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Victoria Monet 3

Vivacious starlet Victoria Monet found herself to be quite gassy when she was hanging out on the sofa, scrolling through her phone. She really didn’t like the distraction, but she gave it her all as she pushed farts out of her bottom, through her t... 777 views

Tiny Ebony 3

Devoted student Tiny Ebony was feeling the wrath of greasy cafeteria food. Her tummy was rumbling when all this sexy ebony teen wanted to do is get to her homework. Alas, she was so plagued with gassers and just had to sully the inside of her short s... 941 views

Shae Spreadz 22

Magnificent Shae Spreadz loves how you love her farts! Today she’s bringing the heat for real, in the form of farts filtered through her shiny black leather shorts. She wants your face right up there, against her ass, so you don’t miss a single g... 827 views

Amanda Pink 6

Your sexy, playful girlfriend Amanda Pink cannot believe you like listening to and sniffing up her gassers! Her tummy is in a bad way right now, and she is sullying the inside of her shorts something fierce! Go ahead and enjoy, as Amanda is going to ... 760 views

Shae Spreadz 21

Shae Spreadz has a game for you, and be secure in the knowledge, you are going to enjoy this! Shae is going to make you cum, but first you have to sniff up all of her farts. She’s filtering them through sexy blue shorts, but she’s very gassy. Onc... 949 views

Amber Cream 25

Yikes! Amber Cream almost didn’t make it to the bathroom on time! Alas, the inside of her sexy jean shorts was spared, as she pulled them down in the final seconds before she landed on the loo and made a massive drop in the pot almost as soon as sh... 1331 views

Ashley Luvbug 51

Ashely Luvbug likes your hard dick, and she is going to make it even harder by turning you on with her farts! How does that sound? Her cute backside is covered in sexy leggings and shorts, and she gives you so many farts smells to take in, you’ll f... 1819 views

Amber Cream 24

Stress seems to create a gassy belly for alluring Amber Cream. It’s finals week at school, and poor Miss Cream had to hold in a ton of gas in class while she was taking her test. Finally, she is at home and able to fart all over her white leather s... 1039 views

Kim Chi 17

Sexy Asian spinner Kim Chi suffered an unexpected setback during her latest workout. This sweaty girl became tremendously gassy, and the poor thing had to cease stretching to lie back on the couch to release missiles out of her nice ass and through h... 922 views

Ashley Luvbug 50

It’s hard to watch Ashley Luvbug’s desperation, as her belly is in fits, and she really needs to take a dump. She is begging for bathroom access and is hardly holding it in as farts work their way out in rapid succession. Those sexy jean shorts s... 1435 views

Sedusa D 18

A barbecue chicken sandwich from the school cafeteria has left sexy student Sedusa D in the worst possible position. She sped into the bathroom to launch torpedoes into the bowl, holding nothing back! This might just be the worst gas she has ever had... 2005 views

Sedusa D 17

Check out goal-oriented Sedusa D! She’s feeling the burn during her workout, and we caught her at the end, when she’s sweaty and gassy. With her few final squats, a few toots sneak out, but that’s okay! When she lies back to rest, she has some ... 1452 views

Ashley Luvbug 42

Adorable Ashley Luvbug is well-known for not holding back when she has to go! In her latest bathroom visit, her boisterous gas was louder than ever before, and what she produced made the bowl filthier than ever before! She can hardly stand the stench... 1346 views

Katt Lowden 35

Sexy coed Katt Lowden had a rough practice and has rushed home for a shower to take care of her sweaty body’s stench. As she waits for the bathroom to become available, her tummy starts to do tumbles, and she finds herself needing to release some m... 1159 views

Ashely Luvbug and Deanna Dare 2

Deanna Dare is done being bullied by jealous Ashley Luvbug. Ashely gave Deanna the business when she flirted with Miss Luvbug’s man, but now the tables are turned, and daring Deanna is in the driver’s seat. She has her full ass situated on Ashley... 2968 views

Ashley Luvbug and Deanna Dare

Ashley Luvbug is hella protective of her man, and when her frenemy Deanna Dare flirted with the guy, Ashley was hell bent on exacting revenge. She plopped her denim-covered ass on Deanna’s face and let farts fly into her nose. Ashley farts are exce... 2542 views

Deanna Dare 2

Pizza does not agree with bewitching Deanna Dare one bit! She is so gassy after consuming the greasy fare, and her stretchy blue shorts are taking the brunt of her blasts as she tries to make herself feel better. She is one stinky MILF with a lot of ... 2812 views

Amber Cream 20

Captivating Amber Cream heard you like her farts, and she loves being a favorite! It turns her on and motivates her to push limits and really proffer a palpable display of passion! Watch her wiggle out of short boy shorts as she lets you taste her ch... 2548 views

Amber Cream 19

Look at Amber Cream’s ass being hugged by her sexy jean shorts! Oh to be those shorts! The temp in Amber’s living room is far too high, and she is far too gassy. As she lets farts fly out of her tush, through the denim, things get much hotter in ... 1187 views

Kahlista Stinem 4

Kahlista Steinem heard you want her to fart for you today, and happily, she says she can do that! Don’t mind how stinky she is, or how close she gets her cute bottom to your face as she expresses massive ass gassers in your direction! Kahlista is o... 2111 views

Osa Lovely 19

Osa Lovely feels the burn in more ways than one when she works out! With a protein shake doing numbers on her belly while she exercises, she finds herself rather gassy after her reps. In sexy boy short bottoms, she’s pushing out farts to make herse... 2351 views

Sedusa D

Meet sexy Sedusa D, as she farts on cam for the first time. Poor thing has consumed some raunchy fare, and her farts are there to bear the burn. This short-haired stunner sharts in her cute jean shorts again and again and is embarrassed by the smell ... 2273 views

Savannah Jane 5

Short jean shorts look outstanding on sexy MILF Savannah Jane, but the thing is, she is sullying the shorts with her massive ass barks. These are not average farts, either. They are juicy, loud and obnoxious. By the time she is through, she is going ... 1603 views

Ashley Luvbug 21

Adorable Ashley Luvbug has some serious business to take care of in the bathroom after her lunch goes south. She has an ass full of gas and so much more, and her farts are ridiculously loud as she causes quite a ruckus in the loo. Don’t get too clo... 2724 views