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Search Results for: ff black

Nevaeh Keyz 7

Nevaeh gets up in a chair, ass-out, and immediately blasts a huge fart through her cute stripey panties! She pulls her panties to the side and you can see her farts blow her ass-hairs back at you - BOO-YAH! She says it's not ladylike, but all this fa... 5348 views

Nevaeh Keyz 8

Sexy ebony Nevaeh is on the sofa in a bikini, and she's full of gas. Nevahe lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. You can see her asshole push to the side of her thong and peek ou... 4847 views

Nevaeh Keyz 9

Sexy ebony Nevaeh is on the sofa, and she's got some gas today. She's got on pink striped bra and panties and thigh-high fishnets! She lays back on the sofa and farts right through her thong panties! Then she dispenses with the formalities and just p... 5628 views

Nevaeh Keyz 10

Nevaeh is sitting in the fart chair, with the camera underneath, and she's blasting huge stinky farts! That's right - you can see her asshole pooch way out as she farts - SEXY! She's really full of gas today, and she's farting it all out like crazy a... 6244 views

Nevaeh Keyz 11

Ebony Nevaeh walks into the bathroom in her undies, saying her stomach hurts. She sits on the toilet and starts blasting nasty stinky farts into the bowl! The camera is right there under her, catching all those delicious farts for you - HOW NICE! Nev... 4993 views

Nevaeh Keyz 12

Nevaeh is on the bed, wearing a short see-through negligee. She pulls her negligee to the side and starts ripping some delightful bare-asshole farts, right into your face - AWESOME! She's holding her buttcheeks apart slightly and you can see her bare... 5061 views

Nevaeh Keyz 13

Sexy Nevaeh is on the bed, naked. She lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a huge fart! Then another, and another. In fact, Nevaeh just keeps blasting fart after fart after sexy-ass fart right into your face! She knows you like ... 6273 views

Nevaeh Keyz 14

Returning to entertain you with her ass is sexy Nevaeh Keyz! Today Nevaeh is sitting in an office chair, wearing tight-tight-tight leggings! The cmaera zooms in on her ass as she pinches out a couple of squeakers. Then she lifts one cheek and does so... 5987 views

Nilaya Brown

Making her debut today is an ebony lovely named Nilaya Brown! Nilaya is on the bed in a bikini, and she is bloated with gas! You can see how bloated her belly is, and before she even has her bikini bottoms off, she's blasting big fat farts into your ... 4690 views

Nilaya Brown 2

Nilaya just got back from the strip club and she's been drinking. She bends over and blasts a huge fart into your face! She's farting through these tight purple shorts, which hold in the stench nicely! She wiggles her shorts down and removes them, th... 4571 views

Nilaya Brown 3

Nilaya has a tummy ache from something she ate, so she rips a huge juicy fart in her jeans! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts another one. It's too hard to fart in those tight jeans so she unzips them and lays on the bed and rolls around f... 5114 views

Nilaya Brown 4

Nilaya just came back from the pool because she was farting in the water and people were looking at her funny! So she drops her towel and walks around blasting huge farts through her bikini bottoms! She's really letting those farts rip too - AWESOME!... 4120 views

Nilaya Brown 5

Sexy ebony Nilaya has nacho gas today! She's rooting for Atlanta to win the game, and farting through her sexy red shorts! Nilaya lays on her side and blasts some great big stinky farts in those shorts and boy are they loud! Nilaya then removes those... 4915 views

Nilaya Brown 6

Nilaya walks in and sits on a sex chair with her bare asshole hanging right there in the camera lens, and she starts blasting loud stinky farts! Nilaya has one big asshole on her, and you can see it pooched way out under the chair as she blasts big f... 4732 views

Nilaya Brown 7

Nilaya walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and starts blasting nacho farts into the bowl! She says she wants you to lick her clean when she's done, and she stands up to show you her dirty asshole - YIKES! You can tell her farts are stinky,... 4810 views

Nina Devon

Making her FartFantasy debut today is Nina Devon, an ebony lovely who stands up and bends over and sticks her big beautiful booty right in the camera and farts! You can see everything when she blows ass kisses at you - OH YEAH! She lays back and spre... 4636 views

Nina Devon 2

Remember the hot new ebony girl from the other day? Well, today Nina Devon is back, and she's wearing a gold shiny bra and she lays back and spreads her legs and pulls up her skirt as the camera zooms in and you can see her bare asshole pooch way out... 4890 views

Nina Devon 3

Sexy ebony Nina sits in the fart chair today! She's on top of the coffee table, on top of that fart chair, with her asshole right there in the camera, when she arts blasting farts! Nina is not shy and her ass is generous. The camera is so close, you ... 4801 views

Nina Devon 4

Nina is back to fart for you some more! She's bloated with burrito gas so she bends over and blasts burrito gas through her tight spandex pants right into the camera! She just keeps blasting fart after fart after hot inky fart - OH YEAH! The camera i... 4597 views

Nina Devon 5

Ooooo-weeeee are you in for a treat today - ebony Nina in a cute little hot pink outfit, on the bed, all eager to fart for you! She lays back and shows you her bare underside and starts blasting huge farts right into your face - BOO-YAH! She's tellin... 4058 views

Nina Devon 6

Nina is on the bed, wearing a black dress and no panties. She lays back and pulls her legs way up and you can see her bare asshole struggling, then she farts! Nina blasts some loud, hot, stinky farts into the camera, and asks if that blew your hair b... 4101 views

Nina Devon 7

Ebony Nina Devon is nude on the bed. She asks if you're ready, then she lays back and pulls her legs way up and starts blasting you with massive farts - YIKES! She squishes her buttcheeks, and you can see her asshole struggling like crazy to get the ... 5839 views

Nina Devon 8

Sexy Nina trots into the bathroom, pulls down her panties, and starts blasting massive farts into the toilet! She's talking about how she ate too much, but you don't see her face, all you see is that ass blasting gas - OH YEAH! She stands up and turn... 4149 views

Nina Devon 9

Nina runs into the bathroom and sits on the edge of the tub with her ass hanging over, pulls her buttcheeks apart, and starts blasting huge POV farts right into the camera! You can see her asshole working hard to get that gas out, and she bounces aro... 3899 views