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Search Results for: fart girl

Nicki Blue 7

Would you like to have your big, hard dick sucked by a naked and willing Nicki Blue? How about having your cock pressed against her asshole so she can fart right onto it! As it turns out, Nicki is more than happy to do both! With her great, big toy s... 2345 views

Nikki Ford 15

Nikki gleefully rubs her belly, knowing that it's full of farts and that you want to eat them! All you have to do is get down underneath her and open your mouth to receive! The fart chair gives you a perfect view of Nikki's gorgeous body, perky breas... 6075 views

Nikki Ford 16

Nubile Nikki is at it again, going through her stretching routine oblivious to her farts! The more she bends and stretches, the more big, brown noises bleat from her silver-clad butt cheeks! This leggy ebony beauty tries very hard to stay focused on ... 6400 views

Nikki Ford 17

Nikki's ass is so nasty! She's going to contaminate the nice leather furniture with her butt gasses so she won't fart in front of her boyfriend! Between Nikki's big, brown ass and the big, brown leather seat is nothing but big, brown smells! Her big ... 8757 views

Nikki Ford 18

When Nikki gets naked on the toilet, it is bound to be a noisy affair. This time is no exception, and her butt gets down to business as soon as it hits the porcelain. The noisy gas escaping from Nikki must be heard to be believed. Some of the farts a... 6850 views

Nikki Ford 19

Getting a face full of farts from Nikki Ford is pure joy. It's even better when she wants you to jerk off for her! Put your face up into her ass crack and inhale and lick to your heart's content! Keep jerking it as she slides off her thong panties, t... 7063 views

Nikki Ford 20

It's not every day you get to see a sexy black girl play with her pussy while she farts. But that's just a regular day in the life of Nikki Ford! With her long legs spread, Nikki invites you to get an eyeful of her beautiful pussy and to take a whiff... 3909 views

Nikki Ford 21

A night of hard anal sex has left Nikki with some hard gas! She can't even make the bed without lighting up the room with her flatulence! Her pink thong panties quickly become nothing but a fart rag as the poots trickle out of her well-used sphincter... 6024 views

Nilaya Brown 8

Nilaya is in some serious agony during her trip to the swimming pool. It's from eating poorly and then holding in all those farts! Now she has retreated to a private room and is letting the gas out. Nilaya's thong panties are rattling in the wind and... 5234 views

Nilaya Brown 9

Silky, sensual Nilaya looks heavenly, but she stinks like hell! Clad in he fishnet lingerie, she writhes upon the couch, utterly in love with herself and with the smell of her own ass! Nilaya is just loaded with farts and she acknowledges both beauty... 11731 views

Nilaya Brown 10

Nilaya is stretching all of her muscles including her sphincter. As she moves through her yoga routine she is also moving copious amounts of air out of her ass! The shiny shorts that cover her big, full ass are no protection against the brutal farts ... 5687 views

Nilaya Brown 11

Sometimes even cute, curly-haired girls like Nilaya have an agonizing time on the toilet. Today she has some massive gas and is grunting and groaning in the bathroom. As she strains upon the toilet, frightening noises are heard, pulsating from within... 9227 views

Nilaya Brown 12

Nilaya has been waiting for you, all clad in her little black dress and with a tummy loaded up with gas. She can't stop thinking of your big, hard dick, poised just outside her asshole as she unloads her farts. Nilaya's asshole quivers with each hot ... 9246 views

Nilaya Brown 13

Can Nilaya's farts ruffle the frills on those lacy purple panties? They can certainly spread her big butt cheeks right open! Nilaya acts like she's interested in her phone, but you know she's hearing and feeling those massive farts as they belt forth... 9504 views

Nilaya Brown 14

Nilaya gets naughty in her lingerie! She is eager to play with herself and to please you while farting as she does it! This naughty girl knows how to pleasure her clit, rubbing herself vigorously and getting so relaxed that the farts burst out of her... 3594 views

Savanna Ginger 11

Savanna has a big night planned so she is getting all her gas out before she hits the town! As she gets dressed, farts force their way out of her ass and Savanna does what she can to help them escape. With a solid ass shake or a firm thrust off her b... 2191 views

Savanna Ginger 12

Savanna lies on he bed clad in luscious pink. She's attempting to masturbate quietly and is aided by a few quiet farts! She lifts those gorgeous legs, exposing both of her holes so her fingers can access the one in front and the farts can wiggle free... 3600 views

Savanna Ginger 13

Tonight, as a special surprise, Savanna is granting you the privilege of jerking off to her farts. This leggy beauty shakes her legs as you stroke your cock, guiding you to excitement as you lick the farts from her ass. With her thong pulled aside Sa... 3467 views

Savanna Ginger 14

Savanna can't even make it onto the toilet before her ass blares a frightening fart! It is only a taste of what is to come, though. Savanna's strong, punch farts pack a wallop in terms of smell and ther eare plenty of them stored up in Savanna's bell... 2251 views

Savanna Ginger 15

Savanna's farts are dirty, there's no doubt about it. But she knows that you are the one who is dirty enough to put your cock right up to her asshole and get it farted on! Savanna commands you to lie beneath while she, like the goddess in white garme... 2707 views

Savanna Ginger 16

Savanna loves the smell of rich, brown leather... After she's farted on it to hell and back! This incredibly big ass bounces as it unleashes terrible odors onto the precious leather... and Savanna can't resist smelling her handiwork afterward! She fa... 2057 views

Savanna Ginger 17

How can Savanna get any reading done with all that noise? Probably because it's coming from her own ass! With her book before her to aid her concentration, Samantha bounces her ass to let get rid of the flatulence that is searing a hole in her shorts... 2212 views

Amber Star 9

Amber Star is back, and she's not so happy about it. She's started a new medication, and one of the great side effects is a belly full of gas. In her tight jean shorts, Amber's first couple farts cause a deep rumble in the couch. Bending over give... 6487 views

Amber Star 10

Sexy scholar Amber Star’s attempt to settle in with a good read is hampered by her ass clamoring. Her reading is repeatedly interrupted by catastrophic colon cackles as she pushes lingering fart after fart into her leather desk chair. Nobody would ... 8557 views