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Asian Girls

Royalty 71

Crafty Royalty learned a new trick! She figured out she could achieve different feelings if she pressed on the spot above her pucker while farting. She said that it felt weird and good at the same time! Whatever floats her boat is fine by us! It’s ... 3858 views

Royalty 70

Lovely Royalty got all decked out in a mustard-colored cocktail dress to meet her gal pals out for a nice meal at a new restaurant, and when she got home, she was not feeling so hot. She had a stockpile of wet bung blasts that she had to work to rele... 3858 views

Royalty 68

Cutting the cheese in front of a camera is Miss Royalty’s specialty! She loves the attention she gets from her gassers, and during this stimulating and stinky session, she is positioned for the hottest POV facesitting adventure that gives you one h... 4272 views

Royalty 67

Royalty has such a sweet nature, and during this POV farting session, she is quite proud to show what her butt can do! After one particularly rough ass rumbler, she said she could feel it throughout her entire body! This young lady is frequently over... 3861 views

Almanique Angel 3

Fans of a sexy lead-up to stink will appreciate cute Asian tart Almanique Angel’s fart session. She does not engage in rapid fire, but she sure has fun pushing with all of her might as she tries so hard to get a whopper of a fart to surface. She ce... 3866 views

Royalty 66

Stinky Royalty in the buff is a visual treat, as there is so much of her to love! She takes great pride in her stink and shares the raunchiest gassers with fans whenever she gets the chance. Before launching this gassy engagement, she must have consu... 3859 views

Royalty 65

Vivacious sweetie Royalty was so embarrassed by her gassy state, but she is no stranger to farting for the camera. This time, the curvy Asian’s gassers were so awful smelling that she was essentially self-conscious for the first time! Adorable Roya... 3862 views

Almanique Angel 2

Asian cutie Almanique Angel tried her very best to work out many, many farts for her budding legion of fans, but she could only do so much before begging for encouragement! Miss Angel claims to feel very sexy when she farts, and even though she could... 3863 views

Royalty 64

There is something so uplifting about young Asian Royalty and her chunky booty because she’s adorable and a breath of fresh air in the area of sexy girl farts. Yes, she’s terribly stinky, but that is how we love her. What makes her fart sessions ... 3861 views

Royalty 63

Royalty’s pungent poots are definitely memorable, and her cute, curvaceous body naked in bed during a bout with farts is a great visual! This poor dear is gassy far too often for someone so young. Hey Royalty, perhaps a diet change is in order? 3860 views

Almanique Angel

On sweet Asian Almanique Angel’s very first time farting for the camera, she did not miss a beat! Her perky tush is perfection, and the best way to meet this babe is with her in the buff and farting for your attention during a POV performance that ... 5634 views

Royalty 62

Looking cute in only a red skirt, and nothing on top, sweet Royalty shared some arousing upskirt shots as she got rid of the gas giving her so much trouble. This personable young lady was a chatty girl as she popped fart after fart out of that cute, ... 3858 views

Royalty 61

Royalty was feeling gassy while people were at her home, and she admitted she was too embarrassed to fart in the living room, so she headed to the bathroom for privacy as she pooted her way to relief! Her big butt looked mighty sexy perched on the ed... 3858 views

Royalty 60

In the middle of the night, lovely Asian youngster Royalty was woken up with a terrible belly ache. The poor thing was simply miserable, so she stumbled into the bathroom, stark naked, and placed her thick booty on the pot to try to get rid of the ga... 3858 views

Royalty 59

Watch out for the stink of Ms. Royalty! This thick Asian tart packs a punch in the realm of lady farts, and when she is as gassy as she was on this day, it does not take long for her to fill the room with her stench. As she narrates her nasty state, ... 3859 views

Royalty 58

Royalty is a filthy Asian filly who is always less than a lady when it comes to farting for the camera! Her personable nature shines as much as her farts stink! During this fart session, her belly was hurting, so she did her best to push out a pletho... 3859 views

Royalty 57

Playful Royalty is so sexy when it comes to showing off her nude body while farting. She is the perfect POV playmate! Check out her curvy physique as she pushes powerful farts out of her ass, giggling a lot of the time when her gassers are extremely ... 3861 views

Royalty 56

Rambunctious fart displays are what adorable chub Royalty is all about! She enjoys showing her fans all of herself, as evidenced by her slutty black fishnet getup that exposes her big booty quite nicely. Her big ass truly makes quite an impression wh... 3866 views

Kim Chi 65

Your gorgeous girlfriend Kim Chi knows just what you like, and she is fully prepared to give you the stinky, sexy adventure you crave. She wants you to feel full satisfaction while she shows off her great ass and egg-scented farts you desire. Kim has... 4176 views

Kim Chi 64

In anticipation of farting for her legion of adoring fans, sultry Asian hottie Kim Chi ate at a buffet and got good and full. She wanted to exude a series of unique gassers as fellas stared at her busy ass pucker while stroking their rock-hard cocks.... 7133 views

Kim Chi 63

Kim Chi demands you sniff up her farts. She calls them a magic potion, and it’s up to you to decide if she is correct in that assessment. As she proffers dirty talk and the sight of her fingering her ass pucker, she also gives you the loud gassers ... 4649 views

Kim Chi 62

Some smells are impossible to forget, and this is the case with stinky Kim Chi! Her oriental gassers are ghastly, and lovers of lady stench find her to be a foxy distraction when she is naked and farting up a storm. Delight in the view of this dainty... 3859 views

Kim Chi 61

Kim Chi looked mighty sexy in a designer jumper on her way out for the night. Before hitting the party scene, this Asian siren had to make a deposit in the pot, which she did in the most unladylike manner! She was full of yesterday’s food intake, a... 4272 views

Kim Chi 59

Your girlfriend Kim Chi overdid the protein shakes but suspects her farts now smell like vanilla, and she intends to give them all to you while you stroke your cock to the sight and smell of her petite body hard at work! Asian babes don’t come any ... 3983 views