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Nevada Max 17

If a hot chick with thick thighs and a curvaceous, stinky ass is your thing, you are not going to want to pass on the chance to get in good with Nevada Max as she shares her awesome gassers with you. Take the time to sniff up all the gruesome stinky ... 1717 views

Cece LaRue 25

Cece LaRue is not a wallflower. She is a spitfire with a kinky streak a mile wide. Join this lingerie-clad cutie as she gives you all the stinkers you can handle while she uses her sultry voice to totally win you over! Cece is nothing but a good time... 1275 views

Sydney Screams 8

Who needs sex when you can have stinky farts instead? This is what Sydney Screams asks during an exceptionally hot and smelly girlfriend POV session! After you have spent a wonderful evening together, it is time for you to put the idea of having sex ... 958 views

Nevada Max 16

Lively lass Nevada Max is a whole bunch of fun when she is gassy and in an exceptionally playful mood! She has so much fun sharing her butt bombs with you while she has her short skirt flipped up, exposing her chubby backside. You are going to love t... 2344 views

Olivia Gardens 7

Lovely Olivia Gardens is wearing some adorable fitted shorts, but she must pull those things to the side in order to let her farts fly into your face. You don’t want to miss a one as this sexy specimen shows off her perfect ass pucker that is laced... 2792 views

Cece LaRue 24

Gassy girl Cece LaRue has some naughty notions swirling around after she consumed the wrong foods. She decides to make it your problem and shoot these farts in your face while you are planted under her big, white booty. Hope you have a strong will, a... 1598 views

Nevada Max 15

Kick-ass kinkster Nevada Max is back for more fun, and her gassy state and pain is your gain! She has to work hard to get her insides cleaned out or she will continue to suffer gas pains that make her want to wail in agony. Get up good and close to h... 2248 views

Sydney Screams 7

Big girl Sydney Screams went out on a date but overate, leaving her terribly gassy. Things were so awful that she had to send her boyfriend out of the bedroom while she worked to get herself in a better state. She saved all of her farts for you, and ... 1413 views

Nevada Max 14

Crafty babe Nevada Max has plans to gas you out of the room with a terrifically awesome POV facesitting session that takes place while she launches some really raunchy farts toward your face. This is going to be a rough encounter, as these are her mo... 2141 views

Cece LaRue 23

Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to fart! This is a bold statement made by foxy Cece LaRue as she points her ass to the heavens and goes for the gold with her nasty stink torpedoes. Get your nose in nice and close, as this inked beauty is ... 1520 views

Nevada Max 13

Endearing doll Nevada Max looks great in designer panties, but the fact she spent good money on those skivvies means she probably should not be blasting farts into the high-end fabric! She doesn’t seem to mind and is hell-bent on giving good visual... 1635 views

Cece LaRue 22

Cece LaRue’s gas-spewing bunghole is embellished with a naughty tattoo, and if you have yet to see her kinky ink, you must treat yourself to the arousing visual of that busy ass pucker while she farts unashamedly for her loyal fanbase! Cece sure lo... 1372 views

Sydney Screams 6

If you are seeking a big girl farting, stop your search this second and share some sexy time with sensational big-boned starlet Sydney Screams! This babe fails to disappoint when it comes to her showing off her XL booty and the boisterous butt burps ... 1551 views

Nevada Max 12

Chili dogs and beans were not kind to cute and curvy Nevada Max! She found herself in a bad way as she worked hard to expel the acidic gas swirling around her belly. Without an ounce of shame, she shares these intimidating ass blasts with you, and ho... 1640 views

Cece LaRue 21

As she is puling her sexy black thong down, captivating Cece LaRue describes herself as a stinky, filthy, disgusting ball of gas. She is not lying! Her nasty farts are obnoxious, and she details the state of her farts as pungent more than once! Cece ... 957 views

Nevada Max 11

Playful minx Nevada Max is in a sexy thong bikini situation as she shakes her doughy belly and announces her intent to feed you more of the farts you crave! Her sturdy body is packing major gas, and as Nevada liberates her nasty gassers, she hopes yo... 1621 views

Olivia Gardens 6

Check out the naughty dinner time behavior by naughty sex kitten Olivia Gardens! She normally doesn’t act like this at the dinner table, but she is naked and letting all of her nasty farts fill the room with her signature stink! This sexy goddess i... 3212 views

Nevada Max 10

Nevada Max massages her pudgy belly a bit when her tummy is in fits. She hopes this will help her on her mission to make herself less bloated and rid her stomach of pain-inducing gas that has collected all day. Her curvaceous body is on full display ... 2074 views

Cece LaRue 19

Listen to captivating Cece LaRue as she describes how great it feels to come home from a long day and rid herself of the gas that has collected during her time away from home. She loves feeling the sweet sensation of release as her air biscuits fill ... 1920 views

Olivia Gardens 5

Bespectacled cutie Olivia Gardens cordially invites you to get yourself situated under her ass as she lingers above your face and fills it with the worst farts she has ever had. Her beautiful butt is going to be your best bet for the next many minute... 2381 views

Sydney Screams 5

Sydney Screams thinks you are a filthy little fart boy, and she says as much as she insists you take your place under her huge ass and inhale all of her butthole bombs as they flow a short way to make it to your nostrils. Her sizable backside will gi... 1264 views

Cece LaRue 18

POV facesitting is really fucking hot with bad girl Cece LaRue at the helm! She demands that you get yourself under her hot ass while she lingers above your nose, feeding your face with farts. Cece loves all the attention from her menacing antics, as... 1602 views

Olivia Gardens 4

Passionate starlet Olivia Gardens looks so innocent and sweet, but don’t let that cute smile fool you. Miss Gardens is a dirty girl who has fun filming her farts for fans who appreciate a ginger filly with a whole lotta stink! Enjoy the closeup vie... 2051 views

Cece LaRue 17

Sultry brunette Cece LaRue couldn’t get her inked ass pucker closer to your face if she tried, as she engages in what she calls, “chemical warfare.” Her farts are extra stinky, and so plentiful, she can do a countdown to an especially large bla... 1678 views