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Asian Girls

Eden Alexander 5

Eden Alexander is going to let you jack off to the stink of her farts! But there\'s a catch, you have to jerk off exactly how she tells you to! So listen up, and get ready to follow her commands, and she\'ll reward you by letting the stink flow out o... 6014 views

Cece Stone 14

Cece Stone isn't holding anything back today. She's filled with raunchy, nasty farts - and she's pushing in them out so you can watch! This gassy girl is spreading her ass open wide, so you can get the perfect view of that tiny little asshole of hers... 8142 views

Laura 6

aura's going to take the fart chair for a ride! She's going to let all her stink fly, while you get the up close and personal view of her tiny asshole as she pushes out all her nasty smells! This gassy girl has the stinkiest farts, and they linger to... 6768 views

Cece Stone 12

Cece Stone is going to show you exactly how she likes to rub her pussy, but only if you promise to play along with her! You better get your cock in hand, so you can keep up with this gassy girl as she rubs that juicy pussy of hers! With so much gas s... 6489 views

Malaysia Blue 8

Sultry Malaysia is feeling a little gassy. She was at the club earlier and didn't want to clear the place out with her stinky ass gas, so she came home to fart it all out on camera! Malaysia gets on all fours and sticks her ass into the camera and bl... 3986 views

Cece Stone 11

Cece Stone is rubbing her sweet little pussy, just trying to get herself off, but nothing turns her on more than being able to push out her smelly farts while she plays with her wet pussy! This gassy girl is hitting all the right spots, and filling u... 4301 views

Cece Stone 10

Cece Stone has some sloppy farts escaping from her butthole, but this dirty girl is so ashamed of how bad her ass stink, she can't help but giggle each time she lets one rip! Cece loves the stench of a horrible fart, and she's farting into her own ha... 4868 views

Cece Stone 9

Cece Stone is trapped and bound, but she's squirming all over the place, just trying to work her booty into the perfect position to let her farts fly free! What's a fart slave to do when they just can't find a comfortable position to fart in? Well, C... 7567 views

Cece Stone 8

There's nothing prettier than Cece Stone bent over with her tiny little butthole on full display. The only thing better is watching as her little hole starts to pucker and wink as she let's all her nasty gas explode right out of her booty! This gassy... 4456 views

Malaysia Blue 20

Malaysia Blue\'s got it going on today! She\'s got the fart chair all ready and she hops right up in there and blasts your face with ass gas - OH YEAH! She spreads out those awesome buttcheeks and lets you have it, and she nearly scorched off the vid... 7712 views

Malaysia Blue 19

Malaysia Blue doesn\'t know how she got all tied up there, hanging by the ropes on her body, it is such a great mystery but some mysteries can be set aside for greater things. Whenever Malaysia is in the mood to fart it can really be considered a gre... 7558 views

Malaysia Blue 18

Don\'t you just love how Malaysia Blue keeps it simple? You just know that this blasian babe means business when she points that sexy ass of hers at you! She unleashes a barrage of hot, pungent farts into your face that would burn your eyebrows off! ... 5650 views

Malaysia Blue 17

One of the craziest mysteries in Fart Fantasy world is that super kinky chain chair. Many babes have fallen in the hands of this unforgiving tool. Most of them wake up without any memory of how they got there, their legs are spread wide apart and the... 7559 views

Malaysia Blue 16

You can almost feel the discomfort in Malaysia\'s voice when she introduces herself. Her stomach is really bloated and rumbling with heavy and smelly air - and she\'s getting ready to let you have it! This is what you\'ve been looking for all this ti... 4978 views

Malaysia Blue 15

Malaysia is this lovely girl with one talented little asshole! She is curvy, all natural, horny and kinky, and she\'s got a big bellyful of gas for you - WOOHOO! She really knows how to please the eyes, ears, and nose with that asshole and the farts ... 4906 views

Malaysia Blue 14

We have seen so many nasty girls take on the fart chair, and each of them has brought to the table, or perhaps the chair. Malaysia Blue gives the fart chair an air of unique experience and if there is one thing you\'ll notice about Malaysia, is, she ... 6699 views

Malaysia Blue 13

This cute blasian chick Malaysia Blue gobbled up a huge burrito earlier, and it made her all bloated and gassy. It's making her so uncomfortable, you can see that perhaps the burrito wasn't the freshest one at the Mexican restaurant. Malaysia points ... 4361 views

Malaysia Blue 12

She seems a little embarrassed about it and we do blame the burrito for giving her so much gas. Thank God that delicious Mexican food gave us all this chance to see the curvy babe Malaysia Blue get naked and blast out all those farts right into our f... 4900 views

Malaysia Blue 11

This Asian babe with the full curves is Malaysia Blue and sheís really having some nasty stomach problems. But don't worry too much for this wonderful babe gentlemen, she is going to let all that gas out before her master comes back. In the mean time... 4764 views

Asia Zo 26

Are you ready? Asia is asking you if you are because this is going to be the bomb. She's all set and all you have to do is watch her. The clock starts and she started wiggling that hot and tight Asian ass to shake the gas in her stomach, disturbing t... 5009 views

Asia Zo 25

Damn Mexican food does not agree with this little Asian's tummy! Poor Asia Zo, having another stomach problem because of it! Mexican food always makes this petite little beauty gassy but you know what? She simply must be doing it on purpose. This sil... 30552 views

Asia Zo 24

When a girl has some gas in her stomach you would think that she can let it rip just by bending a little forward and softly releasing that smelly air. But Asia Zo is no ordinary girl, she wants to do it in style. And by style I mean being completely ... 4668 views

Asia Zo 23

When a tiny little Asian gal is on top of the bed naked like that, clutching her perky tits and giggling like a little school girl, you just know that your cock is going to get hard like a rock. But lo and behold! This babe Asia Zo has some really aw... 4567 views

Asia Zo 22

Aww, the poor tiny thing ate a little too much earlier and now she must really really rip it off. You know what that means guys? It is our lucky day! You may be thinking that there is only too much gas that this little girl can handle but damn, her f... 4330 views