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Top Rated

Amber Star 6

Sexy Amber walks into the bathroom and tells you she's going to blow some bubbles in the bath today, and you know what that means! She gets into the bathtub and blasts a big echoing fart onto the bottom of the tub and you can see the bubbles - NICE! ... 11152 views

Amber Star 11

Amber Star is spread wide open granting full access to all her sweetest spots. Is your tongue prepared to capture her tasty tootsies? The scent of rotten eggs is filling the room fast and she’s sharing every ounce of odor with fart-in-face action a... 12365 views

Nilaya Brown 9

Silky, sensual Nilaya looks heavenly, but she stinks like hell! Clad in he fishnet lingerie, she writhes upon the couch, utterly in love with herself and with the smell of her own ass! Nilaya is just loaded with farts and she acknowledges both beauty... 11269 views

Evanni Solei

Today we introduce Evanni Solei, an ebony beauty who's full of gas today! She's wearing a denim skirt, and she stands up and pulls up her skirt, spreads her butt-cheeks, and treats you to a bare-asshole fart! Then she sits in the chair and pulls her ... 20894 views

Imani Rose 14

Red-mesh-covered ass - that's how this clip starts. Imani is wearing a T-shirt and see-thru red dress and no panties! She says she loves to make the boys cry by jiggling her ass and farting! The camera zooms in on her bare struggling asshole as she b... 10121 views

Sindell Angel 7

Sindell Angel is knocking it out of the park with her devilish fishnets and black bra and is knocking it out of her ass with huge fart bombs accompanying her instruction to stroke your rod that’s grown harder just at the sight of her and the sound... 17116 views

Crystal Lopez 3

Crystal Lopez is taking full advantage of the fart chair today. It helps her spread her ass open wide, so you can see every inch of her stink hole as she pushes out every last one of her nasty farts! She's smacking her ass, and spreading her cheeks -... 19676 views

Diamond Solitaire 5

Dressed in a designer bra and panty set, sexy MILF Diamond Solitaire sped into the bathroom to release some awful gassers, urine and whatever else needed to escape her undercarriage! She is a dignified woman of means, but that does not mean that she ... 4027 views

Myeshia Nikole 4

Sexy Myeshia has a terrible tummyache and she wants to know if you want to see her fart. Of course you do! So she sticks her bare asshole right up there tight in the camera and blasts some huge stinky farts right into your face - BOO-YAH! She lays on... 7187 views

Brown Suga 2

Buxom ebony beauty Brown Suga returns, and today she's wearing a cute little red bra and matching leopard-print panties! She tells you to listen, then pulls her panties to the side and farts bare-ass right into the camera - WOOF! She spreads her ass-... 9963 views

Jessica Mansfield 7

Well looks who's back for more farting fun times! Are you ready for the gas explosion Jessica Mansfield has in store for you? We sure hope so, because this girl is full of farts, and she's going to free her tummy of the hot stench that's been buildin... 5910 views

Amber Star 55

Amber Star’s curvy body looks rather arousing when she bounces on a yoga ball while working farts out of her belly. She is so stinky, but she is not about to let that gas stay commingled in her belly. Fans of smelly black asses will appreciate how ... 3417 views

Essence 4

Essence is wearing thong panties, and she squats into the fart chair and blasts a cute little fart through her thong! She leans over and blasts some more farts through her thong, then she stands up and removes her thong and squats bareasss in the far... 4261 views

Amber Cream 36

Remember playing red light, green light in your youth? Would you like a sexy way to revisit this classic game? Amber Cream has created a way for adults to enjoy the game by having you stop stroking your cock to her ridiculously gross farts when she s... 5060 views

Essence 5

Essence is nude and she leans over an ottoman and blasts a fart into the camera! She leans over the ottoman with her legs spread and blasts another fart! You can see her asshole struggling and opening as she releases that ass gas - NICE! She leans ag... 3554 views

Chrissy Cruz 10

Chrissy is on the way out of her hotel room and she's got some ass gas to release still. She's farting the whole way down the hall, and then in the elevator on her way down! How deliciously rude. You get to take a ride in the elevator fart box and en... 4097 views

Essence 7

Essence runs into the bathroom, pulling down her pants, and sits on the toilet. She sits down and starts blasting huge, juicy farts! You can see how painful those farts are by the look on her face. Her farts really echo in the bowl, and boy do they s... 4122 views

Cheyenne Jewel 5

Cheyenne Jewel is a chick who knows how to stink up a room! It has been a minute since she farted on film, but she is back and sexier and stinkier than ever! Her bodacious backside is busy expressing massive gassers, and kinky Cheyenne is sharing the... 5958 views

Chrissy Cruz 12

Chrissy is back and you know what that means? More farting, more smells, more booty antics. She's got some smelly gas today and you're going to pop a boner just hearing it coming out! She's wearing a yellow tank top with a pair of tight old denim jea... 4327 views

Silvia Rubi

Passing gas is hardly cause for embarrassment, but Silvia Rubi is rather embarrassed while pushing gas out of her sexy Latina ass! Despite saying she never does this in front of people, she has a great outlook, laughing along the way while also profu... 8369 views

Cheyenne Jewel 6

Taco truck tacos are no friend to adorable Cheyenne Jewel! She dined on the food truck fare, and doing so left her so extremely gassy. Her butt is on fire, and this sexy miss pulled her cute thong to the side so her whoppers could pass free. Spicy fa... 5450 views

Verta 8

Verta says, “It’ s like my butt is growling!” This sex kitten does not lie! Hitting her tight leather pants, Verta’s farts are louder than ever, and she is deeming the stench as smelling quite interesting. The amalgamation of quality leather ... 10633 views

Cheyenne Jewel 11

Cheyenne Jewel is not about to let pesky gas get in the way of a good time, when she has settled in for sexy anal masturbation! She even chuckles at the stench when she stinks up her slender fingers when she farts on them, as they are stuck inside he... 6621 views

Cali Confidential 40

Fun-loving black fox Cali Confidential suffered a pause in her day when she found herself hit with the most awful bout of gas imaginable. She really struggled with the overpowering butt blasts while ridding herself of them on her couch. Ms. Confident... 5914 views