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Search Results for: ff black

Jade vs Body Language

Jade and Body Language team up for the first time to blast you away with all kinds of farts - from bubbly to airy and beyond. Jade is wearing a black see-through top and pink panties. Body Language is wearing a sexy red see-through top and pink undie... 7349 views

Jade vs Body Language 2

Jade and Body Language team up again for another fantastic two-fer! This amazing duo pair up in the bathroom to show you a great time. Jade is wearing a black see-through top with pink panties. Body Language is wearing green fishnet with green pantie... 4230 views

Jade vs Body Language 4

Its farting contest time once again for this naughty pair! Body Language is wearing nothing but a black see-through fish net top, and Jade is wearing a cute black-laced outfit with a thong. They spread their legs wider than ever to give you nothing b... 5080 views


Jade farts on camera for the first time, wearing a floral tank top and heart undies. she may seem innocent, but this girl can get a bit naughty. Tossing and turning, her farts are coming at you in all different angles hitting you where it feels best... 4886 views

Jade 2

ade is back again to blast out some more farts! This time she ate a stale batch of fast-food macaroni and cheese and boy, is it stinky! She's wearing a sleek, barely there outfit, revealing almost every part of her slender body. You've just got to wa... 10267 views

Jade 3

Jade is back to fart for you some more! Join her once again as she gets all hot and nasty with her farts. This tease is wearing her favorite black see-through V-shaped lingerie. Her stomach can't handle the pain from holding in all that gas! She need... 4158 views

Jade 4

Jade's back again to fart for you again! She's wearing a pink top, black panties and fishnet stockings. She moves in many different positions to let out all those painful gassy farts that she's been holding in. Buy this clip and watch Jade candidly r... 4614 views

Jade 5

Another candid episode of Jade cleaning in her famous sexy outfit! This clip has amazing shots of her ass as she lets out fart after fart after tasty fart! This clip will get your imagination rolling and make you beat it faster and faster until your ... 4094 views

Janae Foxx

Janae Foxx makes her debut wearing a grey-and-purple sweater dress. She's very gassy today - we've got Taco Bell to thank for that. Janae starts out surprising herself with a big, loud blasting fart, which she catches in her hand and sniffs - then ca... 4426 views

Janae Foxx 2

Janae is wearing a turquoise string bikini, trying to do some work, when the phone rings. The camera is positioned where your face would be if you were on all fours on the floor - nice! You get to watch at ass-level as Janae tells whoever is on the p... 4528 views

Janae Foxx 3

Janae is reclining on a chair today, and before she even says anything, a fart slips out! She laughs and excuses herself, then pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts another fart! Janae is really full of gas, and she surprises herself with a juicy sou... 4501 views

Janae Foxx 4

Janae is playing the Farting Giantess with a little action figure today! She lays the little guy down, nearly sits on him, then farts with her ass right over him! Imagine what the little guy must be feeling - an ass hurricane! And the smell - it woul... 3600 views

Janae Foxx 5

Janae walks into the bathroom, wearing a pink bra and panties. She bends over and blasts a fart! Then, she blasts another one while removing her panties! She thinks she has to go, but she just sits there on the toilet, blasting farts into the bowl! W... 4123 views

Janae Foxx 6

Ebony babe Janae runs into the bathroom nude, and bends over the tub and blasts a huge fart! Then she gets into the tub, and blasts another fart! She dips her ass into the water, then sticks her wet ass into the air as the camera zooms in, and you ge... 3334 views

Jaslin Diaz and Brown Suga

Pairing up to sniff each others farts today are Jaslin and Brown Suga! Jaslin sits her bare ass right on Brown Suga's face and farts into her nose - WOW! Next it's Brown Suga's turn to sniff up Jaslin's ass perfume. She sits on Jaslin's face and blas... 4990 views

Jaslin Diaz and Brown Suga 2

Jaslin Diaz and Brown Suga have paired up again - to lick each others farting asses! Brown Suga gets right in there and licks Jaslin's ass, and Jaslin farts on Brown Suga's tongue! Brown Suga keeps licking Jaslin's ass, hoping more farts will blast o... 10839 views

Jasmine Ryder 6

Jasmine is in the kitchen cleaning up, and she\'s stuffed from eating! She pulls up her cute little black lace dress and spreads her butt-cheeks and farts right into your face! The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you the midget\'s-eye-view of... 4736 views

Jazmyne Starr 8

Jazmyne is on the toilet today, treating you to some bowl blasts! She loves farting on the toilet. The camera zooms in under her ass and you can see and hear her fart into the bowl! She knows you like it too. Jazmyne has some bad gas today, and she w... 3467 views

Jazmyne Starr 9

Jazmyne is wearing a French maid outfit today, and she's cleaning the room when she farts into the camera, then goes back to cleaning. She bends over and blasts close-up bare-asshole farts into your face - BOO-YAH! Jazmyne lifts her dress and farts, ... 3911 views

Jessica 2

Jessica is here to fart for you again! She's full of gas from eating a whole bunch of tacos. She is wearing a black sparkly bra with a skirt and no panties. Now that's a sexy outfit! This clip is full of gassy farts! Watch it right now! 4263 views

Jessica 5

Jessica's back again! Today she ate a mountain of broccoli with cheese! She's wearing a sexy black mini dress with no panties! That's sexy! This clip is full of non- stop farting action with up-close shots of her ass hole!rn 3993 views

Jessica 8

Jessica ate so much junk food today! She decided to pig out on nachos and curly cheese fries! She is wearing a pink corset with a black thong and black sexy fishnet leggings. Extremely sexy! In this clip she is just blowing nacho farts left and right... 4014 views

Jessica 10

Jessica wants to let you know that she just broke her record by eating TWO large pizzas! WOW! She's got so much gas from all the cheese and other toppings that she just can't hold it in! She's wearing black gloves with matching black booty shorts. Se... 3908 views

Jezebelle Foxxx

Introducing Jezebelle Fox, a long-haired Dominican beauty who has eaten way too much at Tommy's in LA, which has filled her with gas! Jezebelle sticks her ass into the air and the camera zooms in on her asshole and catches some primo farts! Then she ... 5600 views