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Search Results for: fart girl

Body Language 3

Body Language sure gives you you a lot of thunder down under - blowing farts left and right! She is wearing a black fishnet top with a black thong. This girl cannot stop tossing and turning after what she ate! This clip is so close-up and personal th... 4333 views

Body Language 4

There she goes again - boy this girl just can't stop farting in front of you! Body Language is wearing a black fishnet top and tiny black panties. She tries to clean up her desk, but she just can't stop blasting nasty farts out of her ass. You've got... 4027 views

Body Language 5

Body Language is wearing a red fishnet top and matching red lace panties. Trying to tidy up the kitchen doesn't stop this bad girl from farting herf ass off right there in front of you. Think she's done with you? Think again as she hits you with her ... 4293 views

Abigail Peach 20

Abigail Peach looks so sexy in red, and during this POV fart session, she works hard to make her belly less bloated. So many huge gassers make their way into the world, causing discomfort and a surplus of stench in the room. Miss Peach loves the atte... 4956 views

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll

Remember the new girl from yesterday, named Baby Doll? Well, today she's back, and she brought her girlfriend Candice with her! The girls are on the bed snuggling, when Candice sticks her ass in Baby Doll's face and blasts a big fat fart right throug... 10744 views

Candy Amore 2

Candy is back for another fart session! She's got a pink tube top and a pair of rainbow metallic and black full bottom panties. She's in bed and has some really nasty smelling gas that just ripples it's way out in wet sounding blasts. This sexy ebony... 4479 views

Chrissy Cruz

Chrissy is our newest fart girl here are Fart Fantasy and she is so amazingly hot and she has the best, most stinky, boner inducing farts you'll ever hear! Not to mention she has some huge ass DD+ titties! Ya know what I'm sayin'? This sexy latina la... 4720 views

Daejha Milan 3

Daejha Milan returns to entertain you - this time she's wearing a black nightie with no panties, and she's sitting on the coffee table! Daejha wants to show you what a dirty girl she is. As the camera swings around behind her, Daejha blasts a loud, s... 3736 views

Destiny Day

Destiny Day makes her debut today, wearing a black mesh top and yellow lace panties! She blasts a couple of big farts, and you can see her ass-cheeks spread to let the gas out - but her lace panties hold in the stench! Destiny then farts some more - ... 3849 views

Destiny Day 2

Destiny Day pulls down her jeans, sticks her ass in the air, and blasts a fart through her panties! Then she laughs, and blasts another huge fart - WOW! For such a tiny girl, Destiny sure does blast some gigantic farts! The camera zooms in and catche... 3954 views

Destiny Day 5

Destiny Day is back to fart for you today! She's wearing the cutest little bra and matching panties, with a tiny see-thru skirt! The camera zooms in on her panties, and catches some of the hottest, nastiest farts you ever saw or smelled! How such a t... 3991 views

Hanna Cruz

Hanna Cruz is our newest gassy girl here at Fart Fantasy. This sexy brunette babe is dressed in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a gray top. Listen as her beautiful booty blasts some smelly stinkers! Hanna had some belly ache farts and had to m... 4300 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3573 views

Harley Valentine

Debuting today for your viewing pleasure is Harley Valentine, a buxom blonde wearing a bra and ultra-short red skirt with no panties! Harley worked out today and went out for dinner, which gave her gas. Harley gets on her knees and farts bare-ass rig... 4466 views


Indya is our brand new ebony fart girl. She has never done anything like this on video before, but her farts are quite lovely, you're going to enjoy this sexy new fart girl. In this clip Indya is wearing a blue bolouse and a pair of black cotton pant... 4781 views

Indya 6

Indya is on the couch again and has another belly ache! She's wearing a white and brown bikini today and before she goes out to hit the pool she needs to fart! This little fart machine of a girl has some of the nastiest smelling farts ever, wow! You'... 3843 views


Jade farts on camera for the first time, wearing a floral tank top and heart undies. she may seem innocent, but this girl can get a bit naughty. Tossing and turning, her farts are coming at you in all different angles hitting you where it feels best... 4838 views

Janie Lynn 9

Janie has got a belly full of gas, both farts and burps! She's hanging out on the couch with a pair of shorts and pink panties on. She blasts some big, long, nasty smelling farts in this clip, wow! Watch as she burps and farts her ass off just being ... 3639 views

Jasmine Ryder

Oooh look - there's a new girl on the block, and her name is Jasmine Ryder! Jasmine walks into the room, lays on a futon with her ass in the air, and blasts the juiciest fart! Then she talks about the food she ate that gave her all that gas. She does... 5846 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 7

Remember Jezebelle, the sexy Indian girl with an awesome big butt? Well, she came back to us with a bellyful of gas, and today she's on the bed wearing a shirt and no panties! She lays on her side and she's telling you about a big bean burrito she at... 6322 views

Justice Jade 4

Justice is in bed tonight and she's got on a black dress with no panties at all! She bends over and leans to the side and lays on her back, lots of positions to show off her bare naked ass as it blasts off some of the stinkiest farts we've ever smell... 5315 views

Kendall Foxxx 2

Remember Kendall, the new girl from the other day? Well today she's back, and she's sitting on the sofa wearing a short skirt! She blasts a fart, then lifts one butt-cheek and blasts another fart through her panties! Then she pulls her panties to the... 7485 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6585 views

London 9

London is gassy and ready to rip! She's sitting in a chair with no panties and only a white bra on. She gets up off the chair and sits up on the marble table to fart with her naked booty on it's hard polished surface. This sexy ebony girl's farts are... 5082 views