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Katt Lowden 31

Playful Katt Lowden’s pucker of perfection continually fails to disappoint, and watching her fart, up close and in slow-motion is a fart fetishist’s dream come true! Her loud honks have a mind of their own, as they slide out with vigor, making he... 5722 views

Deanna Dare

The sexy sounds of Deanna Dare’s farts in slow-motion sound like something is about to launch into space! Her superior MILF sphincter sheds new light on the subject of arousing farts! She holds nothing back as she ensures you become well-acquainted... 10904 views

Ashley Luvbug 34

A stunning, naked ebony farting up a storm is one of the sexiest sights for someone who savors the scenery of a busy, stinky ass hole producing gas. Ashley Luvbug is widely praised for her ass pucker of perfection, and when she farts and shares the s... 5731 views

Verta 19

Verta’s stinky center is on point, as always! She’s gassy and not wasting the waste escaping her ass, as she shares her farting in sexy slow-motion. This vivacious vixen does not miss a beat as she blows her bombs in your face and keeps no secret... 5740 views

Ashley Luvbug 32

The beautiful backside of sexy Ashley Luvbug is on display yet again, and it’s hotter, and stinkier, than ever! She’s wearing an adorable thong, and pulls it to the side to make sure you don’t miss a beat when her butt liberates putrid blasts i... 5739 views

Osa Lovely 17

Osa Lovely is as sexy as she has ever been when she decides to share her bout with gas in fantastic slow-motion! This special effect makes her toots more tenacious than ever before. She’s back with a vengeance and is sharing her session up close. E... 6434 views

Kim Chi 8

Kim Chi’s ass is always an amazing sight, but when she shares sexy views of her tush tooting, it serves as outstanding fodder for the spank bank. She’s in possession of an ass that does not quit, and she’s quite talented at opening up her Asian... 9261 views

Kahlista Stinem

What a way to get to know sultry Kahlista Stinem! She makes her fabulous farting-on-film debut by featuring her delicious pucker in an outstanding slow-motion farting display that is delightfully stinky, and oh so sexy! She’s not shy, and her ass c... 7216 views

Amber Cream 15

Oh, Amber Cream, you never fail to amaze! Ebony ass-lovers would agree that this girl is too good to be true when she shares views of her busy ass hole winking and working to rid her tight tummy of the gas that seems to be in immediate need of escape... 5732 views

Payton Leigh 13

Have you seen sexy MILF Payton Leigh farting in slow-motion? If not, her latest fart foray is a must-see, as her tiny, aged pucker produces loud gassers, seemingly amplified by the special effect created by slow-motion farting. This marvelously filth... 7116 views

Sedusa D 6

Sedusa D is a spectacular maven who was made to fart on demand! With her hot black thong pulled to the side, this short-haired bundle of fun is spotlighting what her tight pucker can do when she’s gassy, and the end result is outstanding. In slow-m... 6533 views

Kim Chi 6

What sounds like a farm tractor off in the distance is simply Kim Chi’s hot ass working in slow-motion to rid her belly of gas! Oh, she makes quite a racket when she works her butt but good, and the close-ups of the calamity are commendable. Her pu... 5735 views

Katt Lowden 24

Have you seen sexy farting in beautiful slow-motion? If so, you know how great it looks when a gal shows her searing stinkers escaping their birthplace to enter the world in all their smelly glory. If you have yet to see such a sight, Katt Lowden’s... 6906 views

Katt Lowden 22

Stretch that pucker, Katt Lowden! Look at this gassy girl! She has her ass pucker stretched as much as she can, and she is sharing her sexy farts in fabulous slow-motion! Her farts are always fierce, so we would expect her to keep them going in rapid... 23001 views

Candi Coxx 13

A lovely lady is not supposed to make these sorts of sounds, but Candi Coxx didn’t get the memo on how to act like a sophisticated maven! She’s gassy and giving a grand display of her pucker hard at work. The best part? She’s sharing these stin... 9004 views

Ashley Luvbug 25

Like a blooming flower, Ashley Luvbugs pretty pink pucker opens up to say hello, promising some sexy views as she pushes gas out of her tush in sexy slow-motion! Watch the way the folds flutter with every poot! Ashleys ass proves to be a beauty no ma... 5741 views

Ashley Luvbug 25

Like a blooming flower, Ashley Luvbug’s pretty pink pucker opens up to say hello, promising some sexy views as she pushes gas out of her tush in sexy slow-motion! Watch the way the folds flutter with every poot! Ashley’s ass proves to be a beauty... 7146 views

Savannah Jane 6

When Savannah Jane needs to fart, it’s best to get out of the way, unless you enjoy the stench from a big ol’ white booty shooting out stinkers with purpose! Her pucker is a grand sight for those with a penchant for putrid puckers and a fondness ... 8744 views

Amber Cream 13

Make that pucker pop, Amber Cream! Wow, this ebony stunner is HOT. She’s gassy too, which is perfect for what she has planned. She is sharing sexy slow-motion footage of her brown butt hole in action, and there is nothing left to the imagination as... 7435 views

Friday 6

Naked as a jaybird and stinky as a sewer is exactly how we like to see saucy MILF Friday, and her latest fart session sees her in exactly this state. Exposing her busy ass hole in fabulous slow-motion makes her display that much more enticing. The co... 6523 views

Katt Lowden 10

A gassy, luscious Latina ass is on the menu, and Katt Lowden is the chef! She’s cooking up some vile and vicious ass blasts and casting them in your direction, as she serves up more than a sampling of her sexy sphincter hard at work. The product is... 5736 views

Candi Coxx 6

Candi Coxx proves that not all girls with saccharine-sounding names smell sweet! Her ass is on blast, quite literally. Showing off in sexy slow-motion is how she is sharing her latest bout of gassiness, and the end result is hot, foul and fabulous! S... 6851 views

Verta 13

Verta’s black ass is something else, and when she’s gassy, her brown pucker looks fantastic as it opens to accommodate the methane exit. When she shares her farts in scintillating slow-motion, the view can’t be beat. Sexy Verta is as naked as t... 7913 views

Lucky Starr 31

As always, Lucky Starr is proud of her poots and shares them in all their glory. For something scintillating and varied, she is showcasing her ass acoustics in slow-motion with hot close-ups of her Asian ass pucker opening up and releasing the methan... 11385 views