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Fart Chair

Ivana 4

Ivana is sharing an up-close view of her loud ass hole as she fills the room with an odor she blames on what she’s eaten. She says it smells like broccoli and is to be believed because with clamors that grand, they sure can’t smell like flowers. ... 7125 views

Amber Star 11

Amber Star is spread wide open granting full access to all her sweetest spots. Is your tongue prepared to capture her tasty tootsies? The scent of rotten eggs is filling the room fast and she’s sharing every ounce of odor with fart-in-face action a... 12699 views

Auburn Lights 5

Auburn understands what you need: to be sat on, to be farted on, to have your face blown away by her anal stench! Look deep into Auburn's pulsating asshole as she straddles you. Gaze at her as she towers over you from high above and accept that the p... 2666 views

Savanna Ginger 15

Savanna's farts are dirty, there's no doubt about it. But she knows that you are the one who is dirty enough to put your cock right up to her asshole and get it farted on! Savanna commands you to lie beneath while she, like the goddess in white garme... 2669 views

Nikki Ford 15

Nikki gleefully rubs her belly, knowing that it's full of farts and that you want to eat them! All you have to do is get down underneath her and open your mouth to receive! The fart chair gives you a perfect view of Nikki's gorgeous body, perky breas... 6037 views

Kat Lowden 3

Kat Lowden is ready for some face-straddling, fart-feeding action! Get down there and get right up to her big, bulging asshole as it strains its stink all over you! There's plenty more where that came from, though, and Kat really puts her asshole to ... 4265 views

Zamora 13

Lying beneath Zamora, her shaved pussy in sight, you are treated to an epic first-hand view of her asshole farting just for you! Zamora lovingly tells the tale of her farts going down your throat and into your body. Gradling her belly like a precious... 6423 views

Tristina Millz 19

Tristina is back from a particularly nasty buffet and she's going to give you a taste of what she ate! She describes her farts as a power punch to the face and it is true! Clad in sexy bottomless lingerie and straddling the fart chair she powers that... 4770 views

Londyn Taylor 2

Londyn's farts are pouring down! She has a sore stomach and she has mounted the fart chair in a quest for release. One good, noisy poot is enough to make the entire room turn toxic, but that is only the beginning. With her ass pressed to the plastic,... 6874 views

Savannah Fox 20

Savannah has something nice for you: a chair made just for farting! But this means you have to do something for her: get down underneath it and suck the farts from her butthole! It pleases your mistress to see you gulping down her ass, and to see you... 11211 views

Brianna 12

Here is Brianna in all her glory, straddling you high in her fart chair! With careful precision, she opens her anus to blow you a kiss! Brianna's pussy lips hang delightfully within reach as she entices you nearer to taste her farts! When Brianna is ... 9280 views

Asia Zo 33

Imports from Asia are terrific, especially when it's the sexy and devilish Asia Zo importing farts straight into your mouth! From her commanding position in the fart chair, Asia gives you a rare strain of anal action, polluting your face with her exo... 8235 views

Layla Price 3

Layla Price is taking the infamous fart chair hostage with her smelly, fart filled ass! Don't let Layla's shocked expression fool you, this sexy blonde knows exactly what she's doing when she pushes out her explosive farts! Even better, she's been sa... 8264 views

Aryana Adin 3

Aryana Adin has your favorite accessory with her... the only chair that can spread an ass open wide enough for a real fart lover. Aryana's riding the fart chair, just for you, spreading her ass so you get the perfect view, then covering your face in ... 7490 views

Katrina Kox 19

Katrina Kox has some farts for you today, and you Katrina loves to give! She's using her infamous fart chair to spread her ass open nice and wide for you, and now you can watch Katrina's tiny little asshole pucker with each dirty fart she pushes out... 5373 views

Osa Lovely

Osa Lovely has something special but its only for true fart lovers, like you! Shes using the fart chair to help spread her ass as wide open as it can get, and shes doing it all just so you can fill your nostrils with her stink! Osas bouncing that cho... 4629 views

Osa Lovely

Osa Lovely has something special but it’s only for true fart lovers, like you! She’s using the fart chair to help spread her ass as wide open as it can get, and she’s doing it all just so you can fill your nostrils with her stink! Osa’s bounc... 6508 views

Brandy Gomez 4

Brandy Gomez is taking the infamous fart chair for a ride! Those pretty Latin ass cheeks are spread open wide... and you get the perfect view of that tight asshole while she pushes out every last fart! Wait until you get a peek of that puckering ho... 7058 views

Kinky Gaga 3

This clip features Kinky Gaga unloading her delicious farts all over your face while sitting in the fart chair. Enjoy her asshole as she pushes out those lovely smelly toots! 4497 views

Eden Alexander 3

Are you ready to have some fun? We hope so, because Eden likes a good time, and she's got her fart chair here - ready to show you everything that you love! You're going to get the best view possible when she spreads her ass across that fart chair, an... 5039 views

Crystal Lopez 3

Crystal Lopez is taking full advantage of the fart chair today. It helps her spread her ass open wide, so you can see every inch of her stink hole as she pushes out every last one of her nasty farts! She's smacking her ass, and spreading her cheeks -... 20362 views

Alice Frost 11

Is the fart chair famous, or is it just the puckering asshole of Alice Frost that makes the chair special! We'll let you decide, but we're thinking you'll choose Alice. She's got a tight pretty asshole, and it's full of your favorite thing... nasty h... 7470 views

Mistress Lovely 9

The fart chair is back, and this time Mistress Lovely will be using it to help her spread her cheeks just right! She's going to bounce all her farts right out of her asshole, so get nice and close so you can feel that hot smelly gas all over your fac... 4685 views

Laura 6

aura's going to take the fart chair for a ride! She's going to let all her stink fly, while you get the up close and personal view of her tiny asshole as she pushes out all her nasty smells! This gassy girl has the stinkiest farts, and they linger to... 6694 views