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Search Results for: fart girl

Shay Golden 7

Seeing the beautiful creature Shay Golden in this black room, it instantly pops in your head that this girl is serious, she will going to blow you away with her brutal farts. She is completely naked, nothing but the piercings on her perky nipples. Sh... 7711 views

Shonna 2

Poor pitiful Shonna picked the wrong food for dinner and now she's suffering, or rather, loving the consequences. She's whining about her tummy, she knows that today is going to be a gassy day and oddly enough, it excites her. This perverted black gi... 3205 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5298 views

Stacy Lane 5

It's your home girl Stacy Lane and as you can see she's a little bloated, you know what that means? Yes gentlemen you guessed right, she's going to fart all over your faces tonight! Prepare for a night of sensual gratification as she shows you the go... 4175 views

Stacy Lane 6

You don't want to piss this black girl off, or I think you do. She may hate it but she looks so good while all chained up in that contraption, her legs are up in the air and her asshole is exposed like never before. She wants to get out of it so she ... 4981 views

Stacy Lane 7

Now it's Stacy's turn in the infamous fart chair! Are you excited? I sure am! Before anything else this really obedient girl gave a little special show as her warm up before she explodes all her gasses while her buns are squeezed tight between that g... 4632 views

Stacy Lane 9

Stacy Lane is full of disgusting gas today, so she's going to let it all out for you. Make sure you're prepared for the smelliest of gas, and the loudest of farts - because our sexy fart queen, Stacy, just doesn't hold back! This ebony gassy girl is ... 7552 views

Stacy Lane 13

The sexy fart queen, Stacy Lane, is jiggling that bouncy ebony ass for you as she pushes out her hot ass stink. This gassy girl loves forcing out her farts, and she moans with pleasure as she starts to feel the relief that comes from letting loose al... 4734 views

Stasia B

Today we introduce a lovely ebony fartress named Stasia B. That ass sure looks juicy, itís like it bounces and wiggles on its own like firm jelly. That cute neon outfit looks good on her too! While we are appreciating that wonderful ass, bask in the ... 5265 views

Stasia B 2

We are supposed to feel sorry when a sweet girl ate something that doesn't go well with her stomach, we know it hurts and we absolutely know that she ís going to be farting the whole night. But you know what? We are wicked bastards and we want this b... 3737 views

Stasia B 4

We just love seeing a girl naked on top of the bed. Especially when she ís on all fours, asshole perking up and quivering, ready to unleash a barrage of farts so we can savor its aroma and hear all that ripping noise. Stasia B does that pretty well, ... 4791 views

Stasia B 6

Stasia B is the kind of girl who kiss and tell, and today she's going to share a few secrets with us, and she's going to let her asshole do the talking! Those skin tight pants just makes it more provocative and delicious, knowing that the air is havi... 6270 views

Stasia B 7

Watching Stasia B work her thing is a beauty, especially when she's in this special room, let me call it the fart room, where everything is plain and simple with a touch of kinkiness that you can't find anywhere else. Stasia looks good in it, especia... 4622 views

Taylor Sky

Today you get to meet Taylor Sky, a girl who has never farted on camera before! She blasts a fart, then says she went out to breakfast and it gave her gas and she didn't want to fart in front of her girlfriends, so she held it all in and now she's go... 7603 views

Taylor Sky 2

Remember that hot new girl from last week, Taylor Sky? Well, she had such a blast farting for you last time, that she came back for more! She's so bloated and she wants to let it all out! Taylor pulls her thong to the side and starts blasting farts i... 5391 views

Trina Matthews 3

We've got a tight firm booty spread wide open for you today! It's Trina Matthews, and she's taking full advantage of the fart chair while she tries to push all of her stink out for you to enjoy! You don't want to miss that dainty little asshole of he... 4530 views

Trina Matthews 6

We\'ve got a pretty little chocolate butthole just full of hot rancid gas - especially for you fart lovers out there! Trina Matthews will always do whatever it takes to share her gas with you, because this gassy girl wants nothing more than to please... 4745 views

Yasmin Love 2

Yasmin tripped and fell and ran her stocking, and her tummy hurts and she ate three different Panda Express entrees, and now she has a bad case of the farts! the camera zooms in nice and tight on her bare ass, and she blasts some huge farts! Yasmin l... 3286 views

Zamora 3

A black girl, with brown curly hair dressed in kinky see through outfit, do you know who it is? Yes, that's Zamora for you, and once again, she ís having a stomach ache and she deliberately timed that situation in front of the camera so you can watch... 3491 views

Zamora 5

Seeing Zamora with straight hair is like seeing her for the first time, and I dare say this look is much sexier! While this babe looks different she still has that kinky side in her that we've all grown to love, not only is she super kinky, she is na... 3412 views

Zamora 8

Zamora enters the bathroom, she pulls down her panties, and lets it rip over and over again! This girl sure does blast up a stinky fart-storm! Zamora utilizes the whole room, making sure every inch of it smells of ass perfume. She gets on the toilet ... 3554 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 11158 views

Blair Winters 9

Beautiful Blair Winters is admirably dedicated to keeping her long, lean body in shape and would like for you to join her for a workout, if you don’t mind a little bit of girl fart smell alongside her sexy pushups and stretches! She is a treat to w... 7745 views

Blair Winters

Watch flatulent Blair Winters wallop like a pro in her first farting film. This sexy ebony’s bung blasts are loud and rank causing her to fan at the smell and shyly giggle after she lets one after another loose. She wraps it up with an especially l... 11585 views