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Search Results for: fart girl

Maryjane Mayhem 15

Health nut Maryjane Mayhem has dipped into the detox shakes again, and this time they’ve left her uncomfortably gassy. Her inviting bed is her stage as she switches positions in letting her air biscuits free. She moans and spreads her cheeks workin... 4245 views

Maryjane Mayhem 16

Maryjane Mayhem is looking for some R&R: relaxation and relief. Sprawled on her inviting bed, she’s enjoying some alone time stroking her kitten and letting go of some hot wind in the process. Donning sexy lingerie, she’s fully enjoying her sensu... 5853 views

Maryjane Mayhem 17

Sexy Maryjane Mayhem is all alone in that big bed of hers and is getting rid of some of the gas she has taken to bed. Looking hot in her lingerie, she farts through her form-fitting thong before pulling it aside to poof directly on her slender finger... 5496 views

Maryjane Mayhem 18

Maryjane Mayhem wants to know how much you like jacking off to the sound of her farts. She’s stark naked in only her glasses. Kneeling on her big, white bed, she offers up an ample supply of ass flappers smelling fantastically foul. Watch her shake... 10186 views

Maryjane Mayhem 19

Maryjane Mayhem is on a mission as she rushes into her bathroom to expel explosive farts into her toilet. She’s pushing hard to rid herself of a rumbly tummy. All that strain leads to her having to pee, but once that’s finished, she’s right bac... 9519 views

Maryjane Mayhem 20

Maryjane Mayhem’s sex appeal is on high gear when she is wearing nothing but her glasses. Today she’s completely nude and is looking to fart right in your face! That smooth, smelly ass looks so good but is so stinky and loud! How does a young gir... 7354 views

Maryjane Mayhem 21

Maryjane Mayhem has donned a slutty red dress sans panties in preparation for her boyfriend’s arrival. She wants to be perfect for her guy, and part of concocting a great date is getting rid of all her smelly farts before his arrival. Perched on he... 5430 views

Maryjane Mayhem 22

We do not want Maryjane Mayhem to work off that great white ass, but we love watching her work out! Today she is in a cute bikini top with sexy stone-washed panties. She starts with squats, but is she ever gassy! Nearly each time she lowers that lust... 5980 views

Maryjane Mayhem 23

Somebody buy this babe more tacos! Maryjane Mayhem is eating tacos for lunch, and they are leaving her so gassy. Best of all, she is nibbling in the nude! With her legs spread, her pussy movement with a fart can be witnessed, which is sexy as hell! N... 6306 views

Olivia 2

Olivia is having some fun with her inflatable friend and is going to make him all stinky with her farts. He’s the perfect size for her to manhandle as she sticks him in her ass and straddles his middle to really stink up his exterior with her poste... 8429 views

Olivia 4

Sexy sweetie Olivia is uncomfortable, and watching her in such distress is disenchanting. This gassy gal is on the potty, but not everything is coming out as she had planned. Her farts are fierce, but she has a surplus of stale wind that must escape ... 10117 views

Olivia 6

Join sultry brunette Olivia in bed as she is rubbing her pussy through panties at first, then removes them to feel the sensation of her fingers directly stimulating her clit. Delicate rubbing is interrupted when she has an especially smelly fart, and... 7515 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7718 views

Olivia 8

Tacos are yummy but do a number on sweet Olivia’s tummy. She is feasting on her take-out fare and has some outstandingly awful gas filtering through the fabric of her baby blue bottoms. As she seeks the prime poot position, the fabric is sneaking i... 7980 views


Join Rapunzel as she is giving farting for the camera a shot. She hasn’t tried this before and is more accustomed to holding in her stale wind. Her tummy is bothering her a bit, and she is producing some putrid smells as she perches on a sofa to te... 12268 views

Rapunzel 2

Rapunzel’s stomach is killing her, and she has some egg-smelling rip snorters to let go. What she is producing is pretty foul, but her cute little shaved kitten is sweet as cinnamon. The same cannot be said about her ass hole. When Rapunzel cups he... 11506 views

Rapunzel 3

Rapunzel wants to cover your face in her dirty farts and starts off with a fart so long and strong, it’s certain to render you speechless. This tiny, long-haired beauty’s ass is insane! Her bunghole blasts are giant, and she is giving you the per... 10611 views

Rapunzel 4

Get out of the way! Rapunzel is in a hurry to get her fine ass on the pot! Wow, she has some amazingly strong steamers to shoot into the bowl and just made it on time. This long-haired hottie is pretty as a picture, but smells fantastically foul. Far... 11525 views

Rapunzel 6

Cumming all over Rapunzel’s ass after she has been farting up a storm isn’t a bad way to allocate the next several minutes! This long-haired, sexy Asian would love to treat you to the farts you love while you are stroking your hard-on in her pres... 11516 views

Rapunzel 7

Take a peek at the sexy short shorts on Rapunzel as she is eating some savory gas-inducing tacos. Once again this sexy Asian has eaten more tacos than a person should in one sitting, but she just couldn’t help herself. Now she is making a mess of h... 8572 views

Stephanie Saint

Stephanie Saint is a natural on camera, but she has yet to fart on camera, so today she is giving it a shot. She has worn full-bottomed, white panties and is looking pretty sexy in her fitted pink and white halter top. Her inaugural gassers are more ... 8562 views

Stephanie Saint 5

All alone in her big bed, sultry Stephanie Saint is treating her kitten to a rubbing and is looking fine! She is spreading her legs to pass gas in conjunction with her pussy petting. Her farts linger in the room as she continues the self-pleasure tha... 8126 views

Stephanie Saint 6

Catch a whiff of Stephanie Saint’s ass as she is rubbing her moistened sphincter to ready it for the insertion of a pink plug that matches her sweet pucker. She slides her toy in with no problem but continues to fart quite loudly while engaging in ... 7135 views

Stephanie Saint 8

In a matching Aztec bra and panties, Stephanie Saint is hot as hell and producing some rather hot wind! Sprawled on her couch, this sexy chick comments repeatedly how good it feels to fart even though it smells so foul! The modest elastic of her thon... 7817 views