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Search Results for: ff black

Ariel X 12

Blonde hottie Ariel returns today, wearing a pink-and-black string bikini. She has been trying to eat healthy lately, and it's given her some very nasty gas! Ariel is full of chicken and broccoli and milk today, and she proves it by blasting a hot, s... 4488 views

Ariel X 13

Ariel just got back from running, and she's got a tummy ache! She's only wearing a pair of black booty shorts, which hold in the stench as she blasts fart after fart! Ariel pulls her shorts to the side and blasts a huge bare-asshole fart right into t... 5403 views

Aries Knightly

Today we introduce sexy brunette Aries Knightly. She's been out all day, driving, and she has cramps from eating Mexican food in the car all day! She's on the sofa wearing a little black dress, and she blows a silent but deadly! Then she spreads her ... 6601 views

Aries Knightly 9

Sexy Aries is wearing a black mesh dress. There is nothing on TV, so she plays with her pussy. Then she sticks her ass right into the air and blasts a fart! The camera zooms in and delivers some really great bare-asshole farts straight to your face. ... 6325 views

Ashley Heart

Ashley has never done any kind of farting stuff on camera before, but she sure gives it a good try! In this clip she's wearing a black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings, a pink bikini style top and high heels, very sexy looking! The blonde hottie ha... 4791 views

Ashley Heart 4

Ashley has been catching you watching her farting because you like to smell and hear her gas. Since you like it so much, she's going to put you in the fart box! She's wearing a tight tank top and black miniskirt with no panties, she's got a bad belly... 6921 views

Ashley Heart 6

Ashley needs to get her gas out on the toilet today. She walks into the bathroom, sees you watching and tells you she has to fart and you get to watch and smell it! She's got some gross smelling, loud ass farts she blasts into the toilet bowl, beauti... 4279 views

Ashley Heart 7

Ashley just had some pizza and she's got some gas ready to be farted out, so you're just in time! In this clip she's on a stool, she has a pink tank top style top, black miniskirt and no panties on! She bends over, turns around and farts with her ass... 4487 views


Ava is first time farter, but she gives you a bonus-length, nearly eight-minute performance! This dark-haired goddess has eaten something that is filling her with gas. She is wearing a black top with little cherries printed all over with some booty s... 4885 views

Ava 2

Ava's back for the second time! She's got terrible gas from something she ate earlier! She's wearing a black corset and matching thong. She's farting on her coffee table to show you how much gas she has, and to maximize the sound value. Kinky! This c... 3897 views

Ava 4

va, the farting dominatrix, farts again! Today there must have been something really bad in her Chinese food. It is giving her some really bad gas! She is wearing a black and silver top with leggings and black panties underneath. A little kinky! This... 4039 views

Ava 5

Ava's back again, and boy, has she cooked up some farts for you! Ava just wolfed a hot pocket and it is giving her gas. She can't resist hot pockets, so she's making another. She's wearing a black lace-up corset and no panties. That's sexy! The shots... 4566 views

Ava 6

Ava's here to fart for you again! She can't remember what she ate, but it's giving her some really nasty, stinky gas. She is wearing a purple mesh top with black lace panties - what sexy sleepwear! The farting positions that she does in this clip are... 3786 views

Ava 7

Ava has returned for more farting! This sexy dominatrix brunette really knows how to fart. She has eaten some bad food from the other day and it's made her gassy all day! She's wearing a black lacey outfit with a black bra and black full bottom panti... 4368 views

Baby Doll

Making her debut today is Baby Doll, who ate something bad so she blasts some huge farts! Baby Doll is wearing an ultra-short denim skirt with a thong strap today. She pulls her thong to the side and gives you a peek at her bare asshole as she farts!... 4944 views

Baby Doll 2

Baby Doll is back, and she's got a tummy ache today, and she's bloated with gas! Baby Doll is wearing thong panties and matching bra, and she lays on her stomach and pulls her thong to the side and lets loose with some of the longest, nastiest, stink... 5290 views

Baby Doll 3

Cute little Baby Doll returns, and today she runs into the bathroom wearing a red bikini, and immediately removes her bikini bottom and sits on the toilet and blasts a fart! Baby Doll is really full of gas today, and she just keeps blasting fart afte... 4445 views

Baby Doll 4

Baby Doll comes into the bathroom with a stomach ache. He pulls down her shorts and sits on the toilet and blasts some farts into the bowl - NICE! The camera zooms in from underneath so you can see her bare ass in action! Baby Doll grabs one cheek an... 4950 views

Baby Doll 5

Baby Doll returns to entertain you, and today she's wearing a cute tropical bikini! She pulls those tropical bikini bottoms to the side, and lets a small fart squeak out. The camera zooms in on her ass as Baby Doll shakes it to work out some gas! She... 3922 views

Baby Doll 6

Baby Doll is wearing a really cute blue skirt today, which she pulls up to reveal her bare ass! She farts right into the camera, and you can see her bare asshole farting over and over and over! How so much loud, stinky gas can come out of such a cute... 7262 views

Bitten 4

Bitten is sitting on the black stool today after she's just got back from work. She's wearing a black bra and thong panties, very sexy body farting some very nasty farts! She bends over, leans back, lifts a leg and farts with her ass flat on the hard... 4233 views

Bitten 7

Bitten is back and she's got a belly full of farts she's got to get out before she heads to the pool to work on her tan. Today she's farting on the couch in a black, shiny metallic colored bikini. She has got some very loud, very stinky farts going o... 4279 views

Body Language

Body Language really loves to show off her ass language. In her very first fart-clip, she's wearing a thin, white top and pink undies. Watch as her ass explodes. its raunchy and sexy when she squeezes out her many airy, rumbling farts that will keep ... 4173 views

Body Language 2

Body Language is here for you once again, wearing her red satin bra and pink panties! She dishes out airy farts that will blow you away. She spreads her cheeks wide open to let you in on a little secret. Naughty or nice? You decide for yourself as th... 4089 views