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Face Farting

Amber Star 28

Nobody does it better than sexy Amber Star! Her big ass, when it’s gassy, is awesome for fans of severe stench! She has planted her curvy physique on a white chair, and she is not wearing a stitch of clothing as she lets some whoppers escape that a... 278 views


Hot Diamond is new to farting on film, and when she shared her honks in slow-motion, her performance was spectacular! She was so gassy when she geared up to be filmed, and she did not disappoint as she gave up some great gassers for whom she hopes wi... 617 views

Kim Chi 36

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to sexy Asian Kim Chi! Her cute tush fails to disappoint, and it looks so adorable covered in the yellow Batman panties she has on. She consumed too much pizza and had to let all the gassers out as she clut... 242 views

Cali Confidential

Introducing Cali Confidential! She is a hot piece of black ass, and she loves showing off that stellar booty. Join her as she gives a gassy display in slow-motion. Her name might be Confidential, but she is keeping no secrets as she shares all of her... 520 views

Gia Love 22

Gassy and gregarious Gia Love consumed Mexican food, leaving her with a belly full of greasy farts. She knows you enjoy getting close enough to taste her toots, so she is going to lie back on her sexy animal-print lounger and show you her ass up clos... 1168 views

Amber Star 27

Full-figured Amber Star’s ass fails to disappoint! It’s as large as her farts are loud! Peek in on her as she tugs her sexy pink thong to one side and offers up an impressive view of her nasty pucker. She has more farts than the average guy could... 1134 views

Gia Love 21

Gia Love says that it feels so good, but it smells so bad, when she farts. She is wearing an awesome pink bikini while she doles out dastardly gassers. Miss Love also guesses that you would like to taste her nasty farts, and she certainly has a lot o... 1077 views

Amber Star 26

Curvy and commanding Amber Star looks awesome in a sexy yellow bra and panty set. However, one must wonder if she is soiling the insides of those full-bottom panties as she farts like mad. She wants your nose up close to the calamity as she pushes ou... 1072 views

Qutie Quinn 12

Be strong as Qutie Quinn blasts farts into your face! These nasty gassers pack quite a punch, and once she is into the groove, they are rather wet! She is going to make quite a mess of that hairy ass of hers, and you are invited to watch the whole na... 1097 views

Amber Star 25

Big-assed Amber Star is back, and her voluptuous body looks incredible, as she’s wearing immodest lingerie that reveals her huge, gassy booty! These farts are extra tantalizing, as they are slight in sound, but pack a punch with their stench. Amber... 1089 views

Qutie Quinn 11

There is plenty of hair surrounding sexy Qutie Quinn’s ass pucker, and these coarse hairs absorb plenty of odor when she is gassy and letting farts fly out of her ass in rapid succession. Her moaning is proof of how badly her tummy is in knots, but... 1216 views

Sheila Marie 18

With her big ass holstered in the fart chair, Ms. Sheila Marie’s ass looks fantastic! It’s so close to your face that you will smell every honk as she breathily releases the methane from her sizable tush. She is a sexy MILF with a lot of stink to... 1254 views

Gia Love 19

Dirty-talking Gia Love had to shake her booty quite a bit to get her farts to rise to the surface, and when she does, these farts are fantastically messy! She is in such a position that it appears as if she is riding your face with her ass, and you... 1673 views

Qutie Quinn 10

Qutie Quinn’s ass looks outstanding when she pulls her white thong to the side and gets to work ridding that awesome booty of nasty gassers. Her ass pops pack quite a punch, and they smell so foul. The strong fart sounds tell the tale of exactly ho... 1302 views

Sheila Marie 17

With a big, stinky ass, and gloriously large tits, gassy MILF Sheila Marie is one to watch when she has a plethora of stinkers to push out of her seasoned ass pucker! She looks sexy in black heels as she has a hard time pushing out these daunting too... 1479 views

Gia Love 18

Looking amazing in a pristine white unitard, sexy Gia Love is farting just for you. She pulls the bottom of her garment to the side to keep her robust farts from staining the fabric. Of course, she loves teasing you with the view of her ass as she ma... 1487 views

Sheila Marie 16

Sheila Marie’s wide MILF booty is capable of some impressive butt blasts, and her most recent bout with gas resulted in the ultimate degree of calamity! She was so gassy and really released a surplus of nasty gassers into the air as she was purched... 1312 views

Qutie Quinn 9

Take a look at the fuzz-covered ass pucker of Qutie Quinn! This dirty bird is sharing her farts in full force, and she should not be missed. She’s pushing so hard, making her a gal you want to see in action. Her black booty is hella hot, and she lo... 1258 views

Gia Love 17

With awesome Gia Love’s fantastic tush right in front of your face, you are going to love the view as she farts for you! You are able to sniff up every shot she directs in your face. Her sexy voice claiming victory when she feels better is such a t... 2102 views

Royalty 33

Would you be so kind to keep cute Royalty company as she tries to get rid of all of her farts? She is naked, and her teenage ass is producing some nasty gassers. When this young Asian lets out some big whoppers, she claims to be feeling relief, but b... 1135 views

Qutie Quinn 8

Have a listen! Sexy Qutie Quinn has some slow burners to release, and her ass is front and center as she rids herself of the excessive gas that is giving her a stomach ache. She’s so damn sexy, but in a ton of discomfort. Watch as she lets the near... 1466 views

Sheila Marie 15

Sexy MILF Shelia Marie is back, and once again, she’s sharing her bout of gas with her adoring fans! This big-bottomed maven always puts on a fantastic show! She is outgoing and loves all the attention she gets when she finds her tummy rumbling and... 1490 views

Royalty 32

Royalty, with her sexy teenage Asian ass on full display, is gassy, and she’ll give you a healthy mix of dry and wet stinkers. She hopes you like it, since she isn’t too fond of the way she’s feeling! At least one of you can derive pleasure fro... 775 views

Gia Love 16

Gia Love’s divine ass is back, and it could not be any more exciting! She is sharing her latest gassy bout in slow-motion, and it’s hot as can be. She has a fantastic ass, and the fact she makes her gassers so public is outstanding! Enjoy the vie... 1727 views