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Ashley Johnson 13

Watch closely as BBW Ashley Johnson spreads her thunder thighs and goes for it! She wants you to get your daily dose of stink, and she is using her big ass to make it happen. Ashley’s colonic calliope is not to be missed! Because she fails to eat p... 1786 views

Lillum Evernever 17

Are you ready for some super filthy POV facesitting, courtesy of hot and curvy ebony Lillum Evernever? You better put your big boy pants on and go for this smelly adventure that will curl your toes and make you rise to the occasion! Lillum is not mes... 2048 views

Baby B 7

Perky playmate Baby B has been farting up a storm for the camera, but now she is upping her stink game with a hella sexy POV facesitting session that includes the smelliest ass whistles she has ever experienced. Pull up the best seat, right under Bab... 2094 views

Lillum Evernever 16

Naughty Lillum Evernever is eager to blow her big brown horn in your face. Are you ready for this degree of stink? Weaklings cannot handle the farts escaping Lillum’s ass, as she is tailor-made for seasoned pros in the fart arena. If you think you ... 2460 views

Baby B 6

Expect the anal acoustics Baby B is serving up to rouse your senses and make your manhood stand at attention. Fans of lady stink have come to adore everything about Baby B and her smelly services! Her perky white ass is one of her many positive quali... 1954 views

Lillum Evernever 15

Enjoy the belches from behind as Lillum Evernever flips up her slutty plaid skirt, reveals her big ass and blows stale wind in your direction. Ms. Evernever is no joke. She loves getting guys off with her putrid offerings! Some girls are too shy to b... 1985 views

Baby B 5

Long-haired brunette Baby B is looking like a perfect ten in pink lingerie, and her fart factor is off-the-charts! Her glorious body is unbelievable, and her overwhelming desire for farting for the camera is truly something special. Enjoy this stinky... 1823 views

Ashley Johnson 12

In the area of stinky surprises, sultry BBW Ashley Johnson has you covered! Enjoy the honks she has to give as she releases some of the most disgusting farts imaginable. Discerning gentlemen have fallen for this angelic fart queen, as her ass honks r... 1737 views

Lillum Evernever 14

Big-assed Lillum Evernever is feeling needy, so won’t you oblige her and give her some attention while she farts in the buff? She is an ebony sweetheart who feels her finest when she knows a fella with a fart fetish is giving her black ass the resp... 1598 views

Baby B 4

Lovely Baby B has stripped down to absolutely nothing, and she has some stinky farts to hand off, if you are a willing recipient! Settle in for a stinky adventure, and trust to have the sum of your senses roused with this sexy hottie at the helm. 1310 views

Baby B 3

Donning a cute floral top and sexy yellow panties, alluring Baby B is geared up for a smelly adventure that will knock your socks off! She is eager to receive all of your attention as she spreads her legs and lets her lewd fart scents find their way ... 2650 views

Lillum Evernever 13

Stench is the name of the game as Lillum Evernever gets her fart game on and wows you with her stench. Her big ass is unforgettable, and she is not too shy when it comes to launching stink bombs in your direction. Lillum is giving all she’s got, an... 2690 views

Baby B 2

Sexy Baby B is back for more bodacious booty action, and her farts linger in the room just as this doll will linger in your thoughts! She is a yummy honey to say the least, and you are going to appreciate everything Baby brings to the table during th... 1645 views

Sarah Sexxx

Stench emanating from new model Sarah’s ass is going to knock you out during this highly arousing POV facesitting session! The sight of her pretty pink pussy is going to keep you hooked! Sarah is a highly likable lady, and her presence on the scree... 3047 views

Lillum Evernever 12

Bespectacled Lillum Evernever cheerfully greets you before getting down and dirty by dishing out some dastardly ass gassers. Her signature stink is definitely gross, and if you have already shared time with this curvaceous ebony hottie, you know exac... 1598 views

Baby B

Introducing petite newbie Baby B! This inked angel is a stinky girl you are going to fall in lust with as she farts for the camera for the very first time. She’s wearing the hottest black leggings and aiming for your face as she lets hot, stinky ga... 3079 views

Ashley Johnson 10

The super-sized keister of Ashley Johnson is quite a commanding sight when she is gassy and letting ‘em rip! Check out her big butt working overtime as she liberates the extremely stinky missiles past a sexy thong, with your waiting face as her tar... 2242 views

Lillum Evernever 11

Curvy girl Lillum Evernever has selected sexy white lingerie to greet you in her room as she farts over and over and gives you the nasty smells you crave! Lillum’s outgoing nature is only part of her abundant charm. Her biggest asset is her large a... 1926 views

Sadie Loves 9

Sinfully sexy Sadie Loves seems to have a morning bout of gas on the daily, and on most occasions, she capitalizes on this and shares her farts with a strategically placed camera. Today, she has taken her antics into the restroom as she balances on t... 2006 views

Lucckii You 47

Dreamy MILF Lucckii You is a kinkster in every way! She loves indulging fetishes, and her favorite kink is face farting. Join her for a sexy, smelly adventure as she perches above your face and lets the farts fly in your direction. Ms. You is worth e... 3587 views

Carmen Kay 10

Enjoy hot girl Carmen Kay balancing on the tub edge while her short skirt keeps no secrets! Her big bunghole is going to be inches from your waiting nose as you revel in all that big, beautiful black ass has to offer! Carmen is a hot, smelly mess, an... 2920 views

Lillum Evernever 10

Lustful, lewd Lillum Evernever has orchestrated quite the fart show as she settles in on her coffee table and lets the lingering farts escape her big fanny. Those with an affinity for light-skinned black chicks with no shame are going to fully apprec... 2193 views

Ashley Johnson 9

Guys who love big, stinky asses are going to love what hot BBW Ashley Johnson is serving up. She situates her plus-sized physique in the tub and gets down to the business of farting. Her sizable tush really packs a punch, and she was motivated to mak... 2541 views

Lucckii You 45

Yummy Lucckii You gets her ass dirty while farting in your face, and you know you cannot wait to be inches from the filth escaping her cute ass pucker. A solid stomach is required for this POV facesitting session, as Lucckii is not able to keep the l... 3809 views