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Cece LaRue 17

Sultry brunette Cece LaRue couldn’t get her inked ass pucker closer to your face if she tried, as she engages in what she calls, “chemical warfare.” Her farts are extra stinky, and so plentiful, she can do a countdown to an especially large bla... 1680 views

Nevada Max 8

Get ready for a fart-filled Nevada Max as she slaps and spreads her pretty pussy while pointing her ass in your direction. This gas is bound to get you going since you are craving a dirty girl right about now. Nevada fits the bill when all a guy want... 1615 views

Sydney Screams 4

Overeating hummus, pita chips and veggies has left personable Sydney Screams in a terribly gassy state. With a body like hers, you know the farts are going to pack a punch as she does all she can to fill the room with her signature stink! 1482 views

Cece LaRue 16

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity is what Cece LaRue refers to herself as before she sets in motion a sexy series of events that includes her showing off her inked physique in the buff and her busy ass pucker that is shooting farts out in rapid succession... 972 views

Nevada Max 7

Curvy kinkster Nevada Max harbors no shyness when it comes to her awesome ass! She loves showing off her hot booty, and during this dirty debauchery, she is in bed in the evening and feeling quite gassy. That chocolate rosebud of hers gets drenched i... 2145 views

Cece LaRue 15

Cece LaRue launches this stinky adventure by proclaiming that her asshole likes to blow kisses! She starts with some tame toots, but once she knows you have your hands down your pants, she kicks things up a notch with a slew of disgusting gassers tha... 1501 views

Nevada Max 6

Are you ready for a sizzling hot POV facesitting session from esteemed ebony starlet Nevada Max? This is quite a feast for the senses as she nestles her curvy booty above your face and lets you take in the view while you receive a lungful of Nevada... 2042 views

Cece LaRue 14

If I was filled with any more gas, I would take flight! This is what Cece LaRue says before she presents her inked ass pucker and lets a slew of gross farts fly directly in your face! Talk about nasty! Live in the moment as she shakes her awesome boo... 1175 views

Nevada Max 5

Statuesque ebony Nevada Max has just finished dinner, and she is not digesting well. Her rancid ass is working overtime as she works hard to rid her belly of the wet gas needing an escape route. The stench is going to drive you wild while she fills y... 2523 views

Nevada Max 4

Nevada Max has beautiful, expressive eyes, but they are not what you are going to be looking at as she shows off her gassy ass and spreads her pink pussy for your viewing pleasure. She gets so excited by her exhibitionism that she slaps her pussy and... 1947 views

Sydney Screams 2

Chesty, restless BBW Sydney Screams has some sexy plans for you! You are going to love what she has to offer in the form of her formidable farts. Sydney’s large ass really leaves a lasting impression as she spreads those cheeks to grant you full ac... 1896 views

Nevada Max 3

Lovely lady Nevada Max has gotten herself some new sexy fishnet stockings and is treating you to the hot view as she exposes her gassy ass. She blueprinted a dynamic experience full of the stench and sex appeal you seek out from a dirty girl such as ... 1613 views

Nevada Max 2

Naughty Nevada Max is keeping zero secrets as she shows off her curvaceous body in the buff and gives you the gross girl gassers you have a taste for! Enjoy the view and stink as she goes all the way when catering to your kink. Seems Nevada likes to ... 1806 views

Sydney Screams

Tight, shiny pants keep sexy BBW Sydney Screams’ ass a secret, but her first time farting for fans proved to be exceptional in every way. She has been off the junk food for some time, but indulged last night, and the proof is in the stench! Sydney ... 2260 views

Nevada Max

Sexy new model Nevada Max has so much to offer in the ways of a juicy ass, pretty smile and big naturals! She is proving to be an unforgettable stinker in her first smelly installment. Enjoy getting well-acquainted with her as she lifts her fitted ca... 2429 views

Olivia Gardens

A sexy girl making nasty noises is how new model Olivia Gardens bills herself during her very first time farting for the camera. Her inked ass is perfection, and her long legs, flawless face and sex appeal make her a perfect ten. Everything about Oli... 1932 views

Cece LaRue 10

Have you been craving more of sinfully sexy Cece LaRue? If so, you are in the right place as she shows off her inked ass pucker and gives you the disgusting farts you have been craving. Her dirty talk is hot as well as she releases stale wind into th... 1633 views

Benji 17

Angelic Benji presents herself to you in a sexy tight dress, and seems she forgot to wear panties! The lack of underthings makes her ass whistles come through loud and clear as she lifts her dress and shares her stinkers with you. Benji is a perfect ... 1902 views

Cece LaRue 8

“Welcome to the fucking Fart Factory,” is what Cece LaRue exclaims as she gives you great upskirt views of her hot ass blasting the worst gas she has ever had! This edgy dame harbors no shame, and she gets off when knowing her thick white ass is ... 1666 views

Taylor Nicole 17

Catch Taylor Nicole just as she was about to start a bath! She thinks the warm water will help her aching belly, but before she starts her soak, she is going to release some farts for your viewing pleasure! Take in the ambiance as she fills that bath... 1691 views

Benji 16

Beguiling minx Benji’s tummy is hurting her so badly that she can barely speak in more than a whisper! But what is rather audible are her nasty farts! She must get herself to feel better, so she pushes out those whoppers which sound so cool coming ... 2129 views

Eliza Rae 26

With a magnificent personality and a mouthwatering body, fun-loving MILF Eliza Rae is all the woman you need! She loves catering to fart fetishists, and during this adventure, she settles her hot backside and gorgeous pussy above your face and blasts... 1410 views

Taylor Nicole 16

Stinky girls such as seductive Taylor Nicole are a fart fan’s dream in the flesh. This unpretentious youngster loves rationing out her stomach-churning gassers! Settle in for a smelly time with Taylor, and she will dazzle you with a load of air bis... 1279 views

Benji 15

Enjoy the view as bold beauty Benji perches above your sniffer and regales you with stinky blasts coming from her sexy ass. This POV facesitting session is designed to sate your cravings for stink and give you the nasty stinkers that get you fired up... 2297 views