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Asian Girls

Jasmine Ryder 10

Jasmine Ryder 10rnJasmine is in the bathroom, wearing panties. She pulls her panties down and sits on the toilet for some bareass bowl blasts - WOO-HOO! She plays with her titties and gets into the shower for echoing farts! Jasmine's body undulates a... 5086 views

Jasmine Ryder 9

Sexy sultry Jasmine sits spread-legged on the bed, wearing a cute bra and panties. She starts stroking her pussy and playing with her tits, then removes her bra. She lays back on the bed and while she\'s stroking her pussy, she says her stomach hurts... 4293 views

Jasmine Ryder 8

Sultry Jasmine Ryder is on the bed, wearing white panties. She's got some gas to share with you today, so she pulls her panties down and the camera zooms in from the front and catches some cute little poots! Jasmine then sticks her ass in the air and... 6412 views

Jasmine Ryder 7

Exotic beauty fJasmine Ryder is on the bed wearing a cute little mini-dress. She rolls over onto her tummy, sticks her ass into the air and farts! She then squats on the bed and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole, which you can see pooch out as ... 5098 views

Jasmine Ryder 6

Jasmine is in the kitchen cleaning up, and she\'s stuffed from eating! She pulls up her cute little black lace dress and spreads her butt-cheeks and farts right into your face! The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you the midget\'s-eye-view of... 4741 views

Jasmine Ryder 5

Near Eastern beauty Jasmine is sitting naked at the computer, looking at Fart Fantasy. She sits on a hard wood chair and farts on it - OH YEAH! Then she gets up and bends over and blasts some farts right into your face! The camera zooms in tight and ... 4519 views

Jasmine Ryder 4

Indian hottie Jasmine Ryder returns and today she's nude on the bed! She lifts her legs and blows a squeaker! Then she rolls onto her side and you can see her bare asshole working as she farts some more. Jasmine's got some nasty gas in her today, and... 4713 views

Jasmine Ryder 2

Jasmine Ryder 2 Jasmine is on the a futon and she\'s all bloated with gas. She pulls up her dress and spreads her legs, then pulls out her titties. She rolls over onto her side and blasts a fart! The camera zooms in on her hot round booty as she blo... 5147 views

Jasmine Ryder

Oooh look - there's a new girl on the block, and her name is Jasmine Ryder! Jasmine walks into the room, lays on a futon with her ass in the air, and blasts the juiciest fart! Then she talks about the food she ate that gave her all that gas. She does... 5885 views

Melody Nakai 14

Buxom beauty Melody Nakai is nude on the sofa, talking about how bloated she is from all the food she ate. She wants to just blast it all out, and she starts to play with herself, then blasts a fart! She gets on all fours on the coffee table and rele... 4935 views

Melody Nakai 13

Buxom Blasian Melody is on all fours on the sofa today, and she's wearing a bikini, and she blasts a fart! Melody sure does have lots of gas today, and she just keeps farting and farting and farting! Then she removes her bikini bottoms while the came... 4579 views

Melody Nakai 10

Exotic Blasian beauty Melody Nakai returns to pleasure your eyeballs and ears and nose with her farts! Today she's on an ottoman, where she removes her thong and promptly inserts a pink dildo into her ass! She just about launches that dildo out of he... 4822 views

Melody Nakai 9

Look out, because Melody's back! Tpday she's wearing a red thong and bra. and she's blasting farts on the bed - great big sexy farts! Melody takes off her bra and starts playing with her titties, then the camera zooms up under her ass and delivers s... 4215 views

Melody Nakai 8

Favorite fartress Melody Nakai returns with a bellyful of gas. She's nude on the bed today, and she's telling you about the food she ate - a burrito with refried beans and cheese and a soda. Melody sticks her ass into your face and lets her ass gas f... 5146 views

Melody Nakai 7

Blasian babe Melody is back to fart for you! She's in the bathroom, where she strips and plays with her titties. Then she turns around, and you know you're in for it! She sits on the toilet facing the tank with her gorgeous big round booty hanging ov... 5167 views

Melody Nakai 6

Blasian honey Melody is in the bathroom, wearing a halter top and denim shorts. She removes her shorts and stis on the toilet lid, facing the tank, and blasts a fart! The camera gets up underneath Melody's ass, giving you the hound's-eye-view of Melo... 4752 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai 3

Tiny blonde Rebecca Blue and Big Blasian beauty Melody Nakai have paired up yet again to lick each others farting asses - WOO-HOO! Rebecca gets on all fours on the chair, and farts into Melody's face, so Melody moves in and licks Rebecca's farting as... 15818 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai 2

Melody and Rebecca pair up again to fart on each other, and both girls are wearing sexy little outfits! Melody sits on Rebecca's face and farts through her panties into Rebecca's nose! Melody's panties really hold in the stench for Rebecca to relish,... 25859 views

Melody Nakai 3

Blasian Melody is back, and today she's wearing a silver bra and panties with thigh-high fishnets! She sticks her ass into the air, and lets some long, airy farts hiss through her panties! Then she pull sher panties to the side and blasts some big, l... 4576 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai

Well, here's something you don't see every day - a hot blonde and a sexy Blasian girl paired up for some hot, nasty, face-farting action - YOWZA! Rebecca starts off by pulling her pink thong to the side, and sitting on Melody's face to fart in her n... 20446 views

Melody Nakai 2

Blasian beauty Melody Nakai is here to fart for you! She's wearing nothing but a string bikini top and thigh-high fishnets with stilettos. Melody pulls her legs way up and spreads them, and farts while she plays with her pussy - WOW! The camera zooms... 4479 views

Melody Nakai

Debuting today is Blasian beauty Melody Nakai. Melody ate a lot of Mexican food, and it gave her the worst gas! She lays on her back and spreads her legs for the camera, struggles a little bit, then once that gas gets blasting, it just keeps right on... 4253 views

Melody Nakai 4

Blasian babe Melody Nakai is nude on a chair, wearing only fishnets today. She sticks her ass in the air, and lets some airy farts hiss! Her farts get louder and louder, and then she blasts some really loud, wet farts right into the camera - SEXY! Me... 4802 views


This is Maya's first time farting for the camera! She has nasty nacho gas and she just can't hold it in anymore and she wants to fart it all out right now in front of you! She's completely naked in this clip. Nothing like a hot naked farting Asian ch... 5664 views