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Asian Girls


Join Rapunzel as she is giving farting for the camera a shot. She hasn’t tried this before and is more accustomed to holding in her stale wind. Her tummy is bothering her a bit, and she is producing some putrid smells as she perches on a sofa to te... 12334 views

Asia Zo 33

Imports from Asia are terrific, especially when it's the sexy and devilish Asia Zo importing farts straight into your mouth! From her commanding position in the fart chair, Asia gives you a rare strain of anal action, polluting your face with her exo... 8325 views

Asia Zo 32

Asia is so horny that she just has to reach into her panties and start playing with her pussy, but then she lets out a big, juicy fart! Undeterred, Asia continues in her quest for self-pleasure but the farts follow her. She slips out of her white pan... 8520 views

Asia Zo 31

Clad in her red and black bra and panties and with a belly full of farts, Asia is your masturbation fantasy! She is loaded up and lets them rip, knowing they are what makes your cock hard and ready to blow! Asia opens her holes for your inspection, m... 12929 views

Asia Zo 30

You know when Asia arrives in the bathroom clutching her belly that a serious fart storm is about to ensue! Reciting a list of what she might have eaten to induce such gas and bemoaning an ass on fire, Asia powers through her pain and lets the farts ... 13479 views

Asia Zo 29

Asia's farts are so powerful she can fart her fingers right out of her own ass. But our determined little Asian just keeps sucking on them and sticking them right back in! Asia oohs and aahs as she anally penetrates herself, peppering the action with... 11033 views

Asia Zo 28

It's hard to watch Asia play with herself without wanting to fuck her in the ass. But Asia doesn't just want that, she wants to fart on your dick while you do it! With her panties pulled down, her ass wide open, and one hand on her pussy, the only th... 13583 views

Asia Zo 27

Asia Zo is back and one can only wonder what she's been eating while she was gone because she's going bottomless to reveal a bottomless supply gas! Asia gets out of her thong panties to reveal a lovely little asshole, straining with the pressure of n... 3865 views

Alexa Bay 13

Alexa Bay had a protein shake before the gym, but that shake is causing havoc in her tummy. Alexa just wanted a quick meal, what she got instead was an asshole full of stinky farts, and now she’s determined to push out of her rancid gas before head... 8362 views

Alexa Bay 12

Alexa Bay thinks this will be a quick bathroom visit, but after she lowers her ass on the toilet, and a nasty wet farts rips out, she realizes she’s got a lot more gas trapped inside her than she thought. Alexa’s not the type of gassy girl that h... 11131 views

Alexa Bay 11

Alexa Bay has been holding in her dirty fumes, and she’s finally letting it all out. She let a few of her smelly farts loose earlier at school and all the boys made fun of her. They don’t appreciate a stinky fart like you do, and now Alexa’s tr... 6777 views

Alexa Bay 10

Alexa Bay is finally ready to fart for you, but she wants you to get your nose close so you don’t miss a single disgusting smell! Alexa’s giving in to all your fart filled desires, she’s pushing out her rotten smells, just for you, in this clip... 8098 views

Alexa Bay 9

Alexa Bay pushes out a fart so smelly it takes her by surprise! Now that she’s had a whiff of her fart filled asshole, she can’t resist sniffing in each fart she pushes out… rubbing the smell all over her hands and taking deep whiffs of her fin... 12385 views

Alexa Bay 8

Alexa Bay has to use the bathroom really bad, but her boyfriends using it. So, what’s a gassy girl to do? She’s forced to try to push out all her smelly farts on her leather chair, in a hurry, hoping she won’t get caught. Watch along as Alexa t... 10276 views

Eden Alexander 8

Eden Alexander is all hot and bothered, rubbing her pussy, just trying to get herself off. The more she rubs her pussy, the more she has to fart - and the vibrations coming from her butthole as she releases her stink, just make her more excited! Each... 6452 views

Cece Stone 21

Cece Stone wants to show you how she farts! She likes to get face down and ass up, because that feels the best when she\'s pushing out her ass stink! We hope you\'re ready for Cece\'s dirty farts, because she loves pushing them out for you, and havi... 7425 views

Cece Stone 20

Cece Stone wants nothing more than for you to jerk off to her dirty farts! You don\'t want to make such a sweet gassy girl like Cece upset do you, so you better do what she says! She\'s putting all of her ass on full display for you, because she know... 9652 views

Cece Stone 19

Cece Stone has been holding in her gas all day! She\'s been saving all her farts up for when she got home, so now she finally gets to let it all out! It\'s nothing short of amazing how bad her ass can stink! Cece is one gassy girl, and she\'s finally... 4271 views

Cece Stone 18

Our Asian bombshell, Cece Stone, is always so full of stinky gas! This time she\'s using the fart chair to help spread those pretty ass cheeks of hers, so you can get the best view possible while she pushes out every last fart she has trapped inside!... 7558 views

Cece Stone 17

Rumor has it that you\'re a dirty fart lover! Cece Stone heard about you too, so she\'s got something extra special for you in this clip! Cece is so full of rancid gas that she can barely move without one of her farts forcing its\' way out of her tig... 4458 views

Cece Stone 16

Poor little Cece Stone, she\'s all chained to the bench and she can\'t get free. We\'re sure that\'s ok with you though, because her ass is spread wide open and she can\'t stop her farts from sliding out of her asshole! Gassy girls, like Cece, always... 4099 views

Cece Stone 15

Cece Stone is trying to find the best position to help her push out her horrid farts, and when she finds just the right spot; her gas comes flying out of her asshole! This gassy girl has such explosive gas that the force of them pushing their way out... 5284 views

Eden Alexander 7

Eden Alexander has been eating horribly greasy foods - and now she\'s full of gas - just waiting to push it all out for you! Eden won\'t be happy until you cough on all of her ass fumes! She wants you to lick up, eat, and swallow every last one of h... 4579 views

Eden Alexander 6

Poor little Eden Alexander can\'t control her farts when she get\'s scared, and she\'s found herself all tied up with no way to get loose! She can\'t control all the farts flying out of her ass, and she\'s filling the room with her stink while she st... 7564 views