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Search Results for: fart girl

Blair Winters 3

Poor Blair Winters! She is lambasting an incompetent at work over the telephone and is not pleased at all at the progress of a particular project. So she is giving stern warnings over the phone and then becomes even more pissed when her subordinate c... 9274 views

Cookie 4

Our Ebony gassy girl, Cookie is here with us, filling up the room with rotten stinky farts! She’s letting her farts slowly slide out of her butthole, so you can catch all her nasty asshole smells with your face and mouth. Fart lovers get ready, bec... 6660 views

Jericha Jem 4

You rarely see Jericha Jem without a tummy full of gas, but that’s exactly how you like your gassy girls! Jericha’s determined to push out every fart she’s got trapped in her dark dirty asshole… but she needs a willing face to lean in and sni... 5335 views

Jericha Jem 6

Guess which gassy girl has been holding in her farts all day. That’s right, none other than Jericha Jem, and she’s got the nastiest smells just brewing inside her tummy. When this girl bends over her farts start flying right out. One loud disgust... 3999 views

Maryjane Mayhem 11

Guess who’s back and ready to fart just for you? That’s right; it’s your favorite gassy girl, Mary Jane Mayhem! She’s got her ass open wide, and a butt full of horrible farts… just the way you like it. So get ready, because Mary Jane is jus... 5277 views

Maryjane Mayhem 12

Those tiny thong panties Mary Jane Mayhem has on can’t possibly contain the funk she’s pushing out of her ass. This gassy girl is full of disgusting farts, and she’s filling the room with her stench with each fart she lets escape. That pink lit... 3901 views

Maryjane Mayhem 14

Mary Jane Mayhem’s so sleepy, but you know there’s no way a gassy girl can go to sleep with all her farts building up inside her tummy. She’s got to get out all those disastrous farts out first, no matter how tired she is. You’re lucky enough... 4711 views

Nevaeh Keyz 24

This gassy girl Nevaeh Keyz, knows exactly what you’ve been looking for. She’s pushing out her smelly farts, all over her furniture, and covering the surfaces with her stinky ass. Nevaeh’s farts are only amplified by the hard surfaces, and each... 7261 views

Shae Spreadz 2

Our Ebony gassy girl, Shae Spreadz, is completely nude with an ass full of disastrous farts. She’s wiggling the loudest farts out of her asshole, and spreading her cheeks wide open, so she can cover your face with her horrible smells. We hope you... 5407 views

Shae Spreadz 5

hae Spreadz is in her favorite position to push out her ass stink. Her round booty is up in the air, bouncing and wiggling out all of her dirty fart bombs. We can’t believe something so sexy and round is full of such rotten gas, just waiting to get... 5028 views

Shae Spreadz 7

Shae Spreadz has the ass of an angel, but she’s such a demanding gassy girl. She wants you front and center, so you can worship the nasty smells she’s pushing out of her butt. You’d better obey if you want her to share her rotten gas with your ... 4264 views

Charli Piper 12

Charli Piper has so much work to do, but she’s not in the mood to do any of it. Charli thinks that she’ll be able to focus on work after she lets some of her smelly farts out. This girl is always looking for any excuse to fill the room with her d... 3477 views

Katrina Kox 7

We’ve got a gassy girl, Katrina Kox, and she’s about to push out all her farts, but first she’s got to get in the perfect position. Once she finds her sweet spot, with her ass in the air, her farts start popping out of her butthole, covering he... 5339 views

Kristy Snow 3

Gassy girl, Kristy Snow, will never learn to stop eating what makes her so gassy! Here she is again, loaded with the nastiest farts just for you. It’s surprising that such a dainty girl can have such loud and rotten farts… but Kristy is always fu... 5189 views

Alina Snow

Our gassy girl, Alina Snow, just got back from the gym and all that moving around got something else moving too... something deep inside her ass! Alina's getting ready to let all her warm smelly farts loose, but it's proving to be harder than she ima... 5301 views

Alina Snow 4

For some reason Alina Snow’s all backed up inside. She’ll do whatever it takes to get a little relief and all she wants is for someone to volunteer their face, so she can cover it in her dirty farts. Each fart you help sniff up for Alina, the bet... 5048 views

Katrina Kox 10

Katrina Kox spends a little time exploring her wet pussy and soon learns that spreading her legs to play with herself comes with the benefit of letting her smelly farts escape from her asshole too! This gassy girl gets so much pleasure from pushing h... 7904 views

Katrina Kox 14

What’s more embarrassing than having a fart escape when you weren’t expecting it? Katrina Kox knows what that feels like, and now that you’re here, she’s letting those farts free, after trying to keep them clenched inside her tight asshole al... 3254 views

Layton Benton

Our ebony gassy girl, Layton Benton, is full of nasty smelling farts. She heard you're a fart lover, and she's waiting to push out her disgusting gas just or you in this clip. If you love juicy fat asses, you don't want to miss Layton bending over, s... 9359 views

Alexa Bay 9

Alexa Bay pushes out a fart so smelly it takes her by surprise! Now that she’s had a whiff of her fart filled asshole, she can’t resist sniffing in each fart she pushes out… rubbing the smell all over her hands and taking deep whiffs of her fin... 12383 views

Kristy Snow 17

Kristy Snow’s toilet has a big job to do because she’s filling it up with the rotten farts flooding out of her ass! This gassy girl has been eating something that doesn’t agree with her, and now she’s paying the price as she sits in the bathr... 5684 views

Aryana Adin 5

Aryana Adin is giving you everything you love, in this clip! She's not letting her disastrously loud farts stop her from playing with that sweet chocolate pussy of hers! In fact, Aryana loves the stink of her nasty gas, and the relief she gets from p... 7079 views

Aryana Adin 6

Aryana Adin loves the stink of her own farts, but what she loves even more is when a fart lover is dedicated to watching her push out her rotten smells while she shakes them out! This Ebony gassy girl is shaking her big chocolate booty and letting he... 7288 views

Asia Zo 30

You know when Asia arrives in the bathroom clutching her belly that a serious fart storm is about to ensue! Reciting a list of what she might have eaten to induce such gas and bemoaning an ass on fire, Asia powers through her pain and lets the farts ... 13477 views