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Jezebelle Foxxx 2

Jezebelle is nude in the living room today, and she's full of taco gas! She sticks her round booty in the air and lets her farts blast out! The camera zooms in nice and close to give you a great view of Jezebelle's farting asshole in action - WOW! Sh... 3856 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 3

Dominican Jezebelle is naked in the bathroom today! She gets out of the tub and sits on the toilet, and she blasts a fart into the bowl. Then she leans forward and the camera zooms in on her ass and catches another fart! Then she turns around and sit... 3888 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 4

Long-haired Dominican beauty Jezebelle Fox returns to fart in your face - so she sticks her ass into the camera and lets an airy fart hiss! You can see her asshole in action as the camera zooms in on Jezebelle's gorgeous round booty! Then Jezebelle l... 5242 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 5

Jezebelle is on the bed, wearing a sexy black negligee! She sticks her big round booty in the air and lets an airy fart hiss, followed by some little blasters. The camera zooms in nice and close, and you can actually see Jezebelle's asshole open and ... 3579 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 6

Chili and beans and nachos and cheese, oh my! Dominican beauty Jezebelle is loaded with gas from all of these things today. She bends over and lets a huge fart bubble up out of her jeans, then she lays on her side on the bed and blasts a bunch of far... 4886 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 7

Remember Jezebelle, the sexy Indian girl with an awesome big butt? Well, she came back to us with a bellyful of gas, and today she's on the bed wearing a shirt and no panties! She lays on her side and she's telling you about a big bean burrito she at... 6408 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 8

Sexy Jezebelle had some more tacos and beans, so she's back to fart for you! Jezebelle gets up on the bed naked and spreads that big beautiful brown ass of hers and arts blasting the juiciest farts into your face! Those farts smell like tacos, and bo... 4410 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 9

Sexy big-butted Jezebelle is back to fart for you some more! Today she walks into the bathroom and sits ass-out on the toilet, and starts blasting farts into the camera! You can see her bare asshole struggle to get those farts out too - WOO-HOO! That... 3913 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 10

Jezebelle walks into the bathroom and gets into the shower, hanging her buttcheeks off the edge of the tub, giving you a spectacular view of her big round booty! She's talking about some jalapenos she ate, when she starts blasting big juicy jalapeno-... 4390 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Fox pair up today to fart in each other's faces! They start out in a 69 shape and Lana blasts bean-scented farts right into Jezebelle's face! Then Jezebelle sits on Lana's face, and blasts a bubbly fart through her jeans right ... 5132 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx 2

Lana and Jezebelle pair up again to fart in each other's faces - YIPPEE! The girls start out in a 69 position, with Lana sitting on Jezebelle's face, when Lana blows a few hot, stinky, chili-scented farts right into Jezebelle's nose, making her beg ... 4758 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx 3

Lana and Jezebelle are back for some more gassy ass licking! Jezebelle starts out licking Lana's farting ass, and the camera zooms in and catches it all! Jezebelle can even taste what Lana ate in her farts - NASTY! Then it's Jezebelle's turn to have ... 10843 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx 4

A couple of our favorites - Lana and Jezebelle - have paired up again to lick some farting ass! Jezebelle sticks her tongue in Lana's ass, and Lana farts on Jezebelle's tongue! These girls do love the smell of ass! Jezebelle tries to coax more farts ... 10842 views

Justice Jade

Justice is here to star in her very first fart clip ever. This sexy ebony babe just had a cheeseburger which has given her a bit of ass gas that she needs to be relieved of. She's wearing a red tshirt and some tight blue jeans. She's on the couch as ... 4780 views

Justice Jade 2

Justice is back and today she's on the couch with Taco-Gas! She loves mexican food but it always gives her gas, every time. This hot ebony babe has some of the worst smelling and nasty sounding gas yet, beautiful! She's wearing a blue baby T shirt an... 4627 views

Justice Jade 3

Justice is back to fart again! She's got some bad gas from eating a bunch of lazagna over at her friend's house. The pasta and cheese must not be agreeing with her belly because her farts stink! She's sitting in a chair wearing a tight blue baby T sh... 4115 views

Justice Jade 4

Justice is in bed tonight and she's got on a black dress with no panties at all! She bends over and leans to the side and lays on her back, lots of positions to show off her bare naked ass as it blasts off some of the stinkiest farts we've ever smell... 5391 views

Justice Jade 5

Justice is back again and she knows you like to see girls farting on a hard surface such as a coffee table, so she is going to do that for you! She stands up off her chair, pulls her jeans right off and plops her naked black booty right onto the hard... 4631 views

Justice Jade 6

Justice is back to fart some more! Today she's at the computer desk, checking out Fart Fantasy and farting up a storm! Wearing an orange tank top and white panties - she stands up, bends over, and farts with her ass mashed up against her office chair... 3889 views

Justice Jade 7

ustice is on the toilet today, finally! She walks into the bathroom, pulls off her denim shorts and sits down to unload her belly gas. She starts off with some light airy farts, but as she keeps at it, they get louder and nastier! She even leans forw... 4324 views

Justice Jade 8

Justice is here to fart out her nacho gas today. She had a bit of cheesy chips before she came over and they are making her blast gas like crazy! She's on the sofa chair and the farts are light and airy, but nasty and stinky as hell! Today Justice is... 4236 views

Justice Jade 9

Justice is back on the toilet today - our personal favorite! She walks in with nothing on - totally nude! She notices you there watching, and she allows you to enjoy her private time on the toilet because she knows how much you you like it. She think... 3659 views

Justice Jade 10

Justice is in bed today, topless with pink and white panties on! She rolls around on her back, on her side, and bending over to try to work the gas out of her ass. She grabs her ass cheeks and pulls them apart as she forcibly blasts out her hot nasty... 4318 views

Kelly Skyline 2

Kelly Skyline returns to fart for you some more, and today she's wearing a black bra and thong panties.. Kelly is sitting at a table, shopping from a catalog when she blows a couple of silent-but-deadlies. Then she pulls her butt-cheeks apart and bla... 3380 views