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Search Results for: ff black

Body Language 3

Body Language sure gives you you a lot of thunder down under - blowing farts left and right! She is wearing a black fishnet top with a black thong. This girl cannot stop tossing and turning after what she ate! This clip is so close-up and personal th... 4375 views

Body Language 4

There she goes again - boy this girl just can't stop farting in front of you! Body Language is wearing a black fishnet top and tiny black panties. She tries to clean up her desk, but she just can't stop blasting nasty farts out of her ass. You've got... 4068 views

Body Language 5

Body Language is wearing a red fishnet top and matching red lace panties. Trying to tidy up the kitchen doesn't stop this bad girl from farting herf ass off right there in front of you. Think she's done with you? Think again as she hits you with her ... 4323 views

Body Language 6

Body language is getting naughtier and nastier by the second! Wearing a green fishnet top and matching green panties, she sits on the toilet going at it for what seems like forever! She decides to have a little reading break on the toilet, starts rea... 4244 views

Britney Stevens

Britney Stevens walks in after an 8-hour flight. The in-flight meal did not agree with Britney at all, and now she is all bloated with gas. She lays on a futon and farts on camera for the first time in her black jeans, then pulls them down and farts ... 4949 views

Britney Stevens 3

Britney is laying back on the bed, wearing a red bra and thong, with black knee-high boots! She has to fart, and it's making her horny. Britney lifts a leg and pulls her thong to the side and blasts fart after fart right into the camera! You can see ... 3297 views

Brooklyn Night 2

Brooklyn's back to fart again! She ate something that isn't settling well in her stomach and it's giving her lots of gas! This babe is wearing a white wifebeater shirt with a black skirt and pink panties underneath! This clip is full of nasty ass gas... 6583 views

Brooklyn Night 5

Brooklyn's full of gas again! She's got a bad tummy ache that's giving her lost of gas! She is wearing a black bra and no panties! Sexy! This clip is full of gassy, gassy farts! There are some silent but deadlies, but mostly blasty gassy ones! This o... 4764 views

Brooklyn Night 8

Our ever-popular Brooklyn Night is back to fart for you again! She had a big glass of milk with some mac & cheese and now she's got terrible gas! She is wearing a green shirt with black full bottoms - cute! This clip is full of blasting farts! rn 5249 views

Brown Suga

Introducing Brown Suga, a sexy ebony beauty who wants to tease you with her farts! She's wearing a tiger-striped bra and panties, and she immediately drops her panties and starts farting - OH YEAH! She sticks her ass in the air and you can see her fa... 4528 views

Brown Suga 2

Buxom ebony beauty Brown Suga returns, and today she's wearing a cute little red bra and matching leopard-print panties! She tells you to listen, then pulls her panties to the side and farts bare-ass right into the camera - WOOF! She spreads her ass-... 10581 views

Brown Suga 3

Beautiful Brown Suga returns to fart for you today! he's wearing an animal-print bikini when she walks into the bathroom. She spreads her cheeks and blasts fart after fart after glorious, stinking fart! The camera zooms in nice and tight and catches ... 3850 views

Brown Suga 4

Sweet Brown Suga is back with more gas for you today. She pulls her cheeks apart and blows a couple of airy farts through her teal thong! Then she gets on all fours on the sofa and plays with her pussy and keeps farting through her thong. Then she bo... 3639 views

Brown Suga 5

Ebony babe Brown Suga has a tummy ache today, and she's wearing animal-print panties. She pulls her panties up into her butt-crack and blasts some stinky farts! Then she plays with her pussy and keeps on farting while you watch! Brown Suga just keeps... 4181 views

Brown Suga 6

Big ebony beauty Brown Suga is back, and she's nude in the living room. She bends over in front of the camera,, pulls her butt-cheeks apart, and blows some reallly nasty bare-asshole farts right into your face! She keeps right on doing it, too. She s... 3932 views

Candice Nicole

Farting on camera for the first time today is Candice Nicole, because she has some serious gas that she thinks is gross! Candice is wearing a cute pink little garter belt and matching bra, and she gets on all fours and shakes her ass and spreads her... 3403 views

Candice Nicole 2

Ebony cutie Candice Nicole returns, and today she's got an upset stomach. She's wearing a cute little booty outfit, and she sticks her ass in the air and struggles to get her gas out. When she sits up, one of her titties is hanging out of her top but... 3769 views

Candice Nicole 3

Candice Nicole comes into the bathroom nude, and sits on the toilet. The camera zooms between her legs, and Candice struggles to get her gas out. She spins around and faces the tank, and blasts a big fart into the bowl! And that fart has friends, too... 3540 views

Candice Nicole 4

Candice walks into the bathroom nude, and sits on the toilet. The camera zooms in between her legs and she lets a bubbly fart! You can see Candice straining to get her gas out. She hangs onto the toilet seat and blasts another fart into the bowl, the... 4477 views

Candice Nicole 5

Candice Nicole has really bad gas today. She's wearing shiny silver shorts, and she gets on all fours, grabs the back of the sofa, sticks her ass in the camera, and blasts some really nice fat farts - OH YEAH! Candice really has some hot, stinky gas ... 4078 views

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll

Remember the new girl from yesterday, named Baby Doll? Well, today she's back, and she brought her girlfriend Candice with her! The girls are on the bed snuggling, when Candice sticks her ass in Baby Doll's face and blasts a big fat fart right throug... 10839 views

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll 2

Length: 6:21 Baby Doll has a tummy ache, so decides to fart on Candice\'s face! Candice wants to lick some farting ass today, so Baby Doll farts on Candice\'s tongue - WOW! Candice smacks Baby Doll\'s ass and makes her fart some more. You c... 10839 views

Candice Nicole and Cheyenne Jewel

Candice and Cheyenne pair up to sniff each others' farts! Cheyenne sits on Candice's face and blasts farts right into Candice's nose - BOO-YAH! Cheyenne's pink panties hold in the stench, too. Candice does love to sniff Cheyenne's ass, that's for su... 5120 views

Candice Nicole and Cheyenne Jewel 2

Candice and Cheyenne have paired up to lick each others' asses today! Cheyenne climbs onto Candice's face first, and Candice licks her ass, and Cheyenne farts into Candice's face! Candice really likes licking Cheyenne's gassy ass - WOO-HOO! After an ... 10840 views