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Search Results for: ff black

Eunique Styles 8

Sexy Eunique is nude in the living room, with her panties down, so she bends over and poots! Then she blasts a big ol' fart, followed by a few more! Then Eunique pulls her butt-cheeks wide apart and the camera zooms in to catch her blasting more fart... 3224 views

Eva Ellington 2

Eva is back, and she has been trying new places to eat. Some fish that she ate gave her the worst gas - YIKES! She pulls her cute little black panties to the side and lets a huge fart rip, then she removes her panties and farts some more! She lays on... 4473 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore

Fiona and Luxury Amore have paired up today to fart in each others' faces and lick each other's farting asses! Fiona starts out licking Luxury's ass and she keeps farting in Fiona's mouth! Fiona just keeps tongue-fucking Luxury's farting ass anyway a... 10838 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore 2

Fiona and Luxury have paired up on the bed today to fart in each others' faces - OH YEAH! Luxury sits that nice round booty onto Fiona's face, and farts right through her white thong into Fiona's nose! Fiona hangs onto that ass, and squeezes it, too,... 4945 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore 3

Brunette Fiona and ebony Luxury have paired up again today - to lick each others' farting asses! Luxury sticks her nice round booty in the air, and Fiona moves in and catches her first fart square in the face! Then she licks Luxury's ass, and gets an... 10840 views

Hanna Cruz 7

Hanna hasn't been around for a little bit, but she decided to come back and fart some more because she had so much fun before! In this clip she's wearing a jean miniskirt with black poke-a-dot full bottom panties and a t shirt. She's got a belly full... 3520 views

Hanna Cruz 10

Hanna has returned to fart for your pleasure. In this clip she's on the couch with only a pair of black and red striped full bottom panties on. You get to see her luscious titties on display as she cuts delicious fart after heavenly smelling fart be... 3775 views

Hanna Cruz 11

Hanna has returned to the fart courch right after she had some lazagna and it's on it's way out with a nasty vengeance! Her farts are lethal so beware. She's wearing a black dress with her red and black striped panties on, and she pulls them to the s... 3767 views

Hanna Cruz 14

Hanna is back on the fart box again, you liked the last one so much she wanted to do it again (she's dirty like that). She is wearing a pair of pink ruffly panties under her black dress. After she has you lay down in the box she bends over, pulls her... 4231 views

Hanna Cruz 16

Hanna has returned for another fart session. This time she's in bed in a black lace nighty with no panties on! She bends over, lays on her side and back to work the farts out. This furry pussied fart pro cuts some nasty smelling, boner popping butt b... 4154 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3588 views

Hanna Cruz 3

Hanna Cruz is back with more fabulous farts for you! This time she's in a sexy black dress with some killer pink mesh booty-fitting panties. Watch as she bends over and lets them rip right in your face! If you like Hanna's other clips, you're gonna d... 3748 views

Hanna Cruz 5

Hanna has some pretty bad butt bubbles on the way out and she's in just a bra and panties! Watch as she farts in her full bottom black cotton panties, even pulling them aside to show you her ass hole farting! She lets loose some real stinkers in lots... 3506 views

Harley Valentine 4

Sexy blonde Harley walks into the room wearing a black leather jacket, sunglasses, thigh highs, stilettos and nothing else! She just got back from the porn convention, which made her totally hot! She lays on the bed and lifts a leg and blasts some na... 3560 views

Harley Valentine 11

Ample Harley is in the kitchen, wearing only a sheer black miniskirt. She ate a ton of garlic, which gives her the stinkiest gas! She farts at the counter, then hoists a leg up onto the counter for a loud, long fart. She spreads her legs and treats y... 3317 views

Hayden Night 4

Hayden has a bellyful of gas thanks to some Mexican food. Today, she's wearing a black-and-white bikini. She lays on her back and the camera zooms right up to her ass as she poots! Hayden sits in a chair and lifts one leg and lets an airy fart hiss! ... 3606 views

Hayden Night 9

Cute little Hayden ate something bad at a party, and it's filled her with gas! She surprises herself by blasting a huge fart through her black mini-skirt, then she sits on the toilet. The camera zooms in from the front, and you get to see and hear (a... 4404 views


Indya is our brand new ebony fart girl. She has never done anything like this on video before, but her farts are quite lovely, you're going to enjoy this sexy new fart girl. In this clip Indya is wearing a blue bolouse and a pair of black cotton pant... 4803 views

Indya 2

Indya has eaten some icecream and it's not working well in her belly. She's slightly lactose intolerant but she loves the taste! She's wearing a sexy little lingerie outfit with a thong on that displays her ass nicely. Her farts are so stinky and nas... 4001 views

Indya 3

Indya is back to fart on the couch again and this time she's got on her blue blouse with some full bottom panties on. She's got a bad stomach ache, but nothing a ton of farting can't fix! She struggles a little at first, but then she gets bent over a... 3976 views

Indya 4

Indya has a belly ache after and is feeling all full and bloated after eating a big burrito! She's wearing a light blue tube top and a tight jean miniskirt, sexy! This sexy 19 yo hottie is gassy like a trucker and has the hottest booty to shoot those... 4292 views

Indya 5

Indya is back for more farting and this time she's got an extra bonerific one in store today! She's on the fart box! She knows you've been watching her fart in her clips and since you like watching her fart so much, she's decided that you need to be ... 4596 views

Indya 6

Indya is on the couch again and has another belly ache! She's wearing a white and brown bikini today and before she goes out to hit the pool she needs to fart! This little fart machine of a girl has some of the nastiest smelling farts ever, wow! You'... 3875 views