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Fart Chair

Sydney Screams 14

Do you have a rich enough palate to tell what makes Sydney Screams’ farts smell the way they do? This is what she wonders as she sits in a fart chair and lets her lewd gassers make their way to your nose. Ms. Screams refers to her honks as hot girl... 555 views

Heady Harmony 7

You will not get any closer to Heady Harmony’s hot ass than this! She has set herself up to perch above your face while she farts, giving you the sexiest and stinkiest POV facesitting session you have ever experienced. This filthy spectacle should ... 552 views

Dita Payne 7

Awesome Dita Payne’s divine white ass waits for nobody! She wants to to situate yourself under her butt so she can launch her wet farts toward your waiting nose. You know you want to sniff up those massive honks that are so juicy, you are going to ... 872 views

Taylor Nicole 24

Enchanting Taylor Nicole always has naughty notions swirling around in her head, and today’s adventure includes an inspired POV facesitting session. Her sexy white ass is working overtime for your pleasure. Taylor is going to let you get your nose ... 608 views

Cece LaRue 24

Gassy girl Cece LaRue has some naughty notions swirling around after she consumed the wrong foods. She decides to make it your problem and shoot these farts in your face while you are planted under her big, white booty. Hope you have a strong will, a... 827 views

Olivia Gardens 5

Bespectacled cutie Olivia Gardens cordially invites you to get yourself situated under her ass as she lingers above your face and fills it with the worst farts she has ever had. Her beautiful butt is going to be your best bet for the next many minute... 1489 views

Cece LaRue 18

POV facesitting is really fucking hot with bad girl Cece LaRue at the helm! She demands that you get yourself under her hot ass while she lingers above your nose, feeding your face with farts. Cece loves all the attention from her menacing antics, as... 831 views

Nevada Max 6

Are you ready for a sizzling hot POV facesitting session from esteemed ebony starlet Nevada Max? This is quite a feast for the senses as she nestles her curvy booty above your face and lets you take in the view while you receive a lungful of Nevada... 1253 views

Benji 15

Enjoy the view as bold beauty Benji perches above your sniffer and regales you with stinky blasts coming from her sexy ass. This POV facesitting session is designed to sate your cravings for stink and give you the nasty stinkers that get you fired up... 1520 views

Taylor Nicole 15

Taylor Nicole admits that she likes when her farts are all wet! Safe to assume you will love it to. Miss Nicole wants to give you a stinky POV facesitting session that will see you sniffing up her repugnant rippers while also giving you the best view... 1088 views

Piper Maxx 6

Inked goddess Piper Maxx is extreme in many aspects of life. From her striking persona, to her penchant for ink and kink, she is the ultimate bad girl fantasy! The way she plans sexy situations for fart fanatics makes her a solid ten in our book! Enj... 1046 views

Cece LaRue 6

Engaging doll Cece LaRue’s “Eat Me” ass pucker tattoo is stretched to the max as she settles above your nose for an extremely stinky facesitting session that will curl your toes! Her nasty farts make their way into the world in rapid succession... 1460 views

Lillum Evernever 37

Heavy-bottomed BBW babe Lillum Evernever has never been this stinky! As she sits above your face and fills your nose with her signature stink, you are going to have more than you can handle. Lovely Lillum’s big booty packs a punch, and these farts ... 1464 views

Brandy Jade 5

The views of gorgeous MILF Brandy Jade’s ass pucker and pink pussy are fantastic as she is farting for you in a POV facesitting session that will grind your gears in all the good ways! Her perfect backside explodes over and over with her stomach-tu... 1333 views

Savanna White 6

Lovely ebony goddess Savanna White’s POV facesitting fart session is going to knock your socks off! What a hot ass this gal is sporting! Expect to appreciate all the stench she doles out as her perfect booty hoovers right above your nose. 2592 views

Lillum Evernever 17

Are you ready for some super filthy POV facesitting, courtesy of hot and curvy ebony Lillum Evernever? You better put your big boy pants on and go for this smelly adventure that will curl your toes and make you rise to the occasion! Lillum is not mes... 1615 views

Baby B 7

Perky playmate Baby B has been farting up a storm for the camera, but now she is upping her stink game with a hella sexy POV facesitting session that includes the smelliest ass whistles she has ever experienced. Pull up the best seat, right under Bab... 1612 views

Sarah Sexxx

Stench emanating from new model Sarah’s ass is going to knock you out during this highly arousing POV facesitting session! The sight of her pretty pink pussy is going to keep you hooked! Sarah is a highly likable lady, and her presence on the scree... 2541 views

Lucckii You 47

Dreamy MILF Lucckii You is a kinkster in every way! She loves indulging fetishes, and her favorite kink is face farting. Join her for a sexy, smelly adventure as she perches above your face and lets the farts fly in your direction. Ms. You is worth e... 2771 views

Lucckii You 45

Yummy Lucckii You gets her ass dirty while farting in your face, and you know you cannot wait to be inches from the filth escaping her cute ass pucker. A solid stomach is required for this POV facesitting session, as Lucckii is not able to keep the l... 2933 views

Carmen Kay 6

Carmen Kay wants to put her big black ass right above your face and give you the nasty BBW farts you have a taste for today! Take the plunge with this sassy ebony, as she fails to disappoint when filth is on the menu. 2794 views

Lola Bunny 7

Delicious babe Lola Bunny has orchestrated a stellar POV facesitting session that will knock you out of your seat! She is super smelly, and while perched above your face, she is going to blast you with gas that is beyond putrid. For such a tiny littl... 1933 views

Cindy Crawford 19

You know your place! Get on the floor so sexy Cindy Crawford’s ass can hoover above your waiting face as she feeds you the farts you crave! You have never seen a POV facesitting session this fucking hot! MILF Cindy loves giving guys what they need,... 1922 views

Cindy Crawford 12

Yummy doll Cindy Crawford has a facesitting plan that will fill your face with stench and make your belly feel sour all of a sudden! Her ass is amazing, but Ms. Crawford is overrun with stink while her mind is teeming with kinky notions! Check out th... 1979 views