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Asian Girls

Kim Chi 4

It seems as if there isn’t any position Kim Chi cannot work her sexy spinner body into! She has the market cornered on sexy spreading, as she offers up fantastic views of her hot, farting ass hole! This sex kitten knows you love the sound of her to... 5399 views

Kim Chi 3

Tattooed tart Kim Chi has a tummy ache, so she has rushed into the restroom to alleviate the issues caused by eating too many beans. Bean farts are by far some of the worst, and her small bathroom quickly becomes nothing more than a gas chamber, as K... 5000 views

Kim Chi 2

Kim Chi is massaging her pussy with so much intensity, she is in the zone, and completely relaxed. The relaxed state translates to a very relaxed ass pucker, and this nearly perfect Asian hottie is tooting like mad while kneading her clit! The stench... 6112 views

Kim Chi

Introducing tattooed Asian sensation, Kim Chi! This engaging girl is new to farting in front of others, but you’ve caught her when she is extremely gassy and needing to let go of some whoppers. Look at that small, cute tush! How could her farts be ... 11998 views

Lucky Starr 32

Help! Lucky Starr needs a bathroom right now, but her roommate is occupying the apartment’s sole potty. There isn’t really anything you can do to help out this stinky starlet beyond just holding court with her as she lies on the couch and farts w... 8869 views

Lucky Starr 31

As always, Lucky Starr is proud of her poots and shares them in all their glory. For something scintillating and varied, she is showcasing her ass acoustics in slow-motion with hot close-ups of her Asian ass pucker opening up and releasing the methan... 11406 views

Lucky Starr 30

Join Lucky Starr as she is alone, hanging out on the couch, and discovers something pretty remarkable. Lucky realized she loves the scent of her own toots, and when she starts to fart, she has her sexy zebra-print thong pulled to the side so she can ... 5017 views

Lucky Starr 29

Lucky Starr is shocked you’ve been watching porn, so she decides to give you a dirty dose of her ass scents to make you pay for it. Get your tongue in nice and deep because she wants you to eat her ass, and her pucker is primed to produce some grot... 6506 views

Lucky Starr 28

Lucky Starr has spent a restful day in the sun in a hot bikini that shows off all her assets. Unfortunately lazing in the sun has rendered her ass sweaty. To make matters worse, Lucky is as gassy as she is sweaty, so she is not going to waste an ounc... 5509 views

Lucky Starr 27

Lucky Starr is one of the sexiest Asian fart queens we know, and she and her butt never hold back! Lucky has rushed into her bathroom, donning a sexy thong, and has to use the potty STAT! Lucky tinkles, but there is a much larger job at hand. Her ass... 7619 views

Lucky Starr 26

Take a peek at Lucky Starr looking hotter than ever in a sexy pink thong and bra! She has taken laxatives to remedy a sour stomach, and since she adores sharing her farts, she is pulling her thong to the side and letting her sliders greet you with gu... 9171 views

Lucky Starr 25

Lucky Starr barely gets those cute panties off in time as she rushes into the bathroom in order to get her butt on the potty when she has work to do! Watch this hottie in action while she is pushing with everything she’s got while on the pot. Her f... 8936 views

Lucky Starr 24

Lucky Starr asks if you’d like to tap that ass! Such a silly question with a very obvious answer! Any guy with a pulse would want her ass when it’s all sweaty and full of gas! Lucky would love for you to lick that ass and jerk your cock off to he... 7507 views

Lucky Starr 23

Look at the sexy stockings on Lucky Starr! She is in black nylons with pink lace threaded up the leg, ending in a cute bow! These nylons are not the hottest thing on this babe, however. She is wearing a thong she takes off and farts on to easily brin... 6242 views

Lucky Starr 22

Lucky Starr wants you to bask in the ambiance! She is ready to go, looking like a sexy Dominatrix in her black corset, boots and long gloves. There are no bottoms on this babe, though, and this makes her farts flow freely while she shares them with y... 6436 views

Lucky Starr 21

A topless girl farting when working out while wearing crotchless leggings…that’s almost too much awesome for one sentence, but this is what Lucky Starr is all about as she is exercising in her living room, uninterrupted but for the series of ass ... 5953 views

Lucky Starr 20

Expose yourself to Lucky Starr’s sensual side! This sex kitten is normally very playful, but today this sultry beauty is immersed in an impassioned self-pleasure session that sees her fingers all over her slit while her ass is releasing popping far... 6514 views

Lucky Starr 19

Sassy Lucky Starr is reading a saucy erotica novel! Not sure what the title of today’s selection is, but it’s extra steamy while she’s reading aloud in black lingerie and passing ass blasts while reciting the text. She is fifty shades of sexy w... 4964 views

Rapunzel 7

Take a peek at the sexy short shorts on Rapunzel as she is eating some savory gas-inducing tacos. Once again this sexy Asian has eaten more tacos than a person should in one sitting, but she just couldn’t help herself. Now she is making a mess of h... 8618 views

Rapunzel 6

Cumming all over Rapunzel’s ass after she has been farting up a storm isn’t a bad way to allocate the next several minutes! This long-haired, sexy Asian would love to treat you to the farts you love while you are stroking your hard-on in her pres... 11556 views

Rapunzel 5

Who needs a whirlpool when a plethora of puffers produces the same effect? Ravishing Rapunzel proves a tub of water can become pretty choppy when a gassy girl washes herself! Rapunzel is immersed in a tub of warm, clear water and has a tummy ache. Wa... 6631 views

Rapunzel 4

Get out of the way! Rapunzel is in a hurry to get her fine ass on the pot! Wow, she has some amazingly strong steamers to shoot into the bowl and just made it on time. This long-haired hottie is pretty as a picture, but smells fantastically foul. Far... 11586 views

Rapunzel 3

Rapunzel wants to cover your face in her dirty farts and starts off with a fart so long and strong, it’s certain to render you speechless. This tiny, long-haired beauty’s ass is insane! Her bunghole blasts are giant, and she is giving you the per... 10663 views

Rapunzel 2

Rapunzel’s stomach is killing her, and she has some egg-smelling rip snorters to let go. What she is producing is pretty foul, but her cute little shaved kitten is sweet as cinnamon. The same cannot be said about her ass hole. When Rapunzel cups he... 11551 views