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Search Results for: ff black

Daejha Milan 7

Daejha Milan is laying on her back. spread-legged on the bed, wearing a black negligee with no panties. She's got a terrible stomach ache, and it's given her the nastiest, stinkiest gas! Daejha immediately blasts a huge fart right into the camera - y... 3763 views

Daisy Layne 4

Daisy has been drinking and living it up downtown, and now that she's got a few drinks in her, she wants to do a little experiment. Wearing a tiny black dress and lavender thong, Daisy wants to know which surface will make the best noise when she far... 4267 views

Destiny Day

Destiny Day makes her debut today, wearing a black mesh top and yellow lace panties! She blasts a couple of big farts, and you can see her ass-cheeks spread to let the gas out - but her lace panties hold in the stench! Destiny then farts some more - ... 3903 views

Destiny Day 2

Destiny Day pulls down her jeans, sticks her ass in the air, and blasts a fart through her panties! Then she laughs, and blasts another huge fart - WOW! For such a tiny girl, Destiny sure does blast some gigantic farts! The camera zooms in and catche... 4008 views

Destiny Day 3

Destiny Day is back, and today she's wearing a sexy little pink thong outfit and thigh highs! She's on the bed with a bad case of gas, and she's blasting farts all over the place - WOW! Destiny just keeps farting and farting and farting - so nice. Sh... 3696 views

Destiny Day 4

Destiny Day walks into the bathroom, wearing a pink bra, denim skirt, and when she lifts that skirt you can see she has on pink panties. Destiny pulls down her panties and sits on the toilet and treats you to some bowl blasts! Then she stands up, ben... 4804 views

Destiny Day 5

Destiny Day is back to fart for you today! She's wearing the cutest little bra and matching panties, with a tiny see-thru skirt! The camera zooms in on her panties, and catches some of the hottest, nastiest farts you ever saw or smelled! How such a t... 4031 views

Destiny Day 6

Cute little pooter Destiny Day is nude on a chair today, so she gets up and bends over and sticks her bare asshole right into the camera and lets an airy fart hiss! Don't be fooled, though, because that's followed by some big, blasting farts that you... 4200 views


Donna enters the room after a trip to Taco Bell, where a bean burrito has filled her with gas. She's wearing a black-and-white striped super-tight strapless mini-dress, and starts off with a long, slow boomer fart that stinks up the whole room - nic... 4107 views

Donna 2

Donna can't stand to laugh, because it gives her gas. Today, Donna is having a laughing fit, which of course is giving her a farting fit! She must be dyslexic or something, because normally farts make you laugh, not the other way around. Since she's ... 3813 views

Donna 3

Donna is on the computer today, wearing a black negligee and black full-bottom panties - sexy! She's got gas today, and she can't stop farting! The camera zooms up from underneath so you can see Donna's round booty as she unleashes a one-cheek sneak!... 3507 views

Donna 4

Donna walks into the bathroom, wearing a black camisole with matching panties and boots. She's getting ready to go out, and she can't stop farting! The camera zooms up from underneath to give you the pooch's-eye-view of Donna's round, farting ass in ... 3528 views

Donna 5

Donna's wearing a long white mesh blouse and black lace full-bottom panties and black boots today. She walks into the bathroom without saying a word, and instantly blows a fart at you! You didn't really give a rat's ass what Donna had to say, anyway,... 3756 views

Donna 6

Donna walks in without saying a word. She's wearing a white, see-through mesh top, white thong panties, and black leather boots - sexy! The camera is set right at ass level - and what a wonderful, round ass it is! Donna pulls her thong to the side an... 3510 views

Donna 7

Donna struts into the room wearing a black mini-dress and boots, without saying a word, and kneels on an ottoman. She lifts her dress and pulls her white thong panties to the side, and lets an airy fart hiss out. Then she does it again! She's just do... 3761 views

Donna 8

Donna is rolling around on the bed today, wearing a strappy black thong negligee with matching leather boots. She lifts one leg and blows an airy fart. Then, she rolls onto her tummy, pulls herself up on a pillow, and blasts a fart into the camera! W... 3060 views

Donna 9

Donna is on the bed today, wearing a black-and-white mini-dress and black boots, being the perfect woman - she talks softly but blasts a huge fart! Then she blasts another fart. She lays on her back and hikes her legs into the air and blasts some mor... 3896 views

Donna 10

Donna walks into the living room, wearing a black-and-white mini-dress with black boots. She has a bad case of gas today, and wants to fart it out in front of you! She's wearing a thong today, and she sits on the coffee table for some hard-surface fa... 2973 views

Eunique Styles

Ebony fartress Eunique Styles makes her debut today, wearing a sexy black blouse and shorts. She doesn't even make it into the bathroom when she starts blasting farts! She sits on the toilet and you get to hear loud, echoing bowl blasts! Eunique spre... 4414 views

Eunique Styles 2

Eunique comes into the bathroom with a stomach ache. She's wearing a black bra and white panties, and she removes her panties, spreads her butt-cheeks, and farts bare-ass right into the camera! Then she sits on the toilet and pees, and blasts a littl... 4016 views

Eunique Styles 4

Eunique is in the bedroom, wearing a short denim skirt with no panties. She immediately blasts a fart! Eunique sure is gassy today, and she just keeps blasting fart after fart after glorious fart - WOW! The camera zooms in nice and close, giving you ... 4661 views

Eunique Styles 5

Eunique returns, and she's struggling to get her gas out. She's wearing a denim mini-skirt, which she lifts to blow a silent-but-deadly. The next one is a squeaky-but-deadly, followed by another squeaker. She spreads her ass-cheeks and you can see he... 4469 views

Eunique Styles 6

Eunique is bloated with gas today, and she's wearing a cute little pink skirt and black halter top! She immediately rips a few stinkers, then pulls her halter top down and fiddles with her titties while she farts! Eunique sure is full of reeking ass ... 4243 views

Eunique Styles 7

Eunique is back, and today she's wearing a purple nightie! She wants to show you what she can do, so she pulls her nightie up and blasts some farts right into the camera! Then she removes her nightie and sits on the sofa and blasts some more farts wh... 3252 views