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Lucckii You 35

Exotic dazzler Lucckii You is the dime piece you want in your realm! This MILF hottie is always looking to wow with her sexy ass and stinky nature. Shrouded in sexuality, Lucckii craves full attention and gets off on displaying her booty when she is ... 1718 views

Lillum Evernever 5

Big-bottomed Lillum Evernever looks all prim and proper with her ladylike eyeglasses, but don’t let her look fool you! She is such a dirty kinkster who thrives on getting attention for farting on film. In her latest adventure, she dons simple white... 2061 views

Carmen Kay 5

Here’s your hot ticket to prime seating! Take your place under ebony wonder Carmen Kay’s ass as it bubbles with gas. There is nothing hotter than a stinky babe who holds nothing back when farting for her fans. This POV facesitting session is goin... 2165 views

Lucckii You 34

Lucckii You has found herself in an extremely gassy state once again, so she opted to share her stale wind with her friends! You’ll find being one of sexy Lucckii’s friends to be a highly beneficial situation, as she is always in top form and loo... 1330 views

Ashley Johnson 5

From her thunder thighs, to her expressive eyes, naughty girl Ashley Johnson is going to rock your world with her methane-filled fanny! Watch as she shakes her abundance of flesh in your face while farting. You are going to feel the best you have eve... 1547 views

Lucckii You 33

POV facesitting with a sexy, stinky spin is what crafty maven Lucckii You has orchestrated for your viewing pleasure. Let her perch her perfect MILF ass above your face as you breathe in the virtual stale air she is sending your way! Lucckii is the n... 1920 views

Sadie Loves 3

Heavy-bottomed harlot Sadie Loves invested in super hot black lingerie for her latest filmed fart session. She looked exactly like the elegant doll she is, but she is not all high class, as we well know. She loves showcasing her stinky butt while pus... 1320 views

Lillum Evernever 4

Light-skinned ebony Lillum Evernever is back and gassier than ever before! Check her out as she farts with a vengeance, fully aware of how sexy she looks while baring her bottom and shooting stinkers toward her camera. Lillum is simply filthy, and we... 3090 views

Ashley Johnson 4

Pretty BBW Ashley Johnson is the quintessential lady on the streets and a total freak behind closed doors! She feeds her fart fetish by farting for fellas who love huge, stinky asses. Take a look at how lovely Ms. Johnson is while also imagining how ... 1987 views

Lucckii You 32

With Lucckii You’s perfect ass right above your face, you are bound to have the best time sniffing up her massive monster farts. She is outrageously sexy and commands a man’s attention. There is something remarkably unforgettable about Lucckii, a... 1822 views

Carmen Kay 4

Plus-sized lace lingerie looks amazing on stunning ebony babe Carmen Kay. Her ensemble hugs her in all the right places and is easily pulled to the side as she farts in an attempt to make a plaguing tummy ache go away. There is only one way to get th... 2230 views

Sadie Loves 2

Naked Sadie Loves is by far one of the nastiest ladies around! There is no shame in her game, and she delves into kinks like she has something to prove. Truth be told, Sadie adores being the center of attention, and farting for her fans is one way to... 1335 views

Lucckii You 31

Treat yourself to some time with stinky darling Lucckii You as she treats you to views of her productive ass pucker churning out a slew of stinkers. Lucckii smells worse than normal during this outrageous spectacle, but that is what makes it such a t... 1920 views

Ashley Johnson 3

Big, beautiful woman Ashley Johnson is looking exceptionally cute in designer duds, but her new outfit does not stay pristine for long, as she sullied the fabric with her extreme ass stench. With an ass that large, you know the stink escaping is some... 2373 views

Carmen Kay 3

When ebony BBW Carmen Kay lets one rip, the area around her become toxic in an instant. When she is very gassy, the scent lingers for hours. There is a staleness she exudes that is best described as a skunk-sprayed dirty diaper pail warming in the su... 3284 views

Lucckii You 30

The bum-lover’s masturbation fodder Lucckii You is selflessly giving out comes in the form of smelly farts filtered through skimpy bottoms. There is little to no shame in Lucckii’s game as she projects her sultry persona while also delving into d... 1907 views

Sadie Loves

Pleasingly plump harlot Sadie Loves is new to farting on film, but she took to it like a fish to water! Ironically enough, rotting fish in a barrel are exactly what her nasty ass blasts smell like! Her BBW farts are out of this world, and Sadie is th... 2533 views

Lillum Evernever 2

You’ll find big-breasted bombshell Lillum Evernever naked and in bed, where she does her best work! Today she is battling some awful butt rumbling that caused her doughy belly to feel worse than ever before. We wish Lillum the best of luck on her a... 2004 views

Carmen Kay 2

Unclothed, but for clunky high heels, sultry Carmen Kay aimed her large ass at the camera and went to town! She fully shared her nasty gassers with us all, and it was divine! Her big backside is an impressive sight if you can stand the thought of all... 2797 views

Ashley Johnson 2

A fully naked Ashley Johnson in bed while gassy is something you do not want to miss! Her large insides were bubbling with gas, and she had to rub her belly to work them all out. Ashley even had to spread her cheeks to assist the hot shots of methane... 1786 views

Lucckii You 29

Expensive blue lingerie looks absolutely amazing on gorgeous MILF Lucckii You! This costly ensemble did not stay pristine for long as she started pushing farts out against the fabric while murmuring almost the entire time. Ms. You is every guy’s dr... 1313 views

Lillum Evernever

Yummy new model Lillum Evernever is going to give you all you crave and more with her stinky fanny that is certain to make you wish you were with her in person! Only those who love the smelliest asses can appreciate what this curvaceous kitten brings... 2630 views

Carment Kay

Curvaceous Carmen Kay’s massive ass is one of many things that sets this new model apart from her peers! Her sizable stinky booty is the stuff smelly dreams are made of. Check out her thunderous tushy as she farts in front of a camera for the very ... 4155 views

Ashley Johnson

New model Ashely Johnson is really one to watch in action! This effervescent BBW hottie is large and in charge! Her bootylicious backside is a hot mess, as she fires missile after missile, with each one stinking more than the last. Expect Ashley to a... 3920 views