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Fart Chair

Amber Cream 44

Luscious and lovely Amber Cream is gassy and making no apologies for the loud and disgusting farts she's passing while she is securely seated in the infamous fart chair! Her black ass fails to disappoint, as she is teeming with nasty gassers and blas... 270 views

Maci May7

Maci May is a menacing maiden who needs to watch what she eats! When eggs proved to be her downfall, she perched herself in the infamous fart chair and let gassers fly out of her sexy white booty! Can you handle these close-up face farts? They are si... 1736 views

Jasmine LeFleur 7

Juicy Jasmine LeFleur’s farts are formidable all the time, but they are especially raunchy when she is settled into the fart chair to let the lewd gassers fly out of her backside, directly into your face. She is not certain what made her so terribl... 1934 views

Kim Chi 22

Ready for more of the stinky Asian sensation Kim Chi? This babe is back and gassier than ever before. Adding to the allure is that she has mounted the infamous fart chair and is wearing her hair in cute pigtails! She is always a blast to watch as she... 3505 views

Amber Cream 37

Acclaimed Amber Cream is up to her old aromatic antics. She has placed her sexy self on a fart chair, to give you the hottest, stinkiest POV face farts imaginable! Just look at that chocolate pucker. She leaves zero to the imagination as she farts he... 1729 views

Tiny Ebony 14

In the mood for some POV fart smelling and tasting? Tiny is in the mood to dominate, so you’d better be ready to consume and sniff up her farts! She is in no mood to play around, and she means business. So, position yourself under her black ass, an... 1924 views

Amber Cream 21

Hey Dirty Boy, are you ready to get down there and play? This is what Amber Cream wants to know as she settles her ass in a holster to be able to sit comfortably right above your face while she covers your profile in methane. She wants you rubbing th... 2631 views

Katt Lowden 20

Katt Lowden is lewd and loud and perched on the fart chair to rid herself of gassers that gotta get out right away. She’s as gassy as ever, and there is no shame in her game! She’s sharing her stinkers because she knows some people find them to b... 4140 views

Verta 15

Verta wants you to tell her what she had to eat yesterday! The only way you can accomplish this is to get your nose right up against her ass and put your tongue inside for a taste. She has her hot body positioned just right so you can get up in there... 3012 views

Candi Coxx 8

Filthy Candi Coxx knows you like dirty farts, so get under her ass; she’s going to feed your fetish! This dirty girl has a surplus of stink in her tush, and taking a seat on your face is the best way she knows how to deal with it. Candi is quite th... 2547 views

Katt Lowden 8

Gorgeous Katt Lowden’s sexy sphincter is at it again! This time she wants to take a seat directly above your face while she farts so you can catch every beguiling blast making its way out of her delightful bottom. Wasting those spicy Latina spews ... 1677 views

Candi Coxx 4

Good-natured Candi Coxx has a rotten ass, but it’s cute! So you must take the good with the bad when she sits on your face and forces farts out of her rose bud. Nope, you won’t just be watching the action, you are going to be part of it, as she w... 1720 views

Verta 11

Farting and face-sitting are two of Verta’s favorite things, and she would love for you to dine on her farts! She is naked and eager to take a seat on your face and give you the farts you crave. Don’t expect the smell to stop, as she is so gassy.... 1773 views

Payton Leigh 4

Payton Leigh possesses the ability to stink up any place, and when her ass hole is perched above your face, watch out! Don’t mind the spray! This sizzling MILF must have eaten something terrible, but her perfectly aged pucker looks outstanding as i... 1805 views

Aimee Davis 14

Stunning Aimee Davis boarded the fart chair for a fantastic display of her dastardly ass hole hard at work! She knows you like her dirty farts, and she commands you to taste every shot escaping her tight sphincter! Being bossy is new to Aimee, but sh... 1677 views

Maryjane Mayhem 39

orgetting Maryjane Mayhem’s birthday was a careless move, and she is pissed. Her punishment is not going to settle well with you, but you must oblige if you want her to forgive you. Get under her ass, and take the farts she has ready to shoot in yo... 1857 views

Shae Spreadz 16

Raw and nasty are the words Shae Spreadz uses to describe the farts she has for you, her special fart boy. Naked Shae is smelling so nasty, but that’s how you like her filthy ass, right? Go ahead and get your face in her glorious black ass until sh... 1689 views

Aimee Davis 7

What Aimee Davis lacks in experience, she makes up for in sweetness. She sounds a bit bashful when directing you to give her ass the attention it deserves, but this youthful hottie wants it and is sharing her sweet pucker with you as fabulous farts f... 1686 views

Amber Star 21

Look at that smile! Amber Star is adorable, and her vertical smile isn’t hard on the eyes either. Alas, it’s her ass that is center of attention when Amber perches over your face to give you the gas you crave. She wants the sum of your attention ... 1760 views

Nadia Jay 6

Nadia Jay is a tall drink of water with a toned body and perfect tits, so when she tells you to get your face under her ass, why would you decline? Miss Jay has her ass cheeks spread and is eager to put her relaxed ass hole right over your mouth, all... 1739 views

Jessica Winters 5

Jessica Winters is nude and nasty - just how you like her! She is getting her heavenly pucker right up into your face while it opens to dispense the foulest gas she has ever had. She wants her biggest farts to come straight at you, and she is shaking... 1834 views

Molly 3

When Molly wants her dirty boy to position himself under her sexy ass, he’d better do as told! Molly knows you love her farts, so she is getting her glorious ass right above your nose while she sputters in your face! Her glistening slit is also in ... 1700 views

Olivia 3

Sexy minx Olivia wants you to get your face under her ass because she has a lot of farting to do. She would like to know if you like those stinky farts as she is pushing with her little body to pop poots right inside your waiting mouth. She wants you... 1680 views

Sindell Angel 12

If juicy farts are the name of the game, we declare Sindell Angel the official winner! Our gassy ebony Goddess has more in store than a stack of subdued squeaks. It is time to get up close and personal with Sindell as she knocks it out of the park wi... 3958 views