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Search Results for: ff black

Alana James 4

Alana is taking a bath to ease her stomach cramps. She's on her back in the bathtub, when she spreads her legs and farts bubbles for you! Watch as Alana rolls onto her side and back, while farting to make her stomach feel better!rn 4948 views

Alana James 5

Alana walks into the bathroom wearing nothing but a black-and-blue thong. She doesn't even make it to the toilet when the first fart blasts out! She thinks she's got to go, but instead she sits all broken-hearted, tried to pinch a loaf, but only fart... 4875 views

Alana James 6

Alana is on the sofa today, wearing blue jeans with blue full-bottom panties underneath, and a brown spaghetti-strap shirt. She's got a bad case of belly gas, so she takes off her jeans to work her farts out. She doesn't even get her jeans to her kne... 4992 views

Alana James 7

Alana struts into the room, wearing something similar to a cheerleader outfit, only skimpier. She's pissed off because everyone has left their messes for her to clean up. She's also a little grumpy because she's bloated with gas. Watch as Alana clean... 4534 views

Alana James 8

Alana just got woke up from a nap, and she's got painful gas! Wearing only a filmy bra, Alana rolls around on the bed, trying to get comfortable. She lays on her stomach, and the camera zooms in on her asshole and catches a fart-blast! What do you th... 5209 views

Alana James 9

Alana is on the bed, wearing only tiny purple panties. She's hyper because she has gas, or she has gas because she's hyper - even Alana isn't sure, and it doesn't matter anyway. What's important is Alana gets on all fours and farts through those purp... 4776 views

Angel Marie

Introducing Angel Marie, an ebony beauty in a short, grey sweater-dress. Angel is laying on the bed today and she's got gas, thanks to some beans she ate. Angel starts out with a silent-but-deadly, then gets up onto her knees and pulls up her sweater... 5210 views

Angel Marie 2

Angel Marie is wearing a pair of tight spandex pants and a gold-and-purple string bikini top. She runs out of the bathroom to pick up her ringing phone. Angel has eaten something at her grandmother's house that has her intestines going bonkers! The c... 5405 views

Angel Marie 3

Angel is sitting on a round coffee table, wearing a pink string bikini, and wondering how you want to see her fart. She starts off blasting a couple farts on the coffee table, then lifts one cheek and lets a silent-but-deadly hiss through her bikini ... 6192 views

Angel Marie 4

Angel Marie plays the Farting Giantess with a He-Man type of action figure today. She lifts her grey sweater dress and farts bare-ass right in his face! Then she does it again! Then, she sets the little guy on the bed and bends over and farts all ove... 5635 views

Angel Marie 5

Angel Marie walks into the bathroom naked, and gets into the bathtub. She immediately blasts a huge bubbly one into the water - BOO-YAH! She lays on her side and lets a whole bunch of squeaky farts out, then sits back in the tub and lets a huge one r... 5147 views

Angel Marie 6

Cute little Angel walks into the bathroom totally naked. She sits on the toilet backward (facing the wall) and starts blasting farts into the toilet! The camera gets right in there and catches her peeing and farting at the same time - YOWZA! Then she... 5078 views

Angel and Janae 2

Angel is asleep on the couch, and Janae sneaks up and blasts a fart right into Angel's face, which wakes her up. Once Angel is awake and aware of what's going on, Janae blasts another fart into her face - and laughs! Angel gets back at Janae by sitti... 5865 views

Angel and Janae 3

Girlfriends Angel and Janae are naked on all fours, with their greased asses high in the air, when Angel blasts a fart! Then Janae lets an airy fart hiss. The girls just keep blasting farts back and forth, while the camera zooms in to catch it all an... 10867 views

Angel and Janae 4

Fart-buddies Angel and Janae are in the living room, wearing bikinis. Janae tells Angel she has a surprise for her, and to close her eyes. When Angel closes her eyes, Janae straddles Angel's face and farts - and Angel loves it! Janae farts in Angel's... 7278 views

Angel Cummings

Debuting today is Angel Cummings, who is bloated with gas from eating at a new burrito place! She pulls her purple thong to the side and farts for you. They're stinky farts, too! She sticks her ass in the air and lets an airy fart hiss. Then she pull... 7690 views

Angel Cummings 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Angel Cummings? Well, today she's back, and she's wearing a cute pink bikini and she's loaded with gas - WOO-HOO! Angel lifts a leg and blasts a big, fat fart right into the camera, followed by a squeaker. Fa... 5399 views

Angel Cummings 3

Angel is back, and today she's wearing nothing but a pair of tight denim shorts! She invites you to follow her into the bathroom, where she sits on the toilet and blasts some burrito farts into the bowl just to hear the echo! Angel thinks her own far... 4170 views

Angel Cummings 4

Angel is wearing a black bra and panties today, and she wants you to smell her farts! She lifts a leg and lets a nice, long fart rip, then another. She lays back and the camera zooms in between her legs, and she rips another fart! She knows you want ... 4925 views

Angel Cummings 5

Ebony beauty Angel Cummings is in the chair with her legs spread, and she blasts a fart through her pink panties! She knows you're stroking it right now, and she likes that. Angel sits there with her legs spread wide, blasting fart after fart after f... 4519 views

Angel Cummings 6

Ebony beauty Angel Cummings sits nude on the coffee table with her legs spread wide. She blasts a squeaker onto the coffee table, and says how cute it is. Then she starts blasting nice big farts onto the coffee table, and boy do they stink! Angel hop... 7284 views

Angel Cummings and Brown Suga

Ebony beauties Angel and Brown Suga have paired up today for some face-sitting, fart-sniffing action! Brown Suga tells Angel she has a surprise for her, then sits on Angel's face and rips some big, nasty farts right into Angel's nose! Angel sniffs Br... 5858 views

Angel Cummings and Brown Suga 2

bony babes Angel Cummings and Brown Suga have paired up again for some fart-licking! The girls are naked at the table, when Angel gets up on the table on all fours and Brown Suga starts licking her ass and Angel farts on her tongue! Angels keeps on t... 10868 views

Ariel X 4

Ariel crawls along the floor, wearing a black bra and pink panties while the camera follows behind like a faithful, ass-sniffing hound. She pulls her panties to the side, and blows a long, slow fart right into your face! Treat yourself to a fantastic... 5391 views