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Search Results for: ff black

Tristina Millz

Today we introduce Tristina Millz, an ebony beauty who ate a big lunch and now has a tummyache. She lays on her side and farts through her tight jeans! She then lays on her back and spreads her legs and farts some more! The camera hangs in there and ... 5027 views

Tristina Millz 2

Ebony beauty Tristina is on the bed, wearing a cute pink bikini. She's not sure what she ate, but it gave her gas! She gets on all fours and lets an airy fart hiss through her bikini bottoms - OH YEAH! She jiggles her ass and farts at the same time, ... 3769 views

Tristina Millz 3

Today Tristina is on the toilet. She spreads her legs and strokes her pussy and the camera zooms in from the front as Tristina squirts into the toilet! Then she starts fingering her asshole and farting at the same time - NASTY! The camera hangs under... 3382 views

Tristina Millz 4

Tristina is nude in a chair, talking on the phone. She has such a tummyache right now. She's sitting with her legs apart stroking her pussy when she blasts a fart! Then she blasts a couple more. Tristina just keeps stroking her pussy and farting, and... 3374 views

Tristina Millz 5

Red-hot Tristina peeks out from behind the curtain, then comes out wearing a sexy red lace negligee and farts right into your face - BOO-YAH! She grabs the shade off the lamp and the camera zooms up the lampshade as Tristina farts right into it! She ... 3606 views

Tristina Millz 6

Tristina is on the sofa in a strapless bra and short skirt and no panties, and she says her ass is the star of the show! She pulls her skirt up and farts in your face - WOW! She leans over and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as she lets you h... 4324 views

Tristina Millz 7

Tristina had a long day at work, and she's wearing a skirt and dress. She turns on the TV to watch the game and pulls her skirt up and she's got on no panties! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts a great big fart - NICE! Then she does it aga... 4434 views

Tristina Millz 8

Sexy Tristina is on the bed, wearing a sexy red thong outfit and she has the nastiest case of the farts today! She's on all fours with her ass in the camera when she blows an airy fart into the camera. She then lays back and spreads her legs and pull... 3083 views

Tristina Millz 9

Today Tristina is nude on the bed, and she's got a bellyache from a burger she ate with onions, and it gave her lots of gas! She sticks her ass right into the camera and blasts a fart! Then she shakes her ass around and farts in your face some more -... 3112 views

Tristina Millz 10

Tall, cool Tristina is on the phone, talking about how she started farting in the store and embarrassed the hell out of herself. The camera is up under her ass, and she's still got gas, so she's blasting farts! Tristina keeps talking on the phone and... 3376 views

Tristina Millz 11

Ebony Tristina is asleep on the sofa with her ass hanging out from under a blanket, when she starts blasting huge farts, which wake her up! She tries to go back to sleep, and you can see her asshole struggling, and she blasts a big fart! She says she... 3767 views

Tristina Millz 12

Tall Tristina sits in a chair wearing a white dress. She lifts that dress and sticks her ass in the camera and blasts a great-big fart right into your face! You can see her bare asshole open as she farts! Tristina sits in the chair with her legs up i... 3150 views

Tristina Millz 13

Tristina sits in the fart chair with her pussy and asshole hanging underneath. The camera zooms up from underneath and you can see her ass struggling to get the gas out, and she blasts some wonderful stinky farts right into your face! Tristina has so... 4497 views

Tristina Millz 14

Tristina walks into the bathroom wearing a cute white mini-dress, lifts the toilet lid, and sits down. The camera zooms up under her ass as she starts blasting the bowl full of farts! She's really farting up a storm today, and boy do those farts stin... 3780 views

Valerie Gibson

You're in for a special treat today - Valerie Gibson, a petite ebony beauty, farts on camera for the first time! She gets right up there - she's not shy - and pulls her thong to the side and blasts nice farts in your face! You can see her bare asshol... 5032 views

Valerie Gibson 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day, Valerie Gibson? Well today she's back with more farts for you! She's wearing tight black shorts, which she lets a couple airy farts through! She says her farts stink, while she rolls around releasing ass ... 4883 views

Valerie Gibson 3

Valerie pulls up her purple dress and she's not wearing any panties! Not only that, but she's loaded with gas. The camera zooms in on her asshole just as she blows a fart! That's right - Valerie is blowing ass-kisses at you today! She farts and farts... 5246 views

Valerie Gibson 4

Valerie is back to fart for you some more today! She's wearing ever-so-tight shorts, which she blasts a big stinky fart through! Then she does it again - WOW! She thinks it's nasty but you know it's ass perfume, right? Valerie then pulls her shorts d... 5287 views

Valerie Gibson 5

Valerie comes into the bathroom wearing nothing but a bra, and sits on the toilet seat. She's got one cheek lifted and the camera is under there, and you can see her asshole struggling to get the gas out! She leans forward and lets an airy fart hiss ... 4904 views

Valerie Gibson 6

Sexy ebony Valerie is sitting in the fart chair on top of the coffee table, with her asshole hanging between the slats, when she starts blasting huge nasty farts - WOW! The camera is underneath and you can see her asshole pooch way out as she release... 4717 views

Valerie Gibson 7

Hot ebony fartress Valerie is back to entertain you with her ass! Today she's wearing a bra and nothing else, so she sticks her bare asshole into the camera and farts into it! Watch her asshole - it sticks out when she's letting the gas fly! You know... 25964 views

Alana James

Alana has eaten way too much fast food, and it's given her some nasty, painful gas. She's sitting on the sofa, wearing only a jacket, panties and high-heel shoes. Alana is a little embarrassed about all those fast-food farts flying out of her ass rig... 4492 views

Alana James 2

Alana James returns to entertain you - today she's draped over a large wing chair after eating waaaaay too much Mexican food. She's wearing only a black camisole, turquoise-and-black booty shorts, and glass Stilettos probably borrowed from Cinderella... 4599 views

Alana James 3

Alana sits nude at her desk, doing math homework. For some reason, her stomach hurts, and she thinks she might have gas. The camera rotates around to her rear, giving you a close-up shot of nothing but clear high heels and asshole - when Alana lets l... 5220 views