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Asian Girls

Asia Zo 21

How can a tiny body like that blow off that much air out of that super tight little asshole?! It is a wonder to behold and only Asia, this petite Asian cutie can pull it off. Watch the video and see her in so many sexy positions just to blow you away... 4980 views

Malaysia Blue 10

Alt ebony girl Malaysia wants to do some hard-surface farting on the coffee table today! She's wearing thong panties, and she plants her ample booty on the coffee table and farts on it straight away! She leans over and farts on the coffee table, then... 4379 views

Malaysia Blue 9

Malaysia is wearing at tight, full-bottom leotard, and she's rolling around on a purple ottoman, farting out a bunch of gas. She removes her bottoms and farts bare-ass, right into your face - YIKES! You can see her asshole opening to blast that gas o... 4456 views

Malaysia Blue 8

Sultry Malaysia is feeling a little gassy. She was at the club earlier and didn't want to clear the place out with her stinky ass gas, so she came home to fart it all out on camera! Malaysia gets on all fours and sticks her ass into the camera and bl... 4370 views

Malaysia Blue 7

Sexy freaky Malaysia runs into the bathroom wearing a bra, cheerleaders kirt, and knee-high stockings. She pulls that skirt off and sits on the potty and starts blasting farts into the bowl! She leans forward and with the camera right there, squeezes... 5161 views

Malaysia Blue 6

Sexy Malaysia is wearing a tiny thong, and she stands on the bed and bends over and blasts a loud fart! Then she gets on all fours and lets a squeaker through her thong! She lays back and pulls her legs up and bounces all over to work up some more ga... 4489 views

Malaysia Blue 5

Malaysia has a bellyful of gas, and she is going to exercise anyway. She bends over to stretch, and lets an airy, stinky fart through her tight-tight short-shorts! She's doing her stretches, and all that stretching is squeezing the farts out - YOWZA!... 4291 views

Malaysia Blue 4

Sexy Malaysia is naked and full of gas, and she wants to fart on her purple ottoman. She climbs up onto the ottman facing ass-out, pulls her buttcheeks apart, and farts in your face! That's right - you can see open asshole and everything - WOOHOO! Ma... 5196 views

Malaysia Blue 3

Malaysia is wearing a bikini and telling you that you get to watch her fart. She bends over and sticks her ass high in the air and lets an airy fart hiss! She lays back and pulls her legs way up high with her butt pointed at your face and blasts anot... 6891 views

Malaysia Blue 2

Remember the sexy new Blasian girl from last week, Malaysia Blue? Well, today she's back, and she's in the fart chair - WOOHOO! The camera is up underneath Malaysia's ample booty nice and tight as she blasts big farts right into your face! You can se... 4642 views

Malaysia Blue

Oh boy, are you in for a special treat today, as we introduce Malaysia Blue, a sexy blasian girl farting on camera for the first time! She sticks her bare ass right into the camera and blasts a big one, which embarrasses her, so she giggles! Malaysia... 4707 views

Lucky Starr 18

Bendy little Lucky Starr walks into the bathroom, pulls her nightie up,and sits ont he toilet. She's leaned over with gas pains when she starts blasting farts into the toilet bowl! The camera zooms down between her legs to catch every fart molecule f... 4068 views

Lucky Starr 17

Lucky is dressed as an airline stewardess, and she hops up into the fart chair with her skirt pulled up and her ass hanging between the slats! She starts blasting farts and you can see everything with the camera up under there! She tosses the fart ch... 4444 views

Lucky Starr 16

Little Lucky is being Nurse Lucky today, wearing a short-short nurse outfit! She pulls her legs way up around her shoulders and points her asshole right at you trying to get the farts out, then she lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and ... 4213 views

Lucky Starr 15

Bendy little Lucky is telling you about a huge Thanksgiving type meal she ate over the weekend, then she pulls her legs way up and starts farting it out! She lays on her side as the camera zooms in on her asshole, and she blasts farts into your face ... 4451 views

Lucky Starr 14

Freaky little Lucky says she's going to make you smell her stinky-ass farts, then she pulls one leg waaaay up in the air and starts blasting farts! Next, she pulls both legs up and you can see her asshole open wide as she blasts gas out - YOWZA! She ... 8151 views

Lucky Starr 13

Flexible Lucky says her ass can tell your future, then she lays back and pulls her legs up and you can see her asshole open up as she translates what her ass is telling you. She lays on her side and farts into the camera some more, and continues tell... 4013 views

Lucky Starr 12

Little filipino Lucky is on the bed and she wants to show you how her asshole functions! she lays back and pulls her legs up in a rimming position, and farts into the camera, and asks if you can hear it! Then she gets on her side and blasts a fart! W... 4250 views

Lucky Starr 11

Little Lucky Starr is telling you about her filipino culture, and she says filipino food gives her nasty gas. She decides to let one out right there in the chair, and pulls her legs way up and her thong panties to the side and blasts some lovely bare... 4189 views

Lucky Starr 10

Sexy little Lucky says you're going to be her little bitch today, and you're gonna do what she says, no matter what it is. She says she's gonna bend over and you're gonna stick your nose in her ass and smell her stinky farts! She bends over and stick... 10566 views

Lucky Starr 9

Sexy little lucky sits in a manager's chair, saying you're the right person for the job, and asking you how you feel about farts. Then she pulls her legs way up and her buttcheeks apart, and blasts a fart into your face! Then she asks you how you lik... 4493 views

Lucky Starr 8

Little filipino Lucky is wearing a cute negligee today, and she pulls her legs way up and blasts a fart through her thong! She keeps her legs way up in the air and farts some more, and you can see her bare asshole struggling against her thong! She st... 4028 views

Lucky Starr 7

Little Lucky Starr says she's going to give you some flatulence today, so she bounces up and down on the sofa, lifts her dress, and farts in your face! The camera is right there underneath her ass, and you can see everything - WOWIE KAZOWIE! It's so ... 4218 views

Lucky Starr 6

Little Lucky runs into the bathroom and pulls her panties down fast! She sits on the toilet and does some one-cheek sneaks! She's not so sneaky about it though. You can see her asshole pooch out as she blasts farts into the toilet bowl - YIKES! Lucky... 4490 views