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Asian Girls

Amora 20

Tattooed cutie Amora is small in stature, but her lady butt trumpet factor is anything but tiny! Amora can cut some loud ones, and when she farts on the toilet, the sounds are amplified while she fills the room with the most awful fart funk imaginabl... 4375 views

Amora 19

Swathed in adorable lingerie, playful Amora had a sexy night planned. However, she found herself having to escape to the restroom when hit with a relentless bout of gas caused by all the sewage she had to dump. All this darling wanted was sensual bed... 4065 views

Amora 18

How hot is petite Amora in a barely there white thong?? Oh, this little dear might just bring a tear to your eye with her innate cuteness and terrible stench! For someone so small, this little lady’s stinky methane really packs a punch! 3796 views

Amora 17

Petite sweetheart Amora suffered some butt cheek screeches, and she was naked to share them with her growing legion of fans. Everything is sexy about this babe as she engages in some colon blowin’ to rid her stomach of painful gas. Her farts are ca... 3790 views

Amora 16

Lovely little lass Amora is rocking fuck-me heels and a cute black thong while lounging in bed and releasing gassers into the air. She is mighty sexy and sweet at the same time. When stinky, Amora is a girl you want by your side because for such a sm... 3872 views

Amora 15

Nobody in Amora’s civilian life would ever suspect she’s such a kinky gal, as she's so sweet and demure! She loves showing off her farts to those with an appreciation for girl gassers. During this fart spectacle, the views of her outie pussy and ... 3791 views

Amora 14

POV facesitting has never been so sexy…and so stinky! Join petite hottie Amora as she places her filthy booty over your face while she farts again and again! The view will blow your mind, and the thought of all of her girl stink going up your nose ... 4345 views

Amora 13

Petite cutie Amora looks amazing in a slutty black ensemble and fuck-me heels! Adding to her allure is a slew of sexy girl farts that are certain to rouse the sum of your senses in the sexiest way possible! Enjoy the view as adorable Amora farts just... 3790 views

Amora 12

Red-hot chick Amora is simply stunning, and she is as stinky as she is sexy. Share some time with her as she is fully nude and showing off her extremely gassy state. Fans of hot girls farting cannot get enough of this beauty and her bold approach to ... 3798 views

Amora 11

Amora is hella sexy, and she’s even hotter when showing up-close views of her young pussy as she farts for you without hesitation. This babe is not a bit shy, but she mostly remains silent so you can take in all of her fabulous female farts with no... 3948 views

Amora 10

Black lace lingerie looks fantastic on young, sexy Amora. This dirty girl takes great pleasure in showing off her farts, and during this gassy state, she was filtering her filthy poots with a hot black lace thong. Take a long look at this lively doll... 3789 views

Amora 9

Adorable beach bunny Amora had to take a break from sun worshipping to do some rough work on the toilet. She was full of gas, piss and methane and had to clear out so she could continue to enjoy her day soaking up the rays. Amora had to partially rem... 3942 views

Amora 8

For such a little young lady, enchanting Amora really packs more gas in her tummy than you’d think. She is a very gassy girl, so don’t let her slight physique fool you…she is a fart fan’s dream come true. Check in on sexy Amora as she is nake... 3942 views

Amora 7

Ever wonder what the maid does during her break? Well, if your maid is sexy girl Amora, she slips into your bed for some kinky farting on the clean linens! This is a disgusting display from delightfully sultry Amora, and only the most devout fart afi... 3802 views

Amora 6

Perfect hottie Amora was holding nothing back as she shot ass torpedoes, one right after the other. She was ready to impress and wow with her womanly gassers, much to your pleasure. This babe is beyond sexy, and she definitely filled the room with he... 3799 views

Amora 5

With her cute tits concealed by a sexy bikini top, Amora was exposing her hot ass pucker and shaved pussy while she served up freshly baked air biscuits! Her petite, inked physique is mouthwatering, and watching her fart with no shame proves to be ar... 3794 views

Amora 4

Looking like a tasty treat in an adorably skimpy bikini, enchanting Amora was hit with a bout of gas and went all out in soothing her tummy through passing the stinkiest farts imaginable! She is a dirty girl, but that is why she is such a pleasure to... 4225 views

Amora 3

Do not let delicate Amora fool you! Despite her small physique, her farts really do a number on her. They are powerful, stinky and the nastiest girl farts you can imagine. She is making no excuses for her gassy state. Amora only wants to get rid of t... 5322 views


Petite Asian Amora is a dynamic young miss, and her first time farting for an audience should not be missed! She is sweet like candy and hot as fuck! Her farts are a bit on the tame side for now, but she is really coming into her element and proves t... 4544 views

Royalty 55

Royalty is back, and she is stinkier than ever! Enjoy the view as she farts in your face while wearing crotchless fishnets. You’ve never been this close to her stinky booty and shaved Asian pussy. She might be young, but she is as bold as the day i... 4256 views

Royalty 76

Asian cutie Royalty can be so silly sometimes! Recently, she was feeling very gassy, so she dipped her body in the tub to make some stinky bubbles in the water. Her giggles with the funny sounds she makes are adorable. This was certainly a dirty bath... 3788 views

Royalty 75

Looking cute and sporty in a shorts and tank top set, Royalty bounced into the bathroom to take care of some business. She had a booty full of stale wind that she released into the bowl, making the restroom smell horrid. With a belly full of gas and ... 4141 views

Royalty 74

Joining Royalty in the bathroom is made possible with a well-placed camera that was set up to capture all of the tush ticklers she released into the bowl. The booty bombs and waste hitting the bowl were worse than her norm, nearly gassing her out of ... 3791 views

Royalty 72

Tushy tremors are Royalty’s specialty, and watching her fart is something else! She is such a sweetheart with a penchant for kink, making her the perfect doll to see in the act when she’s gassy. During this session, she released so many sphincter... 3788 views