black sexpot Jazzy Jamison has a dirty tush, or at least she did after this disastrous bathroom trip! Watch, listen and smell her putrid offerings, as her time on the throne was recorded in full by a hidden bathroom camera. She was not thrilled to ha... 4858 views

Diamond 8

Check in on sexy Latina MILF Diamond, as she is not feeling too well today! Her belly is afflicted with a surplus of gas, and she needs to push it out if she stands a chance to feel better. Join this tattooed tart as she lets you watch her methane fi... 8751 views

Lucckii You 47

Dreamy MILF Lucckii You is a kinkster in every way! She loves indulging fetishes, and her favorite kink is face farting. Join her for a sexy, smelly adventure as she perches above your face and lets the farts fly in your direction. Ms. You is worth e... 2780 views

Paris Marie 16

Paris Marie in the buff is an awesome sight, for sure! This tattooed tart is sporting red locks, and that’s not the only distinct feature of this babe. She is plagued with a tremendous amount of gas and kicks up her sex appeal by sharing closeups o... 6948 views

Jazzy Jamison 6

Ebony stunner Jazzy Jamison knows how to swing and hit when it comes to catering to a fart fanatic's fondnesses! Her bodacious black ass stayed busy during this gassy display, and her chocolate pucker was front and center as she blasted big ones out ... 6479 views

Cali Confidential 7

The wet farts of Cali Confidential are outstanding! She is seated in the best position to proffer closeup views of her nasty ass spewing waste as she simultaneously rids herself of gas. She is not shy, and she pushes so hard to get all of the methane... 12252 views

Diamond 29

Diamond was blessed with a round Latina ass, and she adores showing it off! Check her out as she releases putrid gassers out of her tush while she is seated backwards on a white chair. She has a plethora of poots plaguing her, so go ahead and enjoy t... 8648 views

Gia Love 33

Naughty schoolgirl Gia Love was booted from her school for improper dress. She wore a slutty top with her uniform skirt and neglected to don a pair of panties! What a sassy girl! Gia was given the boot after lunch hour, and her last cafeteria meal ma... 10341 views

Savanna White 5

Ebony starlet Savanna White has the hottest ass, and when she is gassy, that mocha tushy is at its finest! Enjoy the landscape as she lowers herself to your waiting nose to fill your face with the female farts you crave. Savanna is a total sexpot, an... 3491 views

Savanna White 10

Looking like a snack in tight leggings and matching bra, sultry Savanna White is eager to clean out her insides and fart for you in the process. This stinky ebony babe is perfectly sexy and so excited to impress you with her stench while ridding hers... 4092 views

Munro Blaxxx

What a way to meet sexy ebony newbie, Munro Blaxxx! She is offering up a fart fest via slow-motion action, providing excellent views of her hot ass breaking wind. The view of this extremely sexy lady’s backside is going to impress! Munro is a babe ... 2868 views

Amiee Davis 3

Ever wonder what pretty girls look like when they are all alone in the bathroom? Demure Amiee Davis doesn’t know anyone is watching, so she isn’t giving any thought to the obnoxious poots she is depositing in the pot. She is such a sweetheart and... 9334 views

Destinee Jackson 6

Destinee Jackson has a round pucker that likes to perform! When she shows off her round, black hole in slow-motion, the results are fantastic! She knows exactly how to fart for the camera, starting slowly, so her farts last forever. For several sexy ... 12064 views

Alice Frost 31

Alice Frost is a lot of woman to love, and when she shares her dynamic farts in slow-motion, the vista is perfection! Fair-skinned Miss Frost is a lady we love because she holds nothing back when introducing her brassy gassers to the world. The whirl... 11073 views

Deanna Dare 3

Pretty MILF Deanna Dare slides out of her cute summer romper to make a massive deposit in the pot! She really needs relief fast, so she is pushing out her dastardly offerings in a sexy solo that sees her farting and filling the toilet bowl with her f... 9670 views

Jazzy Jamison 4

Lean and lovely Jazzy Jamison popped into the potty, looking awesome in fitted workout gear. Seems all that exercise made things rumble around in her belly, and she really needed to use the pot! As she rid herself of nastiness, her tenacious farts we... 5709 views