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Asian Girls

Asia Zo 11

Ornamental Asia Zo is here to let you sniff her farts again! She's wearing a cute pink bra and panties, and she sticks her ass into the camera and blasts big stinky farts into your face! Those stretchy pink panties sure do hold in the stench - YIKES!... 4501 views

Lucky Starr 5

Lucky Starr is in a black bra and panties, and she decides she's just gonna let 'em rip! She gets up on the sofa and starts blasting farts through her full-bottom panties - NICE! She's really working to get the gas out, and when she lays back and pul... 4141 views

Asia Zo 10

Asia is wearing a yellow bikini when she pulls the bottoms down, spreads her cheeks, and blasts ass gas into your face - WOW! She keeps on farting and asks if you like smelling cheese - SEXY! The camera zooms in nice and tight on Asia's bare asshole ... 4599 views

Lucky Starr 4

Little Lucky says her ex-boyfriend used to fart on her all the time, so this one's for him! She turns around and presents her bare asshole, and starts blasting farts into the camera! She says it's payback time, and she's farting hard today - OH YEAH!... 4072 views

Lucky Starr 3

Lucky has a stomachache, so she squats in the fart chair while the camera zooms up from underneath as she starts blasting farts into your face! She bounces around to get more gas out, and you can see her asshole open and stick way out as she blasts t... 4509 views

Lucky Starr 2

Remember the cute filipino girl from the other day? Well, today Lucky Starr returns to show you how her asshole can talk to you! She's wearing a sexy little skirt and no panties, and she lays back with her legs way up and as she farts, she translates... 4561 views

Lucky Starr

Ever seen a filipino girl farting? Well, today you're in for a special treat as we introduce Lucky Starr, a hot little filipino girl with a bellyful of gas to fart out for you! She had Mexican food today, and she's nude on the bed. The camera zooms i... 4882 views

Kita Zen 23

Today Kita is on the sofa wearing tight-tight jeans, and she starts blasting big stinky farts in them! Kita's ass-out on the sofa, blasting stinky farts into your face and she knows you love it! Kita's sure got an ample booty for an Asian - SEXY! She... 11683 views

Kita Zen 22

Kita's back, and she's full of farts! She runs into the bathroom, pulling down her panties, and sits on the toilet and starts farting! Her belly is visibly bloated and she just sits there farting and farting like crazy - YIKES! The camera swings arou... 6642 views

Kita Zen 21

Veteran fartress Kita is wearing a thong and on her knees ass-out in a chair, when she blasts a couple big farts through her thong! Then she removes her thong and pulls her butt apart and you can see her asshole squirm as she farts - OH YEAH! Kita th... 4561 views

Kita Zen 20

Sexy Kita wants to fart some more in the sex chair! She sits down and the camera zooms in on her struggling asshole and you get to see all that farting action - TASTY! Kita's farts really stink today, too. You can tell by the noises she's making that... 4581 views

Kita Zen 19

Kita is on the bed, and she says she has more nasty farts for you. Then she sticks her ass into the camera and blasts a fart! Then she lays on her side with the camera pointed at her asshole and peppers you with a barrage of farts - WOW! She lays on ... 5071 views

Kita Zen 18

Kita is on the bed wearing only a skirt and thong, so she lifts that tiny skirt and blows a couple airy farts through her thong. Then she pulls her thong to the side and spreads her buttcheeks wide and starts blasting loud stinky farts - YOWZA! She's... 5559 views

Kita Zen 17

Sultry Kita is on all fours in a chair wearing a red bra and panties, but she immediately drops those panties and gets back up on all fours in the chair. Her tummy hurts, and she says she has a good one for you, and she does! She blows out a huge air... 5063 views

Kita Zen 16

Favorite fartress Kita is wearing a bra and panties, and she hops up onto the bed and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a big fart through her lace panties! Then she blasts a bunch more farts through her panties with the camera right there to cat... 6652 views

Kita Zen 15

Kita asks if you want to see her fart, then pulls her dress up and gets on all fours and pulls her ass-cheeks apart and blasts farts into your face! She lays on her side and blasts fart after fart, and boy do they stink! You can see her butthole pooc... 4724 views

Kita Zen 14

Kita is back to fart for you some more! She sits on the edge of the bathtub with her buttcheeks hanging over the side, and the camera zooms in on her sexy little asshole as she blasts the nastiest farts into your face - WOWIE KAZOWIE! She's got a lot... 6558 views

Kita Zen 13

Kita is gonna fart for you today! She gets on the bed and pulls her legs up into a rimming position and starts blasting away right into the camera - WOWIE KAZOWIE! She tells you it stinks and you can tell she's right! How can one cute little Asian gi... 6992 views

Asia Zo 20

Sexy Asia is on the bed wearing a red bra and panties, and her tummy doesn\'t feel good so she\'s gonna fart it all out before going to bed! She sticks her ass into the camera and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts the most wonderful stinky farts ... 4772 views

Kita Zen 12

Sultry Kita is going to fill a bag with farts today! She takes a plastic bag and bunches it all up and pulls up her dress, then she sticks the bag against her asshole and starts farting! She keeps on farting, and you can see the bag fill with air as ... 5407 views

Asia Zo 19

Cute littleAsia is on the bed and she has a bad stomachache and thinks she may need to release some gas. She sticks her ass into the camera and blasts some loud farts right into the lens! You can see her asshole working to get the gas out, and that g... 4792 views

Kita Zen 11

Kita runs into the bathroom, pulls her panties down and sits on the toilet. The camera zooms around behind her and catches her blasting a couple of lovely farts into the bowl - NICE! Then the camera moves underneath and Kita pulls her butt-cheeks apa... 5562 views

Asia Zo 18

Asia is on the bed wearing a cute sexy little black dress, and she ate a lot so she's gonna fart it all out for you! She sticks her ass in the camera and immediately blasts fart after fart after adorable little fart! The camera zooms in so close, you... 4940 views

Kita Zen 10

Sexy veteran fartress Kita Zen is back with a bellyful of gas for you today. She hops up onto the bed on all fours and sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts away! She pulls her cheeks apart while the camera zooms in tight and catches it ... 5075 views