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Asian Girls

Kim Chi 58

Fart fanatics love when dates end like this…in the hottest POV imaginable, Kim Chi thanks you for buying her Indian food by farting in your face and fingering her sweet pussy for you! She has some dirty words to dispense and encourages you to strok... 7602 views

Kim Chi 57

Back by popular demand is gorgeous Asian doll Kim Chi. You might be fortunate enough to know Kim, but you have never seen her like this before! This tattooed hottie is boasting a nerd girl look with cute bangs and black-rimmed glasses, but, like alwa... 3863 views

Kim Chi 60

Slim and sexy Asian beauty Kim Chi was recently filmed in secret when she entered the bathroom in the buff to take a serious dump. She made that small space smell like a dumpster, but she looked absolutely adorable while doing so! Kim proves that eve... 3861 views

Royalty 54

The awful gassers Royalty was releasing were admittedly embarrassing, as stated by her! She is quite accustomed to being plagued with such gas, and normally she does not feel self-conscious about her blasts, but when she admits some shame, it is safe... 3873 views

Royalty 53

“That one slipped out like a snake,” is just one of the descriptive things young Royalty says while she is overcome with egregious belly gas. Nope, she is not burping! All of the menacing methane is coming out of her ass, and since she is wearing... 3858 views

Kim Chi 56

Kim Chi is as adorable as ever with her knee-high socks and cute bikini top! She is such a treat and is certain to rouse the senses of those who are fans of dirty Asian booty! Why not enjoy her for a bit as she blasts girl gassers out of her lovely b... 3858 views

Royalty 52

Looking cute in a short vinyl skirt, young Royalty did not smell nearly as good as she looked! She felt so much gas dancing around in her belly, and she felt compelled to reposition herself to get the farts to make their way out of her booty. She eve... 4409 views

Kim Chi 55

Adorable and personable Kim Chi is well aware of your penchant for lady poots, and she would love to give you jerk off instructions as she lets many lewd farts dance out of her derrière. Do not make the poor choice to cum too soon…Kim will be very... 5609 views

Kim Chi 54

Kim Chi does not like to eat spicy food…so why did you purposely take her out for the sort of fare that makes her fart like mad? She was in a rough state and had to share her post-date farts with you, since you were the one who got her the culprit... 3858 views

Royalty 51

Young Royalty certainly knows how to stink up a bathroom! Wearing only her eyeglasses, she made her way to the restroom to deposit a bunch of stink and filthy droppings in the pot. Her productive farts were perhaps her grossest ever, but she needed t... 4822 views

Royalty 50

Royalty’s big ass is on display as she farts while giving a play-by-play of the action! She praises the big ones and justifies the smaller ones…all the while talking about how nice and stinky the farts are! There was a time she was a quiet, demur... 6664 views

Kim Chi 53

Kim Chi was feeling extremely gassy after a workout, so in her sexy exercise gear, she sped into the bathroom to void her bladder and empty her ass of gas and waste. She is one of the cutest petite Asian darlings imaginable, but her butt packs quite ... 3864 views

Kim Chi 52

Kim Chi has an ass that produces such large honks, which is surprising for an Asian babe who is so slender and sweet. What comes out of her ass is hardly sweet at all, however! Hold your nose and check out this dirty beauty who has no regard for prop... 4779 views

Kim Chi 51

Petite and pretty Kim Chi is a tattooed Asian vixen who loves nothing more than farting for her fans! Although being gassy can be rather annoying to the average gal, Kim revels in the misery so that she can put on such an excellent show. Enjoy this t... 5031 views

Royalty 49

There is nothing Royalty would not do to make her belly feel better, and while she is on her quest to rid herself of gas, why not share it with her friends? Here she can be enjoyed as she passes poot after poot as she tries her best to make her tummy... 4666 views

Kim Chi 50

Kim Chi is sporting quite a bush these days! However our favorite petite Asian is always fun to watch in action, and here she can be enjoyed as she lets a slew of gassers escape her perky booty. This tattooed darling is a breath of fresh air, no matt... 5549 views

Royalty 48

Young Royalty is so stinky! She really has a filthy booty, but she loves pushing out those farts to impress those who adore her penchant for putrid poots! She keeps making all of those nasty stinkers find their way out of her backside, and she holds ... 3858 views

Royalty 47

Royalty’s round ass was back at it as she was plagued with yet another nasty tummy ache. Perhaps it is time for this young Asian doll to examine her diet! She really suffers some terrible gas, and her belly is just in fits when it is at its worst. ... 4154 views

Royalty 46

Royalty has been around for awhile, and her farts are always spectacular! When she has a belly ache, the stench is far worse than normal, and the view of her busy pucker is a fart fan’s delight! This bespectacled young babe had to spend ample time ... 4988 views

Royalty 45

Adorable fart queen Royalty would love to sit on your face while she farts! Go ahead and let her take a seat above your mug so she can direct her dastardly gassers toward your face. She is extra stinky today, and the closeup views of her pussy are as... 5895 views

Royalty 44

Curvy teenage Royalty has a lovable body and a set of great natural tits. Here she is, in all of her glory, doing her business on the pot and making quite a stink! She has a surplus of gas and waste to rid herself of, and she remained tenacious, desp... 5609 views

Royalty 43

Royalty has really developed into a formidable fart porn star, as she is now normally as talkative as she is gassy! Her belly often gives her fits, and it is not above her to talk about how stinky her farts are when she is feeling extraordinarily gas... 5129 views

Royalty 42

Royalty’s ass is atrocious! She really has some serious issues plaguing her tummy yet again. Seems she suffers belly aches on the regular! Poor young thing really worked to push out most of these terrible gassers. Royalty complained about the stenc... 3860 views

Lucky Starr 46

Crafty Lucky Starr found the perfect way to playfully release a surplus of booty stinkers…she bounced up and down on her rubber yoga ball! What a way to pass gas! She repeatedly bounced to work the farts out of her booty, giving up awesome views of... 5622 views