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Sana Says 18

Charming BBW Sana Says donned her sexiest lingerie, and she did this after eating a super-sized serving of ice cream. All of this led to her being extremely gassy and geared up for a great time with a fart-loving fella. These farts are anything but d... 778 views

Kiki Daire 21

Fetching Kiki Daire is a delightful woman of distinction, but she harbors some sexy secrets! She loves showing off her sexy underthings while dishing out the nastiest farts imaginable! Kiki sure has a fantastic time when she is afforded the opportuni... 917 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 7

“Wanna join me for some sexy farts?” This is what Amerika the Beautyfull says as she invites you into her intimate space to share a sexy good time. She admits it feels so nice to get those obnoxious gassers out of her ass as she belts ‘em out, ... 1109 views

Kiki Daire 20

Engaging MILF Kiki Daire has been consuming more than her recommended calorie intake, and all that food digesting in her belly has caused atrocious gas. Poor thing has so many powerful farts making their way out of her shapely ass, and Kiki is not go... 707 views

Taylor Nicole 44

Taylor Nicole wants you to position yourself right under her so she can fart in your face! This gassy babe is overrun with nasty farts, and she is not about to waste them when you are craving gross gassers to sniff up from a hot babe’s sweet ass! T... 879 views

Kiki Daire 19

Kiki Daire knows what junk food does to her belly, but she indulges anyway! Her most recent bout with gas and belly bloat happened when she was lounging at home in a high-end bra and panty set. She certainly did those designer panties dirty! Hang wit... 1149 views

Sana Says 17

When a BBW such as Sana Says wants to treat you to a POV facesitting session, you do not refuse! Her stinky scheme for this naughty dalliance has her perched over your face while you breathe in all the gross farts she has to offer. Sana’s large ass... 1331 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 6

Amerika the Beautyfull has some sexy plans for a hot POV facesitting session that will have your nose hairs standing on end! Her white tushy is full of gas, and she wants you up close and personal with her sphincter as she crop dusts your face while ... 1493 views

Taylor Nicole 43

Crafty Taylor Nicole, in a hot matching bra and thong set, has a sexy plan. She wants you to sniff her farts through her panties first, and if you are a good boy, she will let you smell her gassers without the fabric barrier. Once you obey her kinky ... 1022 views

Kiki Daire 17

Naked Kiki Daire does not always keep good track of what she is consuming, and at times, she finds her diet renders her extremely gassy. That is the case today, as she is naked in bed and trying to work all the methane out of her sore ass pucker. Som... 952 views

Sana Says 16

POV facesitting while farting is one of Sana Says’ favorite ways to rouse a man! Her big ass in a black thong hovering above your nose will give you all you need to fan the flame that is your fart fantasy. Sana is a BBW who almost always has gas sw... 1335 views

Tasia Lockran 4

Delightful doll Tasia Lockran has some smelly fun for you as she shares her farts sans shame for her stinky endeavors! Her beautiful white booty produces more flatulence than one would think, for someone as delightful as Tasia. She is a very gassy gi... 1380 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 5

Sometimes, Amerika the Beautyfull’s long blonde locks tickle her tush when she farts for the camera! She is extremely gassy today, and those who favor an enchanting lady, aged like fine wine, will love sharing time with Amerika while she is dishing... 1414 views

Sana Says 15

Check out smelly Sana Says as she flips up her plaid dress and reveals a white thong that does next to nothing to cover her big pussy and pungent ass pucker. This bespectacled BBW loves when a man gets up good and close to her big butt while she fart... 1265 views

Kiki Daire 16

Classy MILF Kiki Daire has selected some of her sexiest underthings for her latest dalliance into feeding your desire for stinky lady farts! As she lies in bed, she contorts her body in several sexy positions to give you the eye candy you are craving... 972 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 4

You are cordially invited to Amerika the Beautyfull’s farting party! She lets you know that she is up for some spicy fun while you enjoy her hot ass in sexy black panties as she farts just for you. This lady likes things kinky, and she is looking s... 1208 views

Kiki Daire 15

In a marvelous farting POV facesitting session, sultry Kiki Daire lets you get up close and personal with her undercarriage! Her farts are atrocious, and she knows you love the intimate views of her pierced pussy and stinky pucker. Busty Kiki is a co... 1770 views

Sana Says 14

Lovely Sana Says slipped into her sexiest dress just for you! She has her lacy dress on and is eager to fart in your face while you sniff up all the glorious goodness! Her big ass was working overtime as she crop-dusted the room with her nasty butt o... 958 views

Taylor Nicole 42

“Tell me what it tastes like Baby,” is what perky Taylor Nicole requests while she feeds you the face farts you are craving! Her boisterous butt pucker fails to disappoint as she aims it in your direction, allowing you to smell all the yummy scen... 763 views

Amerika the Beautyfull 3

Amerika the Beautyfull is a confident lady, making her so fun to watch! Most women of her age and stature would shy away from attention when farting, but when a camera is rolling, Amerika is a moth to a flame! But don’t light any flames around this... 1112 views

Sana Says 13

Sana Says says, “It’s time for farts.” This bubbly BBW is a heavy load of fun, and as she feeds you the farts you crave, she wishes you were in person to see and smell for yourself. For now, her hot and stinky installment will have to do! Revel... 1107 views

Kiki Daire 14

Captivating MILF Kiki Daire wonders aloud what she has done to make her ass explode! She passes on some deadly farts that make their mark as she stinks up the room. Kiki is a nasty lady, but that is exactly why she remains so beloved! Check her out a... 1164 views

Sana Says 11

Sultry Sana Says wants to impress you with her farts, so she reveals her huge ass while gassy, trying to gas you out of the room! This is one nasty ass display, but that is what makes curvaceous Sana so much fun! She is looking hotter than ever with ... 1116 views

Tasia Lockran 3

Tantalizing Tasia Lockran is about to head out to an upscale party, but before she makes her exit, she must rid her ass of smelly gas. She hikes up her designer slip dress and shows off her amazing booty and pretty shaved pussy while dealing out some... 1620 views