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Search Results for: ff black

Nina Devon 10

Sexy ebony Nina sits in the fart chair wearing a cute cheerleader skirt and no panties! The camera zooms underneath just as she blasts some great-big farts into your face - BOO-YAH! You can see her asshole struggling and pooching out as she blasts th... 5587 views

Rachel O 3

Rachel returns, and she starts out blasting a big fart in an office chair! She's wearing a black bra and panties today. She pulls her panties down a little bit, and blasts bare asshole farts right into the camera! As if that weren't enough, she gets ... 4808 views

Sindee Rose 3

Sexy Sindee is on the sofa in a black bra and panties, so she throws one leg up really high and pulls her panties to the side, and farts bare-ass right into the camera! You can see her asshole pooch out as she blasts farts - BOO-YAH! She gets up on a... 4160 views

Sydney and Dolly Dominatrix

Sydney is asleep on the bed and Dolly is wondering if she can wake her up. So Dolly straddles Sydney's face and blasts a fart! That does wake Sydney up, and Sydney wants Dolly to keep farting in her face! Dolly is wearing a pink latex skirt and no pa... 5537 views

Sydney and Dolly Dominatrix 2

Dolly has her ass in the air and Sydney has a silver dildo. Guess what's gonna happen today? Sydney takes that silver dildo and inserts it into Dolly's ass and fucks her with it, and Dolly's got gas so she farts all over that dildo! The camera zooms ... 6854 views


Today we introduce an ample-bootied ebony beauty named Sydney. Today Sydney is wearing a fisherman's net dress on a red sofa. She begins by blasting a fart through her dress! Sydney is eating corn chips, which give her some nasty stinky gas. She take... 8647 views

Sydney 2

Today Sydney is wearing a peach bustier and matching thong! She's on the sofa, where she pulls her legs up and her thong to the side, and blasts some stinky bare-asshole farts - BOO-YAH! Sydney fingers her asshole and farts, and she tells you she wan... 5883 views

Sydney 3

Ebony Sydney is in her boss' office, wearing a bikini and fishnets. The boss is away, and Sydney is wondering how her boss would feel if she farted on his desk. But first she farts in his chair! Sydney straddles the table and farts right on it - WOW!... 14489 views

Sydney 4

Sydney is sucking on a purple dildo, telling you she wants to fart on it! She farts through her thong, then she sticks that huge purple dildo in her ass and fucks her self with it! While she's fucking herself with the dildo, she farts on it! She pull... 6376 views

Sydney 5

Sydney is wearing a skimpy little French maid's outfit and she's cleaning the room. The camera hangs under Sydney's ample booty like a faithful pooch, following her around the room as she farts - WOW! Sydney pulls her thong to the side and farts, cal... 8304 views

Sydney 6

Sydney is sucking on a purple dildo, telling you she wants to fart on it! She farts through her thong, then she sticks that huge purple dildo in her ass and fucks her self with it! While she's fucking herself with the dildo, she farts on it! She pull... 7505 views

Taylor Starr

Today we introduce Taylor Starr, sexy ebony fartress in a pink bikini. She stands up and jiggles her ass, then spreads her cheeks and sits on the coffee table and blasts a huge fart through her thong onto the hard surface! Then she stands up and bend... 4731 views

Taylor Starr 2

Remember the new girl from the other day? Well, today Taylor is back, and she's wearing only a tiny thong and a string of pearls! She says she has something for you, then lifts a leg and lets an airy fart hiss! She holds her buttcheeks apart and you ... 3650 views

Taylor Starr 3

Taylor is back to entertain you! She's wearing a pink leopard thong and matching bra, and she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a fart through her thong - BOO-YAH! She keeps on blasting farts in that pink thong, too. She pulls her thong to the si... 3806 views

Taylor Starr 4

Ebony Taylor returns to entertain you with her ass! She's wearing a cute red thong, so she spreads her cheeks and blows a couple squeakers at you through her thong! She bends over and pulls her thong to the side and treats you to some bare-asshole fa... 5005 views

Taylor Starr 5

Taylor Starr runs into the bathroom wearing nothing but a string of pearls and says her stomach is bubbly with gas, then sits on the toilet and blasts a huge POV fart! Then she blasts another. The camera hangs right there by her farting butthole so y... 3736 views

Taylor Starr 6

Ebony hottie Taylor Starr returns to give you a fart show! She's wearing jeans, and she sticks those tight jeans ass-first into the camera and blasts a fart right into them! The denim holds the stench in, and she just keeps blasting hot, reeking fart... 5448 views

Taylor Starr 7

Taylor is on the sofa with a nacho-induced tummyache! She's wearing a pink corset and thong, and she farts through the thong and says that makes her feel better. She pulls her buttcheeks apart and farts some more, then rolls over onto her side and st... 3848 views

Taylor Starr 8

Back by popular demand is Taylor Starr, sexy ebony fartress! Today she's all bloated with burrito gas! She lifts one leg and farts through her panties and onto the office chair! Then she blows a little airy one. She shows you how bloated her tummy is... 3888 views

Taylor Starr 9

Today Taylor is on the bed wearing a thong leotard! She's all gassy today, so she sticks her ass into the air and pulls her thong to the side and blows a bare-asshole airy fart! Then she farts through her thong. You can see her asshole pushing agains... 4643 views

Taylor Starr 10

Taylor is nude on the bed, and she just drank a milkshake, which messed up her stomach. She sticks her cute booty into the camera and you can see her asshole struggling to release that milkshake gas! She pulls her cheeks apart and blows an airy ass-k... 4131 views

Taylor Starr 11

Favorite fartress Taylor Starr is back to fart for you some more! Today she's in the bathtub and she turns around and blasts a fart so big it leaves a wake in the water! The camera zooms in and you find out Taylor's got a lot more gas to blast out in... 5899 views

Taylor Starr 12

Taylor is headed into the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel! The camera is hanging right there under her ass as she struts up to the shower and says how much her stomach hurts. Taylor gets into the glass shower and blasts a big fart - NICE! The en... 3679 views

Taylor Starr 13

Sexy Taylor walks into the bathroom with a towel around her waist, saying her stomach hurts. She steps into the shower and closes the door, and lets a few farts rip! She turns on the shower and rinses off, then she smashes her ass against the glass a... 4503 views