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Fart Chair

Mistress Lovely 4

Lovely's got her fart chair out and she's not afraid to use it! She's going to take that chair for a fart-tastic ride, letting it do all the work of spreading her ass open so she can focus on letting her nasty gas slide right out! Lovely's asshole is... 4527 views

Melody Jordan 4

Melody Jordan has an ass so full of gas that it starts sliding out of her tight little butthole before she can even sit all the way down on the fart chair! We hope you're in the mood for the smelliest of farts, because Melody has a full load of hot g... 5203 views

Brittany Lynn 13

Fishnet dresses, and farting fun - that's what Brittany Lynn has in store for you in this sexy video! She's sitting on her fart chair, spreading that glorious ass, and pushing out all that nasty ass stink - just the way you like it! If you can't get ... 4736 views

Jessica Mansfield 5

Jessica Mansfield is putting her fart chair to good use! She's spreading those rosy cheeks of hers, and letting tons of rippling farts shoot out of her tiny gapping butthole. Get ready to watching this fair skinned fart pusher as she grabs her little... 5388 views

Trina Matthews 3

We've got a tight firm booty spread wide open for you today! It's Trina Matthews, and she's taking full advantage of the fart chair while she tries to push all of her stink out for you to enjoy! You don't want to miss that dainty little asshole of he... 4505 views

Malaysia Blue 20

Malaysia Blue\'s got it going on today! She\'s got the fart chair all ready and she hops right up in there and blasts your face with ass gas - OH YEAH! She spreads out those awesome buttcheeks and lets you have it, and she nearly scorched off the vid... 7664 views

Stacy Lane 10

What's better than watching a sexy vixen release all her farts while you watch? Well, watching her do it while she shakes and pops her bouncy booty, that's what! Stacy Lane is coming at you again with another ass shaking farting extravaganza...and sh... 4842 views

Jazmyne Starr 24

Nothing is taboo when it comes to Jazmyne Starr, here she is, all naked, her behind is all spread out wide so you can see her farting asshole - NICE! She blasts fart after fart after glorious fart into your eager face! What are you waiting for? Watch... 4410 views

Malaysia Blue 14

We have seen so many nasty girls take on the fart chair, and each of them has brought to the table, or perhaps the chair. Malaysia Blue gives the fart chair an air of unique experience and if there is one thing you\'ll notice about Malaysia, is, she ... 6654 views

Serena Marcus 15

Combine the beauty of Serena Marcus, her gassy stomach and the infamous fart chair, it makes one hell of a sexy video! Now this is the real deal guys, the best of the best, the kinkiest of them all and simply one of the best fart fantasy fetish video... 4445 views

Gia Jakarta 3

A drop gorgeous fresh meat will try out the fart chair for the first time. Let's see if she can compete with the pros around here. Here it goes, damn she can really let it rip, you can almost smell that gas seeping to your nose then straight to your ... 4502 views

Goddess 10

Take a look at this black babe with all that gas in her stomach. She really needs to let it out and she wants you to watch and hear the kinky deed as she tries out the infamous fart chair. The chair fits her big behind and it makes the farts louder a... 4485 views

Brittany Lynn 5

It's now Brittany Lynn's time to try out the famous fart chair and guys, she does so perfectly. No one can deny her beauty and grace and she just looks so much better in that throne of hers. This is a true princess of the game and you better watch ou... 5278 views

Stacy Lane 7

Now it's Stacy's turn in the infamous fart chair! Are you excited? I sure am! Before anything else this really obedient girl gave a little special show as her warm up before she explodes all her gasses while her buns are squeezed tight between that g... 4616 views

Emerald 3

The cutest of the bunch Emerald will show you that age does not matter when it comes to giving the best and sexiest farts! Here she tries out the infamous fart chair and even she was surprised with how her farts get out of that luscious ass! Watch it... 4391 views

Destiny Dicks 3

Today gentlemen, Destiny Dicks is going to use the ultra famous fart chair, it's this really awesome contraption that makes any girl give the perfect fart, the loudest, foulest and sexiest farts you will ever hear, see or smell. This time destiny has... 9004 views

JR 16

For girls with fart fetishes, it is their dream to try out this infamous fart chair. There is something about the way it squeezes the buttocks while baring it all, and making the center of those buns bulge in the middle. It produces wonderful sounds ... 4537 views

Shay Golden 3

It is Shay's turn to try out the infamous fart chair! But she showed she is really here for business, she used it like a pro and this pretty blonde babe got all nasty as she loves every second of that air ripping out of her belly. Her asshole looks a... 4520 views

Natalie Lips 3

Natalie Lips is looking good in that outfit! When she's around you just know that she has something that will blow you away, literally. Today she has something more special in store for you, her farts are always special but this time, she will be on ... 4373 views

Serena Marcus 13

We don't just let anyone into the famous fart chair, but Serena Marcus is fart fetish royalty and she has every right to sit on her perfectly suited throne. She demonstrates how to squeeze farts out in that chair perfectly! Keeping that lily-white as... 4321 views

Stasia B 3

There 's always a first for everything, and this time it's Stasia's turn to try out the fart chair! She 's starting pretty well for a newbie, getting her positions and angles right while sitting pretty for you. Her farts came out really nasty just th... 4464 views

Rose 3

Once again, another babe tries out the infamous fart chair. This very popular fart chair had experienced it's fair share of girls who fart nonstop. But it hasn't encountered this naughty lady yet, until now! Rose puts on a great show for you, working... 4289 views

Shonna 4

The black babe Shonna is having a bad cramped up stomach again. Don't worry, she's not new to this, in fact she loves farting so much that she even has a personalized chair to do her nasty deeds. She positions herself, perched atop that fiber glass c... 4319 views

Sprinkle Freak 2

Do you want to see something freaky and perversely hot at the same time? Watch Sprinkle Freak, this one hot tough babe with multiple tattoos, you can tell from the marks on her skin that this chick is feisty. Before you start drooling, What she is go... 6778 views