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Black Hair

Carrie B 3

Carrie B’s awesome ass looks great in jeans, and when she was recently plagued with a terrible stomach ache, she really stunk up the inside of her sexy pants. Wow, was her ass on fire! She vowed to never eat the same foods again while she used the ... 808 views

Carrie B 2

Carrie B is a sexy girl, and she likes attention when she is feeling gassy. Check out her nice white ass while she delivers some deathly butt missiles. She is such a stinky girl, and with close-up views, the whole affair will feel like she is farting... 1971 views

Amber Star 59

Beloved ebony MILF Amber Star is a big-assed beauty who is always so darn stinky! Her farts are formidable, and her happiness about spreading her stink around is adorable! There is not much to her skimpy thong, but it is safe to assume that by the ti... 1310 views

Amber Star 58

After proffering a sexy greeting, Amber Star wants to know if you are ready for some farts! She is naked as a jaybird with her great natural boobies and fuzzy pussy on full display while she pushes her booty honks out, one right after the other. She ... 747 views

Temple Love 10

Temple Love’s black ass is a nice sight, and when she is gassy, fart fans shall not be disenchanted! This ebony babe admits that she probably needs to buy some better gas relief products, and given the sound and the power of her poots, we have to a... 1216 views

Amber Star 57

Amber Star knows her farts are super stinky, but she doesn’t mind if you don’t! This heavy-chested ebony MILF is a dame who is widely known for her dastardly farts, and when she is at her gassiest, she is the ultimate eye, and nose, candy for die... 474 views

Amber Star 56

Please, please give Amber Star a chance to get on the pot! Can’t you see how desperate she is as she pleads with you to let her dump her load? These farts are foul and are pressing reminders of what needs to come out of her big booty. These farts a... 482 views

Temple Love 9

Temple Love has some loud and terrible farts to set at liberty from her ass, and she would not mind getting some attention while doing so! Why not join this stunning angel as she proffers some excellent face farts from her black ass? She is most cert... 571 views

Jasmine LeFleur 39

Jasmine LeFleur has a big booty, and the size of her sphincter seems to accentuate all of the MILF farts escaping her ass! She felt gassy on this day, and wearing only a dress, and no panties, she hiked up her frock and went to town, ridding her siza... 503 views

Temple Love 8

Temple Love looks awesome in slutty white lingerie, and when she opts to share her ass acoustics and stench with her adoring fans, the result is wholly spectacular. She has most likely never been this gassy, and she certainly is a treat for those who... 1229 views

Paris Marie 36

Paris Marie is known far and wide for her awful farts, and when she released a slew of gassers during this fart event, there was no denying how disgusting it was! She made the room smell worse than a barn! Ms. Marie is a mom who is forever feeling pr... 661 views

Jasmine LeFleur 38

Jasmine LeFleur announced that she doubts she has ever been this gassy! Join this dirty bird as she passes so many disgusting gassers while doing her best to tolerate the awful stench. Her big white booty worked overtime while she launched her lewd t... 1078 views

Amber Star 55

Amber Star’s curvy body looks rather arousing when she bounces on a yoga ball while working farts out of her belly. She is so stinky, but she is not about to let that gas stay commingled in her belly. Fans of smelly black asses will appreciate how ... 401 views

Temple Love 7

It’s not easy being gassy, and Temple Love invites you to join her on her gas detox! She was not wearing a stitch of clothing as she let loud and lewd gassers out of her brown ass pucker. She is a sexy ebony goddess, but even the sexiest girls some... 767 views

Paris Marie 35

What is going on with Paris Marie?? She has an ass full of gas that seemed to have come out of nowhere. As a hot MILF who never disappoints her farts fans, she stripped down to nothing to proffer some excellent face farts that gas aficionados are cer... 1817 views

Jasmine LeFleur 37

Oh boy! Fun-loving MILF Jasmine LeFleur has some bad gas to contend with, and she’d love to share it! She is not a total fan of farts, but she loves enjoying men who enjoy loud ass rippers! She has some impressively long farts to put forth, so good... 1344 views

Temple Love 6

Lovely and lovable babe Temple Love was wearing sexy designer lingerie when she needed to expel some major gassers from her black ass. She did excuse herself at least one time, but overall, she has no shame when shedding the methane collected in her ... 1246 views

Amber Star 54

Amber Star’s black ass was busy once again, and this kinky girl opted to share her atrocious gassers with her fans! She loves those with a penchant for ebony poots, and she was bound and determined to deliver some seriously sexy whoppers during thi... 1440 views

Jasmine LeFleur 36

Jasmine LeFleur looks awesome in soft pink lingerie, but things took a nasty turn when she pulled down her sexy lace bottoms and plopped her big white ass on the pot to do some work! She needed to drop a load, and this dirty deposit was accompanied b... 1343 views

Temple Love 5

Temple Love looked lovely in a white bra and panty set, but when she pulled that hot thong to the side, her ass began to rumble like you would not believe! She was full of gassers, and she spread her long and sexy legs to discard all of her disgustin... 1010 views

Paris Marie 34

Fetching Paris Marie hiked up her orange dress, exposing her bare ass, before pushing out some outstanding farts. Her stink level is as high as ever as she remains silent, while her farts remain deadly! While there are no sexy words escaping her lips... 1237 views

Amber Star 53

Amber Star is well aware that you enjoy her booty blasts, so when she was feeling exceptionally gassy, she stripped down to nothing, sat backwards on a white chair and proffered a bird’s eye view of her black pucker releasing methane. There is no s... 1646 views

Royalty 50

Royalty’s big ass is on display as she farts while giving a play-by-play of the action! She praises the big ones and justifies the smaller ones…all the while talking about how nice and stinky the farts are! There was a time she was a quiet, demur... 735 views

Kim Chi 53

Kim Chi was feeling extremely gassy after a workout, so in her sexy exercise gear, she sped into the bathroom to void her bladder and empty her ass of gas and waste. She is one of the cutest petite Asian darlings imaginable, but her butt packs quite ... 866 views