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Thong Panties

Tiny Ebony 5

Tiny Ebony is a slim sexpot, but her gassers pack a punch! She knows you like her farts, and she cannot wait to let it all out for you! Her divine ass is being hugged by a sexy red thong as she gives you the stinky farts you crave. The views of her a... 625 views

Tiny Ebony 4

Dastardly does not even begin to describe what’s coming out of Tiny Ebony’s ass. This alluring ebony goddess is stationed on the toilet and farting like mad while she releases the worst whoppers imaginable. By the time she flushes the evidence, s... 646 views

Victoria Monet 2

Fast food is Victoria Monet’s downfall. Yet she still indulges from time to time! Join her post-lunch to see just how gassy she becomes from an overdoes of grease and calories. With extreme closeups, Victoria is showing off her filthy ass as she pr... 1323 views

Risika 16

Dirty girl Risika’s hairy ass fails to disappoint fart fans - it’s just so stinky! Embellished with hair, her butt is out of this world! She takes ass stink to another level with her close-up views of nasty farts. Her pucker opens up to say hello... 1524 views

Lily Lovecraft 2

Oh, Lily Lovecraft, you are a lovely lass! This young miss is so pretty and uninhibited, making her the sort of girl one wants to see more of! Wearing only a thong, she is sharing the outcome of a bout of gas, and sharing excellent views of her prett... 1322 views

Kim Chi 19

Being lactose intolerant means tattooed hottie Kim Chi should not eat pizza, but she likes the taste, and self-control has never been her strong suit! She was quite excited to learn you love the scent and sound of a petite gal shooting burning gasser... 1439 views

Amber Cream 26

Take a peek at what vivacious Amber Cream wears to bed! She’s a dreamy vision in pink lingerie, but she’s feeling gassy, so her bedtime is delayed. She’s going to rid her black bottom of all the pesky gas before getting under the covers, and sh... 770 views

Amber Cream 22

“I can’t believe this is coming out of me!” That’s what Amber Cream says as she has her sexy yellow thong pulled to the side to free farts from her decadent chocolate pucker. Poor thing took a dose of diet pills, but all they did was make her... 1696 views

Kim Chi 15

Kim Chi is so cute, even when she makes a dietary mistake! This saucy, tattooed Asian hottie ate three bowls of beans at a barbecue, and she felt the repercussions in her sexy belly. She slid her striking blue panties to the side, so not to soil them... 2102 views

Amanda Pink 2

Houston, we have a problem! Sexy, short-haired Amanda Pink is launching torpedoes out of her fantastically sexy black ass, and it’s pretty bad! You see, this lactose-intolerant chick consumed cheese, and she knows what that does to her. Now, she is... 1732 views

Sedusa D 20

Scintillating Sedusa D has a sexy surprise for you! She’s getting undressed, but that’s not all she has for your pleasure! She is going to free the farts that have built up as she takes off each layer. Once her sexy lace bra comes off, her great ... 1691 views

Sedusa D 16

Watch out for Betty and her tuna sandwiches! Sedusa D learned the hard way that her sweet co-worker Betty’s artisan sandwiches are a don’t because the tuna and cheese on the sandwiches Betty brought have made Sedusa feel awful. Her butt blasts sm... 1874 views

Ashley Luvbug 43

What happens when you wear out your welcome at girlfriend Ashley Luvbug’s place is that she exposes you to something that is not all that pleasant, unless you like smelling foul farts. Ashley wants to get you off fast so she can get back to watchin... 1521 views

Katt Lowden 38

Most girls love Hitachi Magic Wands due to the powerful vibrations they send through the body when the magical device is held against the clit. Katt Lowden loves hers, but she’s not a selfish girlfriend, so she is going to share this experience wit... 977 views

Kierra Wilde

Kierra Wilde is new to farting on film, but she does not take long to take to the practice quite nicely! Her beautifully hairy white booty is overrun with gas, and Kierra is sharing her fabulous farts in slow-motion and so close-up, you can count eve... 2671 views

Sedusa D 10

Chimichanga day at the school cafeteria has rendered sexy student Sedusa D embarrassingly gassy. She figures the rest of the pupils are also gassy, but she is so relived she could hold her butt blasts at bay until she returned home. Once in the priva... 1178 views

Deanna Dare 4

Devious Deanna Dare has a sensual display for you since she appreciates your fondness for your rock-hard dick becoming so smelly when she farts on it for you. She wants you stroking it while she covers every inch in her stench. Her sultry voice is al... 1835 views

Katt Lowden 34

Slumbering Katt Lowden was cuddled in when a bout of gas hit her belly, and the farts she produced smelled so foul, she could hardly stand the stench. Katt was struggling to keep breathing in, the smell was so awful. She arranged her body in many pos... 1308 views

Sedusa D 9

In a feeble attempt to save money, Sedusa D purchased generic laxatives, and all they accomplished was making her extremely gassy. Good thing she has her sexy white thong tugged to the side, or that sucker would be stained! Sedusa’s wet farts enter... 2200 views

Ashley Luvbug 35

Ashley Luvbug is gassy as a girl can be, and she is not too pleased with the smell escaping her tight, toned tush. With her cute thong pulled to the side, she is letting that pucker practice the release of putrid gassers, and the view leaves little t... 1509 views

Verta 20

Sultry Verta is totally regretting the Burger King chicken fries, and as she curses them, she pushes out painful farts from her tight pucker. The stench is too much for Verta, but where could she go? Look at that dirty pucker as Verta pushes so hard.... 1955 views

Kim Chi 12

Pretty and playful Kim Chi looks so hot in her matching pink bra and panties while she gives her pretty pussy a late-night rub. Unfortunately, she ate too much too late at night, rendering her very gassy. Her putrid pucker works overtime wile her del... 1702 views

Verta 19

Verta’s stinky center is on point, as always! She’s gassy and not wasting the waste escaping her ass, as she shares her farting in sexy slow-motion. This vivacious vixen does not miss a beat as she blows her bombs in your face and keeps no secret... 1413 views

Payton Leigh 14

Fetching, fetid blonde MILF Payton Leigh farts louder than such a slender doll should, and since she ate some spicy chili, she is gassier than ever before! She seems set on sullying her sexy white and black polka dot thong as she pushes out her putri... 1592 views